Friday, June 28, 2002


I was bored yesterday and took out my digi cam and snapped everything in sight.

Here's what I've got

I am more than a slob. Nothing, no one beats me. Everyone who's been to my room gets the shock of their lives when they see how messy a girl's room can be. But heck, as garfield said

My Room
My Mess
My Business

tee hee

The first picture is the 4 bikinis that I own. Must be thinking, wtf is this girl doing... taking pictures of... her bikinis? Well, I was just bored. Let's do an introduction:

From top left clockwise:

The blue reptile/snake print halter from TOPSHOP. Grabbed the last piece but the bottom piece's size is smaller than the top. Still can wear lar.
The rose print from MAMBO. Bought it from Cineleisure MAMBO.
The red (dunno what print) tube from MAMBO. Bought it together with the top 1 cos I couldn't decide which 1 to get. IT WAS CHEAP!
The gold/black string halter from MISS SELFRIGDE. It's barely there, somemore it is gold and shiny. I really dunno when would I dare to wear it. An impulsive buy quite some time ago.

Da Girls Night Out

Went Centro with the girls yesterday. Initial plan - Dbl O. But the cocky old hag bouncer must have thought we were making too much noise and decided to make things difficult for us and din wanna let us in cos this place is only for above 22 darlings and a sheepish smile. !@#%$. Cecilia could have got us in but we were on the cab to Centro already. Heck.

Centro was not as packed as last week, and when there is lots of girls there's lots of fun, especially when we are clean with zero intention like being picked up or shit. But unfortunately the free drinks were too tempting and a few got drunk. I was not feeling 100% well with a bad tummy but overall we had a pretty good time. Michiko keep wanting to go back next Wednesday. I recall talking nonsense with Jamie in Michelle's bf's car as he drove us home.. sorry girl! :P.. Jamie was so confused he kinda thought your bf was a Mercs cab driver...


Went out with ZhiPing to town and walked around. It's amazing how 2 gurls can take like a few hours just to walk around town. And time can fly by so fast, but with guys, it's just weird and you feel supressed and quite stressed to take a lil' longer than usual to shop, but girls you can take forever and be guilt free! Haven't quite like stroll Orchard slowly, go into the girly shops all those crap for a while. I love shopping! lol...

BTW Mango's having sale again. Wanna get a pair of nice pants to wear for more formal occasions, but well, lazy to squeeze with the rest of the world. And Vitamin M is not on my side...

We ate at Crepes N Cream. Ordered a Sirloin Steak medium rare and they gave me like 1/4 cooked. Just look how disgusting it is

Thank God for them I am alright with not very cooked food. Zhi Ping almost died when she saw mine. Her Ocean Odyssey came with a free eye lash, which they promptly changed a new plate for her. (I told her to eat up all the mussels first... but she din. :P)

Here's us, our neoprint shot. My hair is unfortunately fading into some dirty grey blue shit. Funny, the conversation between me and a salesgirl

she: "nice hair color, did you do it at a salon?"
me: "no, it was a mistake. i wanted black hair"
she: ".................. oh."

Next picture is a new bag which I bought today. It's a genuine reptile skin sling bag which I wanted 2 years back, but was $59 and I kinda forgot about it since then. 2 years later, I spot it again, same place, $40 cheaper. Yipee!

Lastly, the picture of a new toy Zhi Ping bought, which is still nameless.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I'm a useless girlfriend again. Not understanding enough of his plight, self centered and gave no chance for him to talk about his stuff.

Maybe he deserve better.
Larry finally saw my hair, in a pretty weird and coincidental situation... hiaks... so i can finally announce to the world about my new hair.


Took some pictures with my lovely girls yesterday, at (of all places) Library@Orchard. Met them for a while just to show off my (already fading off) colour head. Here's 2 of the many pictures we took. (1 has been omitted due to much of Ping's insistence :P)

You know the bad thing about having a camera with 2.0 mega pixel is that ALL YOUR PIMPLES ARE SHOWN! especially at neoprint shots, which are taken yourself holding the cam in front of you tt kind, which is what we always take actually. That is why I reduced the pictures to such small size, so all pimples are smaller.... lol...

Met up with Cecilia today after work since she happen to be working just around the corner at The Living Room, Marriot. Went to lim kopi at Coffee Club Express and chit chat for a while. It's funny how you can meet up with some friends and despite the fact that you guys are quite different, you feel alright and natural with them. I think it has been like at least 4 years since we really sat down and talk. Usually it's just one or two SMS and stuff... look if you guys are missing your old friends now, why don't you just pick up your phone and call/sms them? Drop a mail or email too. It's sounding mushy and duh but friends are hard to come by so keep them by your side through thick and thin. You'd be surprise how much joy you may just bring to them to receive a greeting from an old friend that they used to kick ass with.

