Monday, May 18, 2009

just do it

ok there is no shame in admitting. it takes a guru to tell me to action on what i already know.

but ok what, at least i am planning to act on it, and has taken the baby steps to.

which means, it's working. doesn't matter how it start, what matters is the process and the results :D

Sunday, May 17, 2009

it's your own fault

you watch travel shows you read travel blogs of people who share the same passion and belief with.

but the only difference is, they are living it.

and what am i doing?

and who can you blame?

and finally, what do you do about it?

one of the big 5s in my life is definitely this. it just have to be done.

you have but one life.

Friday, May 15, 2009

one heart

I think this is a good thing but sometimes it frightens me the things I learn and experience on a daily basis.

So when I found out yesterday of the extra tickets we could let go at the rock bottom price, I took time out as the voluntary task force to sell the tickets. Not because I get a cut out of it, but maybe, the kick to know that the power of influence and networking can bring about the satisfaction to know that what 'The Wise' says is true - if you truly set your heart and mind to do it.. you can. And all because I truly believe that the 9 people I manage to get in buy the tickets will truly benefit from the talk tomorrow, as I will. And out of these 9 are CXO and senior management level people who have been my clients, or will potentially turn into one. And of course, my best friend who believed that the hundreds blown away is worth more than its usual thousands, but will bring about new insights about life, unquantifiable by moolah.

Ahhh.. the joy of being in the rat race. Not often felt, but today yes. And we will see what the man has to say tomorrow. Looking forward to the seminar from the second best in the world. So excited!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

my little pleasures

having a military husband means coming home to me every night is not a taken for granted thing. similar to husbands who fly very often, mine stays out a lot, hanging out in the jungles and forests of singapore. especially now with his 2 months course, he comes back over the weekend.

so today, surprises surprises, he is home today. although he didn't last any more than the quick dinner and zoned out immediately after his shower, its little pleasures of him being beside you that matters.

so please excuse me while i lay beside him to watch him sleep.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Nothing mathematical, just came up with that number randomly. I believe (with absolutely no evidence at all) this was the speed I was at before the big fall.

Anyways, a trip to an Orthopedic and a hip x-ray later, I am at home resting. Still working from home, but welcoming the good break.

Was touched twice today - of a random jc classmate calling to have lunch with me (after donkey years) and of my bro's comment in my previous post below.

I always felt that I am a very ordinary person leading an ordinary life, hearing how I created an impact in my brother's life made me very happy.

In other news, some unknown force decided to make me do some things in life.

I have picked up reading once again. This time round, I am no longer reading trashy fiction (which is good for the soul and form of relaxation) but now, self help / leadership books to build up my character. I want to remember what I read and apply it

Books I've read in the past few months:

John C Maxwell - 21 laws of leadership and (reading) Leadership Gold
Robin Sharma - The Greatness Guide and The monk who sold his ferrari
Dale Carnagie - (reading) How to win friends & influence people
Brian Tracy - (reading) Crunch point

Not the most exciting books, and I love reading 2 or 3 at a go. It helps make it easier to digest. I also bought a very beautiful book to write down my learning journal of leadership and skill building.

Remember, the difference between a worker and a manager is not in the skill of that person. The Head of Engineering department may not know more technical stuff than a typical Engineer, but it is the human skills that allows him to make a few times more salary. So why don't you start building your skills today?

I have also stopped being a bo chup bride and started my engine going (tiny steps at a go). With the bridal package signed, first fitting coming up, my wedding card selecting process in progress, I am on a roll!

Next, things I want to do :

I am inspired to get in touch with one friend every 2 months (must start my goal small) - meeting up with at least 1 old friend for coffee / lunch / dinner every 2 months. With technology at my finger tips, there should be no excuse that cannot find.

I will need to buy 'the shoe' after the fitting and knowing the colour of my gown and eveninggown. I am incline to get a pair of white shoes no matter - cos I just lurve white.

Stay healthy, drink my vitamin C, wash my face every day and DIY home spa once a week to pamper myself.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

no one sleeps when they are supposed to.

I just said it in FB. I love 2006.

I am actually very pleased the way my life turned out. No one looks back and wonder why I spent the year after I graduated bumming around, working only a third of the year (which is actually ok considering I make 3x more than a usual fresh grad).

To this I will clear my throat and correct them that I managed to

- Quit a job and end a bad relationship
- Snag a SIN-SFO-SIN for 399SGD.
- Spent 12 days (of which 2 were in the clouds) by myself BUT not alone in US of A.
- Meet someone cute (arguable whether it was a good or bad thing)
- Decide to leave the country for a year just like that *snap*
- Travel to Munich, Frankfurt, Roma and then settled in London
- Found a job within a week of arrival
- Had a blast of a London summer
- Made shit loads of money (in my humble opinion) and spent it all away travelling.
- Couchsurfed in Spain
- Had a white Christmas with my aunt's family in Calgary
- Went to Chicago and New York on an extended "en-route" back to London.

If you don't think this is a feat, and you think spending your year working in the miserable paying job which makes you a sinister person who makes awful snorting noise at people who actually live their lives is what you still prefer to do, then

fine by you.

Because for me, my memories are etched forever.

Friday, January 02, 2009

the seemingly mandatory look-back-at-2008 post

not the best fan of monkey see monkey do but i guess there is no harm looking back in time to see how a year looked for hui.

work : moved from huge struggle to small success. secrets to success - pride, people, persistency and passion. glad to finally see the benefits reaped - since june. should be staying on for now.

love : moved from single to married. from houseless to hugely in debt. from ringless to solitaired + bulgaried. what more can i say but yes, i have found the right one (although i am a fifa widow now that he has found his true love in a game)

friends : meeting up less than i like because of the busy schedules mainly, but also because i am a lazy bugger. if i decide to make a ny resolution, this will be part of it. but thank goodness all turned out well - the 2 most important ones are joining me in the married club next year (ok, maybe the year after for the other one)

so what can i say? apart from my recent attempt to reconnect with my inner gym rut self in order to look good by oct 09, i guess i will try to turn up at work on time, get more done in less time to have better work life balance, be healthy, exercise more, eat less, hope that everyone i love remains healthy. that's about it.

yup. oh, and i was lying in bed half dead during the countdown because i was ill. boo!