Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Routine 101

After 4 months of lazing around the world, I've finally settled back into a routine.

Taking the same familiar bus at the same familiar timing dropping at the same familiar bus stop and in the same familiar office at a different desk this time, is, strangely nostalgic.

And my desk, my desk is exactly the way I left it. My photos are still there stuck on my monitor.

And the hidamarinotami is still here on the desk, still giving me that same sense of peace.

But the familiar faces are gone.

Funny how different life is, even when these inanimated objects remains the same. I pick up the same phone to call a different person.

At least I never happier.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wah rauz eh

Honestly. This is too hot man. 36 degrees today.

I am feeling so hot, sticky and sweaty. To make things worse, I just got bitten by mosquitoes.

So pek cek.

But at the very least, I get to meet up with all my darlings who exclaim "I'm so glad you are back!!"

And with Hokkien mee, Beef noodle and Roti Prata already conquered, with Curry Fish Head coming up tonight, I feel better already.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bye London

I'd be back in a few months after you've decided to cheer up and stop being dark and gloomy. Welcome me back with the sun that shines till 9pm and wakes up bright and early at 5.

Meanwhile, I'm going home to my friends, family, food and fatty fats.