By the way there is a girls' nite out gathering tommorrow for all my friends *lol* @ Mohd Sultan to enjoy the ladies night shit. So far I got Ping, Cindy, Michelle, Cecilia, Teresa (my primary school friend?), Joyce and Michiko (from my restu) to go. Tee hee... YEAH~! So happy...

Monday, June 24, 2002

Strawberry: 0/100 Pear: 0/100 Banana: 80/100 Tomato: 50/100 Lemon: 5/100

Take the What Fruit Are You? test by Ellen and Aaron!

Ping is out with her mummy shopping in Orchard. Cindy might be joining her, but I am feeling lazy... the thought of working later just makes me sick. Wanna catch f.r.i.e.n.d.s and *don't freak out* Meteor Garden but then sian lar working... Brad Pitt is guest starring in f.r.i.e.n.d.s!!!!!!! So exciting...

Thick head Edmond called me up not knowing what he wants. He's the manager of the jap restu I was working at. The situation is such that I'm kind of like at the other branch. Asked me to go back to work there. Apparently he doesn't know a thing and never seem to bother to ask about what is going on at kiku now, which already has not enough people and needing to hire people... still want me to go back to work. Ask him why, say no reason why, just the 'top' orders. Yeah right... must be he doesn't have enough people to work for him. The other time he hired tons of new people who don't know a shit, and refused to let me work... then he got scolded by the boss, who then decided to priotise timeslots to people who already worked before. So useless one, even an inexperienced person like me would know that you should hire people who knows the stuff already, especially if they do not cost you a lot more. Stupid.

Sunday, June 23, 2002


My cute cousins are coming to town! Yipee! My aunt Lynette married off to Canada when I was like erm young, and she gave birth to 2 really cute twin girls called Samantha and Monica. The thing is, they don't look like each other. 1 has an ang moh face with black hair (the charmed eldest sister kinda remind me of her) and the other has a chinese face with blonde hair (dunno sound like who hor...) They should be 9 this year, if I can find a picture of them I'd post it up.

Not going to Mount Ophir already. But OBS sounds pretty interesting though, reading through the proposals and emails. Kinda missed those days, and the best part is, this time, WE'RE IN CHARGE! *evil laughter* And the happening thing is the whole program tries to include the fact that we aint no Secondary school kiddos going to OBS to have some fun, there is some business management inclination to the whole idea. Pretty nifty huh. Can't wait can't wait.

I decided to visit my old website which I did not take down and surprised that there are in fact quite a few visitors around, as I checked my guestbook. Decided to implant the pages into this site, and make it into a super 2-in-1 combo. Buy 1 get 1 free.

I realised that if you type "Nanjya Monjya" at yahoo, my website comes up! So happening! Nanjya Monjya happens to be the restaurant I used to work at. Guess that is how Lilian found me and my website. :D

Anyway I'm back to my game. Haven't been playing for a week thanks to the stupid CommunicAsia job.

P.S. Sorry Michelle.. for not going. :~(

Realised a blog is not very personal, sometimes when I feel like posting something, I have to think twice. Will the person it may concern be reading this? Should I? *shrugs* Isn't blogging a online diary, or is it just a fragment of my imagination? Now wonders what is the purpose of it all if I can't post my feelings on. *shrugs more*

Saturday, June 22, 2002


Yeah... So happy that it is finally over. *relief* I was SooOOOoOoO tired after these 4 days. That's because I had to work at kiku too, they were in need of people on Wednesday and yesterday, so I worked a total number of 9 + 8 + 5.5 +8 + 8 + 4 = 42.5 hours in 4 days. Err now it doesn't sound that long, but imagine working from 9 to 6 and then from 6.45 to 12.15am, then next day 9 again. NO JOKE! *dead*

I dropped dead right after work at the sofa when I reached home. Sound so kelian right. And Ping forgot to bring the GP batteries for me, so we didn't take any photos yesterday. So sad.

I'm not making sense. I just woke up. Another time then I update.

Bye bye! Enjoy your saturday darlings.

I just realised I forgot to go for OBS briefing again.

Friday, June 21, 2002

Haven't been updating in a while. Have been pretty exhausted thanx to the work which is pretty intelligence insulting, dull but relak 1 corner for us to chit chat and do just a bit of work. There has been much enthusiasism (somehow the spellign looks wrong) to update due to the many new surprises I have happening for the past few days.


