Thursday, May 29, 2003

Going to Batam with Ping tommorrow to visit Rose, who is already back there to attend a wedding. Will be back sooner than anyone wish. But there poses a problem. My passport is not with me but in my dad's office. So how?

Guess will have to get it from him tommorrow afternoon or lunch time or something.

Anyway, some silly facts I just read up only.

You think Batam is very small? Ha! It's 415 Sq Km. And how big is Singapore? 620! It's just a 67% our size!

Psst, I'd miss you dear, tho it's jus 3 days. :D

Friday, May 23, 2003

Bought the Samsung DVD player for Papa and Mama already. Intending to fix it up tommorrow in their room and let them huh? when they come home from work (and I wouldn't be around) Surprise, Surprise. Hope they will like it. Check it out!


This is so embarrassing.

Erm. We are sacked from our jobs. Apparently it didn't anger me for being sacked, cos I am honestly damn bored about the job, and it's been 3 weeks. How many flyers can you give out for one whole month to a small estate? & of course there was a stalker, so yeah.

It's the way they were so hypocritical about it, cos just the day before they were so nice and smiley to us and talked like nothing is happening, and then today they asked the event company that hired us to sms us that "there were some complaints, so we don't have to turn up tommorrow onwards"

But well, I don't quite give a damn. Good to not have to work for a while. Till looking for another job I guess.

Meanwhile, it's Bukit Timah Hill, Ubin and Batam.

Was kinda bored and I was reading a random blog which Blogger recommended, and she wrote a entry on how she has decided not to give people gifts wrapped up in silver wrapper and silken ribbons, but instead, a gift of time, allowing the honorable party choose whatever they want to do and do it together. Girlfriends go to spas and massages together and laugh at boys, mummy and daughters go sit at too many cafes and window shop, while daddy and daughter goes on a road trip.

Kinda make sense. A lot of sense. (And damn why din I read this earlier isn't it, splurged on a DVD player, but hey not the point, they need a player since our dear ol' VCD player is dying. Merely an upgrade)

But shouldn't this be the way? I mean, what point is it to give a friend you haven't met for months or years a piggy bank or a cap she will toss aside. Rather, why not indulge in pleasures of life and do something together, spa, whatever. Catch up on ol' times and not sit together in groups of 10s at Marche not knowing what to say to each other.

It's time to rethink our way of lives in this aspect everyone.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Stalker at Bedok

There is this a lil' crazy looking guy that is always around me & my friend when we fly around in my blades giving out flyers at Bedok for my job. At first I din think of it much. He is just a bored guy who has nothing much to do in life, maybe.

Then it became obvious. When I stand at the MRT station walkway, he will be sitting on those bikes parked and locked at the sides and stare and mumble to himself. So I moved away to another side. And he walked past me. Thrice. When I am done with the flyers and walk off to a "general meeting point", (for all of us are assigned different areas to give out the flyers) and then the girls were having their smoke break, HE WALKED PAST AGAIN! I'm like, it's so damn freaky. Seems like all day long, he just walks around to look for us. He combed all our slackzones and workpoints. There he walks, mumbles and points at us like he is telling an imaginary friend about us.....

And I have to work for another week. :((((((((((((((


Anyway, I figured, since I do not have pictures of him (no no, not the stalker, my dardar, it's a different topic now) close up, nor do we have a very nice picture, but yet he complained that I do not put up his pictures, this will do.


Saturday, May 17, 2003

Asian Civilisation museum
+ Many pictures taken at City Hall and Supreme Court.

Singapore is a very pretty place, as Ping says. True, I agree. Very picturesque.

I mean, just look at my pictures. :)

Scenics at City Hall

Majestic Supreme Court

Clock Tower between Victoria Concert Hall and Theatre.

Went to the Asian Civilisation Museum new wing at Empress Place. Nothing much though, but quite an alright place to go as a subsitute of boring town when you have nothing to do and stone around or watch movie, which is quite nothing too.

But the highlight was the photo taking and crap.