It's the FUJI FinePix A201. I bought it at SGD 350, upgrade to 64mb for 50, with GST all in all at SGD 410! :) I am quite cheatable because I don't quite know much about the functions but it seems good enough for me at that particular price, so well just went ahead with it.

Thankfully, the review I just read from here says....

"The FinePix A201 is a good "entry level" two-megapixel digital camera for those looking for a simple and easy to operate camera that delivers good image quality. It doesn't have any kinds of advanced controls other than being able to change the white balance settings or vary the exposure compensation. The lens is fixed (non-zoom) and the focus is also fixed which means that there are no delays due to auto focusing.
It's small enough to slip in your pants pocket or a purse and can be easily carried all day in your hand. It's designed as a "point and shoot" camera and you only need to turn it on and press the shutter button to capture a picture. The color LCD is good and can be used in all but direct sunlight conditions. When playing images back you can magnify them up to 4x on the 1.6-inch screen so it makes it easy to check for focus, color and composition. The battery life is average and depends on how often you use the color LCD for review and preview.

Under all but the harshest lighting conditions the camera delivers good image quality with well saturated and properly exposed colors. The flash is adequate for normal situations, just don't expect it to light up subjects beyond eight or nine feet. The 1600 x 1200-pixel images will print good pictures up to 8x10 inch size. They're excellent for email or web pages. If you're looking for a good starter digital camera or a stocking stuffer for a budding digi-photographer this is a good choice that won't break the bank. "

Here are some of the sample pictures which I have taken undear harsh conditions (of getting caught slacking) Size reduced greatly to facilitate friendlier downloading. :)

1. 2.
3. 4.
5. 6.
7. 8.

1. my eye
2. communicasia2002 registration queue
3. michiko and joyce, from kiku sushi bar, the place i work
4. ping and cindy, ping with her new haircut
5. the food we ate at sim lim after buying the cam :D
6. me and ping. the tay ping hui! lol
7. me, ping and kelly, who is also working @ communicasia
8. one of the gurls at communicasia dressed up as the msn butterfly...

Tuesday, June 18, 2002


Last minute job vacancy allowed me to work at this place which I worked last year. It wasn't like VERY fun, but enjoyable in its own way. Hope this year will be the same. never go for briefing, not sure what is going on but just go to work lar. Pay sux, but nvm lar just for the sake of fun I guess. Though not very fun oso. *grrr*

Had bowling training today. Kinda tiring. And very few turned up, and we had to pay extra money... sobs... but it was quite a good training in its own way, correcting us and stuff. It's fun cos it's what I like and Michelle and I just monkeys around. After drills we played some real games and it was the girls vs the guys. Here's what I got :P


Just waiting for the new batch to come in to add in more numbers.

Going to sleep soon. Waking up at 6.15pm tommorrow. Sorry for the boring entry. :P I can't wait for my digi cam....

BRAZIL OLE OLE!!!!!!!!!!!
(never big on soccer, but have been supporting them since I was 8 years old, world cup 1990)

Monday, June 17, 2002


School's organising a trip to Ophir. Sad to say I have yet to been there. Sua ku.. It doesn't sound bad at all, and it cost only $60 all in all. It's those kinda things which you will remember that you do as a student. Should I go? I dun mind, if I have company.. :D

Got the itienary, typed it out but then got erased unfortunately when I accidentally click a link and this page jumped. Now I'm too lazy to type it again. It's 3 days 3 nights btw, u get a bus ride to JB, train ride to Senagat, climb up, go summit, climb down, and back.

The mountain is said to be the home of legendary Princess 'Puteri Gunung Ledang' once wooed by the Sultan Malacca. The mountain is a favourite among local mountaineers in search of excitement and adventure. The Sagil waterfall at its base is a favourite spot for picnicking.

Crystal clear river water and breathtaking waterfalls in tranquil, unspoiled environment beckon visitors to this area for a cooling bath or simply a quiet rest. Various amenities, including rest sheds, dressing rooms, camping sites, foodstalls and car parks are provided here. There are also tracks leading to the summit of Gunung Ledang.


Should I go?

Sunday, June 16, 2002


Sorta hinted mummy and daddy and they actually said

"buy lor, then claim from me..."


How do you find this camera? To find out more click here, help me see and review okie?

I'm looking at more pictures and surfing sites. My budget is below $350. If anyone did any research, or whatever, share with me!

This is cool too! But then it cost US$300 odd or so, or has the price already dropped?

No Mark... haven't completed the game, at disc III. As a ex-FF person yourself, you know there are tons of side-quests to play before I get to da final disc, where everything is a point of no return. Now I'm playing with da chocobos, and it has the ability to travel on water and climb mountains! :D Then I'm going to train up and then go to the other world, Terra, where I'd face the kings and the end of the game. :~(

Okay okay no one cares... *sobs*...

Spent Saturday with my him, went to the Esplanade for the interview as usher in the big pineapple/ durian. It's the one with the record breaking 1.5k people applying for 250 jobs available. Dad was saying that even executives go there (its part time, $8/hr) so as to be friends of the esplanade so as to get privilleges and stuff next time when it opens, so bad ah. I was #429.. lol.. dun tink will get the job la, it seem screwed with I said "studying". Oh well.

We went bowling after that, was horrible. But heck. Ate at Cinecafe. The food was fine, but not the service. We were scheming against questioning the service charges since the service was so awful, but turned out there wasn't service charge... and the best and only good part of the service was when the girl chase after us to give us our sixty cents change.

Friday, June 14, 2002


Went to Toa Payoh in search of the piracy shop to buy games for my brother. And I felt lost! After not being in Toa Payoh for at least 1/2 a year, I was wondering around the new surroundings of the new air con bus interchange, which kinda reminds me of an airport with all the directions and all. There's even happening shops around the neighbourhood, with breadtalk lar, banks, foodcourt and stuff. I kinda forgot where is where, and the good ol' piracy shop shifted to a place which is less obvious (tho its still 1 whole shop!) and I had to ask the lady who sells cosmetics

"errr you know where got sell those pirated PC games anot ah..."

There are lots of cutesy clothes shop that looks pretty cheap, but then never really go and look cos there was an aim which was to buy game then go to work, so I just left after window shopping for about an hour or so.

I got lost on the way back to the MRT station... was like... wtf is the place.... grrr... but in a state of daze due to the sun and headache from walking endlessly shop to shop to find the game place, I walked 1 big round back to square 1, then got lost in the interchange, couldn't find the MRT entrance. How obiang can I get? *sigh* but anyway reached Orchard in a whooping travelling time of 8 minutes on the MRT. *full of envy to all toa payohian*

Reached workplace at 1740, world record time. Amazingly 3 out of the 4 part timers were not there, 1 missing, 1 lazy, 1 off. Poor me ran about the restaurant the whole night.

Came back and play game again. It's a routine... everyday spend like 2 hours at least on it, was just realising, at the end of the game, I'd just tell people.. err i completed FFIX. But who will care leh? Noburdi... then again, its a personal achievement la!

Whatever, talking crap today. Must be tired. Or something.


Thursday, June 13, 2002


I was at Centro yesterday night with Ping and guess who I saw... MORBID MOSQUITO.. oh gawd, and he was trying to pick another girl up. Want to die, and he was so gross, was on the platform machiam ala Robbie Williams in Rock DJ. But the bad part is, no one was interested lar. kakaka.. Tried to offer Ping a glass of red wine, WHICH he offered to ANOTHER girl!!!! *gasps* L-O-S-E-R!

Anyway I have decided that it is quite true on people's perception on clubbing - where guys pick up girls and girls wait to be picked up. Although I beg to differ for me and most of my friends. There was 2 ang mohs that kept dancing near us, and then we decided to escape. They decided to change target. Later I saw them with 2 girls, who look so happy to be with them, everything. SIGH. Corrupted world.. Music is good, but the guys there sux. Not that I am looking out for any, or to be picked up like the rest, but it's just very... *vomit* Afterall you want to look at nice things ya? kakakaa

And I missed bowling training today, cos i couldn't wake up. So guilty. Dunno if Michelle went, she seem so bogged down by her projects and stuff. Quite happy that I din take summer lar, but then again she'll graduate faster than me :( Just some pros and some cons.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Life's a BORE!

Life is boring these days... comparing to last week, which is full of activities. Feeling very lazy recently, past 2 days slacking at home then going to work. Tommorrow will either go swimming with Ping, who is finally released from her agony of working from 7am to 2pm, or to Toa Payoh with Zhi Ping to spend even more money on GSS. But no matter what I gotta help ma bro buy pirated games for his friend to bring it over to OZland.

Just to remind myself....

>>About the cds, probably just help me get the FIFA World Cup 2002 from EA
Sports and Star Wars® Jedi Knight®II: Jedi Outcast™. And my Nike sneakers

Marneee matters

Bad economy, wiser decisions to make...