After the Museum visit, we went to SuperBowl @ Boat Quay for ultra huge bowl of porridge, which is quite nice but waaaay too much. And we once again wonder why we always so stupidly order 3 bowls when we can order 2 bowls to share between 3. After teh food, we were on our nonsense again and I think the Boat Quay people thought we were drunk and seemed quite happy about it.

"3 drunk gals brings good business to the place" -Intelligent Ping

Oh well anyway, here are the highlights

Waitress "lian bang" Ping

Waitress yoo-hu" Rose

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Picked up my ball after months of not bowling and played in a friendly match.

First few games were alright


Then downfall came, ranging between 100s to 130s for the next 5. It's not like I'm ashame to show the scores, but I can't remember them already. Din really bother to remember too.

Oh well.

Anyway, the new list of happening things to do for the unhappening me and my friends. I will be putting it at the right column too, so that it being "sticky", will always remind me of things to do and will do a strikethrough once it's accomplished (once, but can do more of course)

This might serve as a good guide for you to do things too, if you are equally unhappening.

Asian Civilisation Museum
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
(Have a) BBQ
Little India
Marina Bay
Mount Faber
Pasir Ris Park
Science Centre (watch some Omnimax show too)
Sungei Buloh Nature Park

St John's Island
Pulau Ubin
Sentosa (duh)

Across the seas:
Shopping at Thailand.

there's some paint ball thingy
"Paint Ball Is a new sporting activity in Singapore. There are two facilities for the action packed pastime, one at Pasir Ris and the other on Sentosa Island."

Did anyone heard about it? Sounds fun, especially if you remember the movie, 10 things I hate about you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I kinda think the yahoo! briefcase don't quite work. Anyone knows anywhere I can upload a stupid clip of me and Ping?

Another awww email. And he did a :P. hahahahaha

Hi Hui Hui,

:P I am always a firm advocate of giving my students as much marks as they deserve. And I think you definitely don't deserve a C+. Do remember to file the grade review though.


P.S I hope he never ever reads this blog.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

i love my bed

No work, because Standard Chartered decided that only 1 blader is required every Tuesday and Thursday. Cost cutting, maybe. Was supposed to go to Sentosa with Ping and Rose today. But the natural element in me (maybe the 5th) told me that I haven't been staying home at all since exams ended so I should, even if it is just playing game and eating dinner.

So I did. Intented to go jogging, but it was raining, so maybe later then.

Anyway, my accomplishment for today:

Play dragoon
Painted toenails
Painted fingernails
Play more dragoon
Rotting in front of the comp

Poor Rose seem to have lost the phone when I called them up to say hello. Helped call up Sentosa. Least I could do to help, which wasn't much help either. Sorry for not being there man.

And poor Andy has been called up to the Air Force already. The way he put it is so damn funny. It's so hard to feel sad for him cos it's cute. Read his blog for more details.

And here's the carebear in me.

Cheer Bear
You're the Care Bear cheerleader! Your spunky personality and optimisim lifts everyone's spirit. Though you want everyone to be happy, you stand your ground on issues you feel strongly about and this can bring disunity among your friends. Despite this, you are a true believer in working together.

Anyway, if you want to watch a stupid clip of me and Ping. Just click here to open up my yahoo! briefcase
What we did at work
I typed about the longest entry I ever did and all blogger did was to fuck up on me. What unknown URL. Shit man.


Next time, remember to fucking click ctrl-A ctrl-C before you click post okay?

Now you don't have the honor of reading my long post anymore. Basically I had a grade pull up, celebrated mother's day at blue ginger, played jenga with my friends at atrium@dhoby ghaut and watched animatrix today with my boyfriend.

Grade pull up = happy
Mother's Day = happy
Playing Jenga = happy
Animatrix = don't like but he like.

this is it.

And here are the pictures

Hi Hui Hui,

As you know, you got a C+ for the exam. However, you are one point away from a B- and I wish to upgrade your grade to a B- in view of your performance in the problem sets. Can you file for a grade review and I can then effect the upgrade.