I decided not to buy the Levi's jeans anymore. The SGD 120 can be put to much better use than a pair of jeans that looks like the one I already own. Perhaps I can dig out some old jeans and bring them for alteration so that it is not obiang to wear, like a lil tighter and lower waist.
And I dowan to buy a bowling bag. My bag may look ugly, but then the amount of money spent just to let a ball appear better or make me look more pro is not worth it.
As for Hifi, it'll just wait. It's a want, not a need. If i can dig out additional cash then perhaps I would lar. *faint smile*

But I still want a digi cam, just a 300 bucks 1 will do.

And thinking of doing more activities that do not cost money (or little) and is good for health, like rollerblading, cycling, swimming, tanning etc. Want to go for judo training again, but it's at the expense of earning marnee oso... Was thinking if i want to go I might as well be consistent, if not then dun go. 2 times a week is quite a lot of money at hand, making me earn like $60 less. Not quite worth it. Perhaps I will start all over again when school terms start and I can train with the freshies and be part of them. Dun sound that bad oso... does it?

Suddenly feel so money minded with all the talks of money, which, unfortunately, is pretty much tight recently. I wanna help out my family.. all the frivilous spending is not quite right now... when my Dad has to support 2 of his 3 kids through college, 1 overseas somemore.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002


Very stone now. Playing game as usual. Rather, my sis is playing game as usual. :) We are already at disc III so happy!

Worked for another like 3.5 hours again. Really feel like getting another job, but it's hard. Anyone knows of any?

Monday, June 10, 2002

I'm back on FFIX
At this very moment my playstation is switched on beside me and my sis is playing it. It just hung. What a sian way to play FFIX. Waste time only. Hang and hang... oh nm...

Just checked my school email, they are organising a trip to Mount Ophir, and it only cost $60. Should I go? Ping do you want to go? Check your email okay? Anyway I pretend that we interested to chop a place first in case we too late. :)

Feeling sad...

The people surrounding me are all in jittery jattery moods. I think something happened at home, dad keep talking on the phone, but then I dunno what, cos they refuse to tell me. Dear dear too.. I really feel like doing something for everyone, but I dunno how.

Sunday, June 09, 2002


Today's entry is gonna be long, because there are quite a lot of things happening, and it is all quite funny.

1400hrs - Orchard Road

After Ping heard of my wonderful cheap buy, she could not resist either and flew down to Cineleisure Mambo to go take a peep at the shop. She bought a bikini too, but guess what. It is the SAME AS MINE! *dunno to larf or cry* But anyway we vow never to wear it together, will be looking too obiang lar, to wear it together. There was only 1 last bikini in her size... and she got the last one! *yeah!*

1400 hrs part II - No wallet day

Horrors of horrors. I rushed out of house and took a bus to town, only to find out that i forgot my wallet when I am halfway there. Felt super super sian but just went ahead with just a bus pass in hand (which was in my pocket fortunately), poor Ping had to pay for everything. No wallet means I did not bring my Sentosa Card, which means I had to pay for the entrance, although it is only 4 bucks la. Somehow it's not the money but just very kek xim.

1550 hrs - Sentosa Yellow Line

Wanted to try to go to the nobody, secluded Tanjong beach, but ah gong me brought Ping on a joyride back to square 1 by forgetting/ not knowing where to drop. In the end went to Sunset Bay as usual, @ Central Beach, which is now known as Palawan Beach. (reminds me for Star Wars) We went there almost to watch the sunset (ignore the pun) but thank God there was Sun! Hang out at the beach and was stone for a long time.

Because of Soiree, we got to know the SSB peeps pretty well. Quite happy hanging out there without having to pretend to be some bikini babe but you know, just being ourselves, sitting very uglily and talking nonsense with them. It was just the 2 of us, although some people will find it weird or that we are trying to be picked up or something, but tis really not the case though. Too lazy to explain, and find no reason too. In short, were quite happy, especially with our free drinks and all lol.

BTW Ping slapped the poor bartender at SSB for saying her fat. Tsk tsk tsk... although it was unintentional.

2000 hrs - Obiangness

Saw the long queue at Sunset Bay toilet and the pretty toilet. Wanted to bath at NTUC resort but only 1 out of 3 shower rooms is working. Which is worse actually. After we showered and dolled up a lil, we were full of plans to head to town to marche, until the sudden pang of hunger hit us, and it hit us so bad that we were like dying at the departure centre. But it was really bad, made me and Ping feel nauseous, weak and cold. but it was so drama. Went on Blue Line bus to departure centre, watched the buses to mainland fly by and thinking to go to WTC/ Tiong Bahru market/ marche. Ended up deciding to go WTC cos it is the nearest, even sinful MacDonald's sounds okay, then we decided to go back to SSB to eat, and we drop from the bus and then took the Blue Line bus back to SSB, making vomitting noises and whining all the way back, so much so that the guys that were guessing our nationality on the blue line out had looks of amazement. I think i sound a lil confusing. Nvm.

Went back to SSB (we even called up the bar to cook for us in advance) and ate my Fish and Chip and Ping's Chicken cutlet. I think we ate like pigs, never stop munching even while talking (even stole other people's fries) until we felt like we are rejuvenated. Feeling quite gross. Hung out for a lil while more and met Mr Morbid Mosquito again (names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and her fate at Sentosa :P) This gross mosquito tried to pick Ping up months ago, and the worse part is, not only did he try to pick her up, he tried to pick another girl Kacang too! Kacang and Ping happen to be friends, and thus they are utterly disgusted with the morbid mosquito. Forgetting who we are, he asked the boss of SSB to intro us to him! Disgust of disgust... horrors of all horrorible horrid horrifying horrors. I think he recognised us in the end and was so embarassed. I felt like vomitting even more when he buzzed around. *yucks* One funny part of it all is the look he gave us when we said it's just the two of us, no other friends. He asked

"Are you guys like straight?"


what can i say? s i g h . .. . do i look.. gay to you? i'm straight, yea noe? I like guys, through and through. LOL

Saturday, June 08, 2002


Fulfilled another wishlist of mine, with minimal amount of money! At SGD 15 a bikini (U.P. SGD 89) I could not resist... but to buy.... 2!!! Unfortunately the designs are not splendid, but they are okay. I am not someone who ask for too much, with a limited amount of Vitamin M i am SOOOoOoOoOOoO grateful to have gotten such a great bargain. What a curse to have NO DIGITAL CAM, i cannot show everyone my haul! *all smiles still* Went to Mambo's website, but it's winter @ ozland, so there is no bikinis, at least, not in their shopping cart. Sigh...

Carefully uses strikethrough on the "new bikini" of wishlist. Yet another fulfilled! :)

Another haul will be an eyeshadow pot at $5.67 from Bodyshop. Used to be like $19. What can I say but be proud that I always have an eye for goodies so cheap... yet nice. YEAH!!!!

The Guy...

Met Larry after my work (of 3.5 hours) and then watched him breakdance a lil. There's a girl there too, trying to do a headstand. He asked me to learn, but I was wearing such guniang clothes... impossible for me to do it. But it is just so amazing to watch them...

Where the hell is Henderson?

If you have been following my blog, you should know that my laptop is sick. The ventilator is no longer working, and I need to bring it down to the service centre at Henderson. Where the hell is that? :( Dunno how long i have to put it there, can hardly survive without my laptop... unless... i get my FFIX back on track, which i will, if the CD dun gimme all the shitty problems.

Maybe going Sentosa to show off my new bikinis tommorrow... Wanna join me? :PpPpppppPPp

21% - 75%

42% of me is filled with jealousy. Aren't you JEALOUS?

Friday, June 07, 2002

On Sony Mezzo...

Went to Best Denki yesterday and checked out my beloved hi fi (picture available at the left hand corner of the blog) and it cost SGD 399. If i pay by my VISA, they'll charge zero interest for hire purchase for say 11 months. That means i can pay about $40 a month to support my hifi and make my wishlist come true. Should I? Should I not?

Yeash... what a BAD day this is. Went to work at 7pm and then they asked me to go home at 9!!! For crying out loud what are you guys thinking about? Make us go all the way there and all that, so irritating. I wanna find a new job. Oh btw was looking at Classified, Centro is hiring people. Anyone interested? Might just pop by their walk-in and see how the pay is like and all that. Ping says her mom will freak out if she works in a pub, Zhi Ping is confirm no need to say, just left with Jamie and her not as controlling as before other half... whether he'll let anot. Might just ask a few other friends but not sure who will work at pubs. I, for one, just wanna go for experience sake, and for fun, i guess, though it is actually quite sad to work when the rest are being crazy and having all the fun in the world. Dunno also, see how lar.

Went rollerblading with Larry today. Was quite okay I guess, not blading like the usual way but it has its own fun too, especially when he insisted me on dragging him along as he just balance himself. Hmm.. not too fun to carry an elephant, a 70 kg elephant! Huff and puff, but on the way to nicer thighs and bums. :D.. N we were quite happy ( i tink? :D)

After rollerblading flew down to Orchard to do some shopping with Miss Pingo. We bought the same top *gasps* but in different colour. And it is a top that Jamie has, and it is on heavenly 50% off!!!!! A $53 top became only $26.50. What a must buy. :D Din wanna spend the money, but then it's really quite nice (otherwise why would all the 3 of us like it) Ping looked kinda sweet in it (she insisted one, not I say one lol)But then it kinda lycra and a lil clingy, so all fats and bulges will be exposed to the world. LOL... for that, Ping and I decided, and is inspired to lose weight! And i must do 100 sit ups before i sleep! I shall do it! (bet she didn't!)