Saturday, May 10, 2003

After deciding that the blog looks ugly, I head on down to blogskins in search for a new layout. And here is a nice and crisp layout which I predict wouldn't last me long before I decide it is ugly again.

By the way, if you happen to type blogskin instead of blogskins, lots of porno will pop up. So well, Rose, you know what to do when you are bored la. lol

Some funny midi file is playing at this very moment after I visited Brother Yam's online journal, which he refused to let me add to my links. Well, I feel quite special now, haha, since I'm like the few chosen ones who can read it only. And the midi file is very FF-ish. I can imagine the flying ship, the monkey tailed main character flying across the continent to fight the battle to save the world with the princess, to stop the evil Queen from destroying it. Animes are not really my kind of thing, but I dunno, FF really got me into it.

da' game of the moment (since i got no money to buy a ps2. old games are good too!)

Went to Bugis with Rose after our work. Chilled out at the bank for like 1 hour. I think we are one of the few people who love to loiter around the workplace after knocking off. Loitered around Bedok somemore then head down to Bugis. Tried to look for my dardar but apparently he went off with his friends elsewhere already. Then Rose and I found out that we share the same passion for shooting games, particularly Time Crisis and we just watched people play and tried to remember where all the baddies are and vow one day to complete the game together.

Time Crisis 3 is really cool. Great improvement on graphics, and now you can change the weapon too. Longer game and more variety of enemies and all the shit. Felt like a little arcade girl just now.

Friday, May 09, 2003

My Results

An amazing A- I never quite expected and nonetheless pretty happy about, 2 B-, 1 kind of expected and the other was quite a shock as I expected a minimum B for all the hard work and a A+ project.

And lastly, a C+. Spoiled my day. Going to appeal for a grade review. So freaking sad over that.

Not exactly a super screwed day, but quite bad. Not too happy grades, somewhat screwed up job that I was meant to have, and my printer just gave me shit. Almost tore the whole thing down. Strange how it had not spoiled yet.

And I suddenly realised my blog looks damn ugly.

Spent money again.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Dear God

I knew I promised not to waste money. And I din want to too, but I just had to buy this....

It's $23.90 from Royal Sporting House. :D

Anyway, nothing much happened in my life, except working near my boy and having the privilege to go pom pom at his place after my sweat inducing job.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003


I'm not an X-men fan. In fact, except for the very very few times I played the SNK-Capcom X-Men vs Street Fighter, I don't know who is who. But barely 2 days and I watched both the X movies. And I have to say. It's really good stuff. Like what Larry say, the 2nd one is better than the 1st. 1st is a little boring. X-2 reveals little by little the mystery of our Mr yellow Spandex Wolverine and well, if I tell you more, you will probably have to kill me for the spoiler.

Oh well, Hui Hui says, it is a $8.50 movie. I don't think you will regret watching. But it would be a lil' better to catch X-1 first. At least you wun be so blur.

Go watch it!

Anyway, the people treated us a little better, and the business there was pretty good. Maybe our hardwork did pay off! People respond to our flyers. Well at least I know I am useful.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Working at StandChart aint as happy as it was when I was helped them at Tanjong Pagar last year. They are apparently more niao about it now, like I mean having to rollerblade around for like 5 hours, of course we do slack around abit. And just cos they couldn't find us when they went for their rounds today, they want to check on us like everyday and want us to report back to the bank every hour. I mean, we're not like lil' kids are we. And yesterday, the marketing manager or something gave us this whole lecture on his temp job he had with Milano washing the oven was he was younger. I mean, that glam man? We do work temps too. Not like YOUR temp resume is any better than ours. Sigh.

They think that rollerblading is just hot. Not tiring and sore for the feet. Neither will wheels be slippery when it's wet. "Just don't get wet, go to the shade" is not exactly enough ye know?

And I thought it was a godsend job.

Oh well.

Let's hope the Starhub one will be better.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

it's free entry to Sentosa from May 1 to 4. So what are you waiting for?

See ya there tommorrow!