And yeah Zhi Ping is back from Sarawak! :)

Thursday, June 06, 2002


Felt so guilty. Once again slept late and didn't wake up in time for the bowling date that i promised Michelle to go. I was so groggy when she called me at 9+(?) And in the end i just slept all the way till 12. :( Sorry gal. I really wanted to go, brought my ball home everything. :(

Went swimming. AGAIN. *proud* I think i have burnt quite a few calories today. Mr Sun won most parts of the battle with the clouds, making it a day where there is sun for a while and still is rather cooling. I am not like 1 of the crazy peeps (who happen to be called PING) who use SPF 0 or SPF 4. Well erm, i used to, until I made an amazing discovery that well, I need not use suntanning oil to get tanned. I get tanned so easily, and i am already using the darkest shade of powder. Happy with my SPF 15, that made me a lil tanner today but not burnt, not dried.

On World Cup...

Got a friend who just informed me about his loss of $500 on betting soccer. The chefs @ my workplace is no better, the radio is switched to a 'world cup' channel, but then basically they are listening out just for the scores. Made me wonder. Is the World Cup being exploited? How many true blue soccer fans are there, or are people more interested in just the money that they may win (but most prolly lose)? Like S-League? Is this what soccer and world cup is about? (dun worry i am not about to start a GP essay on the topic)

Dug out my precious Phantom CD out yesterday (a sweet seventeen present from Yuan Shun) when i decided to put my bro's discman to good use. Even tried to play it at my workplace, but after a few tracks my boss changed the CD. She liked it, but "japanese don't like..." whatever. :D..

I really adore Phantom.. I'm not big on musicals or operas, but this is one fine musical that one should never ever miss. I was listening to it as the sun rays soaked through my brown skin... :D

Wednesday, June 05, 2002


i lived up to my word. Dragged myself up at about 12 noon, stared out of my window and wondered should i go out and get fried. Dilly dally dilly dally i got my ass outta the house at 2, and by the time i reached the club, the sun went hiding behind some scary looking grey matters in the sky. After a fiercesome battle between the clouds and the sun for about 1/2 hour, the sun won....... for about 30 minutes. SIGH But it's okay, i swam quite a lot, about 10 laps i think, and then lazed for 1/2 hour soaked in harmful UV rays listening to the Phantom of the Opera. When the sun went hiding again, I swam another 2 laps and left to bath/change/get to work.

Nothing much happened at work today, same old boring rhythm of work, except that the master chef tried to be funny and tried to touch my boobs. whatanasshole. Got my pay of 4 days work. SGD 115.50. Pathetic aint it. :( But it was 4 days work lar, 16.5 hours, cannot expect much. But but.. aint know how to survive the month, asked my mama for some money, and she gave me $50. *sigh* hopefully it is at least 50 per week lar. 50 a week... how to live...

Tuesday, June 04, 2002


i am feeling decolorised and fat. i want to swim. i want to see the sun. da beautiful sun, let the wonderful UV rays soak through my whitening skin. Sian sians...

Had my training again today. So weird to have training again within 3 days, and then take a break of more than 10 days before the next one. But that's cos of the busy schedule people have, unlike happy-go-lucky me, who has nothing much to do.

Kelvin/ Synapseman bought his ball already. So fast. Columbia300 blue dot. Here's how it look like

Pretty neat huh. It's my cousin ball, we all belong to the columbia300 family. It's michelle's brother ball, cos hers is a white dot. Today's training is all about sparing, and i still cannot get it right. I need more practice outside training, that means more money! :( Work work work... so i get more cash cash cash...

On life again...

"the grass is always greener on the other side..."

here i am grumbling about being too free, and there is Michelle grumbling about too much work. Humans are never ever satisfied. Tsk tsk. To think of it, I would rather be in my shoes than in hers. :D... Not being mean lar hor, but then i guess its the holidays mah. She is quite poor thing... but then, at least she knows what she wanna do in life, and for me, well, i am not too sure. I think the best point, and, the worst point about me, is that i take things in stride. At least she has an aim in life, and that is why she is preparing herself to fulfil it. When will I begin? When will i realise the path i want to lead in life?

Word of caution: DUN TAKE SUMMER TERM (AGAIN) !

Anyway i changed my comment box. Its now a cooler template, which gives you more reason to comment. Don't just read my blog, say something will ya? :P

Monday, June 03, 2002

I am on my way to Disc III - If my Playstation stops hanging.......

I HATE IT! It hangs!!! argh, why din my brother bring this age old ps to ozland and leave the new psone at home? At least i wun be wanting to pull out my hair each time i did something good and it goddammit hangs! ARGH!!! Anyway, I am now at the outer continent (yea, as if anyone cares...)

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How different lives of different individuals can be. Here i am, rotting my holiday away, doing nothing but trying to earn a bit of money here and there and playing game, and there i have Michelle who has her holiday packed like mad. How come ah? Some small misunderstandings in friendship due to miscommunication. It's not true what you think alright? :)

I suddenly thought : shucks, if i dun take any summer, i'll graduate in 4 years time, while the rest of my friends, by then, will be clicking their heels away at golden shenton way, wearing their power suit. I wonder how life will be... 2 years from now, would i do that? Or would I wear the kebaya and fly the world? (ya la, if i can actually swim and lose weight by then :P ) Oh nevermind, that comes later.

Sunday, June 02, 2002

Going to sleep soon. Added a new counter and did a few quizzes.

I'm The Soul Bearer!

I'm Happy!

Better off my laptop before it gets fried.

Buenas noche

Saturday, June 01, 2002

Made him mad again. Cos i am so unpredictable, flare up for 5 minutes, then is okay already. But by then, his mood is spoiled. What to do what to do. ICQ also can cause such arguments, i have nothing to say. Maybe, sorry?

Fuck Hell to FFIX. Rather, hell to my playstation. Or CD. Hang and hang. Made me pek cek. Made me say shit stupid things to him. Made him mad. :( Oh I'm on Level 48 already. hiakhiakhiak


Surprisingly Mr Synapseman sms me, asked me about bowling ball.

"House balls are gross"

That's right. Especially in old bowling centres. They can be chipped, scratched, dirty and yeash gross beyond words. The holes are drilled as if 8 lbs balls are meant for pixies, thumb hole small till you hear the pop sound when you release, that is, if the ball doesn't stay stuck in the thumb. The 12, 13, 14 lbs balls have thumbholes meant for giants. I dunno how fat one has to be to have thumbs that big.

Anyway, was just bored and thinking of things to do next week or the week after.

1. Rollerblade @ ECP

2. Bowling

3. Watch/ visit some Arts Fest stuff

4. Bugis street

5. Swim @ SGCC

6. Eat bake rice at Swensen's

7. Play badminton

With who, I dun know. Afterall, all the remaining friends that I seem to have are either abroad, working or obessed with their boyfriend. Sounds pathetic? Actually its not really exaggeration. *wry smile*

Does rollerblading alone sound pathetic? Hmm... perhaps i should try. Its the kinda time you have that belongs just to you, where you can think about anything: life, love... That is where i can wear my oaks and work my thighs. Sounds good actually. Will see.

Was thinking of meeting up all the old friends and shit. But well not sure where to start from. Was looking at my secondary school and JC photos, kinda missed those days, and those friends.

Scuba diving

Diversed topic i have touched today. Am just reading my school mail and the next scuba diving trip for NUS/SMU is here! Sounds fun, but sounds expensive too. $300++ for 6 dives, excluding rentals, that amounts to $100++. $500 in total! Sigh... no money.

Seems like when you are young, you have all the time in the world (ok, during hols) but no money to spend. When you are older, and hopefully very sucessful in life, you'll have loads o' money, but no time to spend it. Life cycle?
Another day have passed. Woke up at 9.20am though i have a 10am training. Actually i am amazed that i can wake up also. Flew down with amazing speed (took bus still lah!) to orchard, to kiku to take my ball, then to cineleisure. I'm still very inconsistent with my release, everytime also like different hook factor one. Today we learn a little on how to calculate the number of boards for sparing. There is so much calculation. You must know how much you drift (from which point you start and the point you end), your hook ability, then u minus here plus there. *Faints* Still dun understand until now. Decided to buy a small little book and call it the bowling book, and will start recording all my games. Get my average and all. I think today's average is like 110. Crap. Either i feed the gutter on the right for throwing too out, or feeding the left for hooking too much. Yeah, people who bowl straight can do better than that. Nm slowly learn lar, as dear will say.

He came and join me for a few games after training. So kelian leg still hurts a little. *sayangs* Cindy was supposed to come along also, but then the games are a little too expensive. Shall bring her, AND PING, and mark to textile centre there to bowl $1/game bowling. :D Or to katong for 3 games $4.20.

Who want to bowl also? Join me~

Watched ET after that. I have to say, it really is a good show, and is a must watch one. If you trust me lar. :D

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