Thursday, May 26, 2005


When His Majesty the Great PM Lee visited Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, he said we have to understand that there will be differences in views between the nations for certain issues, eg rewriting the history of the WWII in their textbooks and the shrine.

I'm sure on an individual level, one would have faced such a problem. But it's about putting your view across, to let the other party know why you think that way.

But why is it that it take so much effort to do this for some people, and others, you just look at them and they know.

It breaks my heart to see someone so close to me in this shit hole. Everyday. But can I go and slap that person awake, ask that person to grow up, wake up? No. Politically incorrect.

But c'mon. You've come to this point in your life where you should honestly think of the future you 2 are sharing together. And I mean really together together, bond by that band around your fingers.

I'm so glad I have you guys. You who most of the time know what I'm trying to put across without too much effort. You who have almost the same frequency as me. Or you who don't, but still manage to understand me. Or you who don't understand, but let it go. Because it's a bloody unimportant thing.

I cannot imagine having hair pulling teeth clenching conversations with everyone. Having to explain the rationale of my actions, about 5 times, and still misread. Like now. And it's not even about global politics, it's about things as stupid as, why one would go for many short trips, but others rather save for one big trip.

C'mon. We know, to each his own. Else, travel agencies at Golden Mile would have gone out of business if people stop going up North for the weekend. Bas Sekolah would not have been activated at KL on Vesak Day week to send too many Singaporeans back home.

And yet it goes on and on.

The world does not revolve around your views.

Conclusion? On top of being able to blow me away with his vocal chords, play an instrument, love me to bits, not fat, not nag at the number of shoes and bags and tops I own, be on the same level as me in terms of the way we want the whole relationship to run, he better be able to understand and communicate properly. If I need to explain something more than twice, out you go.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Seeming sudden obsession

You were destined to have a Red Lightsaber.

Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is
associated with energy, war, danger, strength,
power, and determination as well as passion and
desire. You have seen the Strength and Power of
the Dark Side of the Force and have you thirst
for more of it.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

And I found out why the lightsabers are the colours they are...

The color of a lightsaber's blade is dependent upon the crystals used to focus it. Blue-bladed lightsabers are loosely associated with Jedi Guardians; green-bladed lightsabers are loosely associated with Jedi Consulars; yellow-bladed lightsabers are loosely associated with Jedi Sentinels; lavender-bladed lightsabers are loosely associated with Jedi Healers; and red-bladed lightsabers are more closely associated with the Sith.

I can't wait to spend all my money at Chatuchat.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

to the dark side, you must go.

For a non star wars fan who don't know who is who, the movie was okay lah. But i think star wars fans would be disappointed, for the link between 3 and 4 is not very great, so i heard. sappy love scenes, aplenty. but not as bad as 2. Fight scenes are not bad. And of course, the CG is fantastic.

I'm not about to criticise the movie here, and i'm totally not qualified to. I'm just trying to boast that I've watched it already.

Well anyways thanks for taking me out.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Pearl of the orient

The MTR now has glass doors to prevent people from falling down or committing suicide.
City people are the same, they don't move to the middle, they don't give up their seats to the elderly, and they are very kan jiong.
I bought student concession fares because I think can pass off as one. Half price!
The city is very much like Bangkok and any other old city, right smack in the midst of some CBD-ish area, or in some very Paragon-ish shopping centres, you get an aisle of cheap stalls selling everything from elephant G-string for guys to fake low grade Gucci bags.
Almost all sales people can speak Mandarin and English now.
Smoking seems almost officially allowed at all air conditioned place I went.
Pushing past people is the right thing to do. Nobody says excuse me (in whichever language) and no one seems to be offended. (You know, I think the Thais will get the shock of their lives when they are pushed like that)
I did buy some nice stuff but because I am BKK trained, it was a little harder to buy things. It's of course never as cheap as Thailand.
It's weird to hear people say "Ho Peng ah" which means very cheap lah, but because I am BKK trained, Peng is expensive. So I am so not totally convinced a few times when the salesperson said that to me.
Singapore's service standard may be low, but HK service standard is worse. You get people tapping their feet impatiently and rolling their eyes at you at dim sum restaurant when you open your wallet to pay.
I really hate the PRCs. They are loud, vulgar, and rude. But rich. Argh.
I was stopped at the Macau casino and was made to flash my passport (for God's sake the age limit is 18)
Some salesgirl told her colleague in Cantonese (and din know my mama can understand) that I am pretty (yeah plus point for HK), but only have "siu siu" pimples on my forehead. BOO HOO!

I'm overall happy, and I'd be back. During sale time.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

It's really so funny how different people are responding to the changes in our lives.

Ping, for one, seems to be going berserk.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A random 5am thought

I want to be somebody else.

(And gawd knows why I'm not sleeping)
I've decided to go back to bowling. Before my ball starts to grow mushrooms. I love bowling because...

1. A fun event when playing together with a bunch of friends, laughing at each others’ klutz movements.
2. An intriguing mental game when playing competitive. It is all about concentration.
3. It is a sport where practice pays off.
4. The joy of getting a high game.
5. The joy of sparing a difficult split.
6. Simply the way the ball rolls down the lane.

Anyway, it has been confirmed that I am the official sponsor for the upcoming Macau HK trip. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the most expensive Mother's Day present ever ever. I will be $1,700 poorer. For freaking 4 days 3 nights! (Royston, and you asked if our $60 weekend trip was expensive) X} <-- a pffft face

Assuming I earn an average of $50 for each roadshow I work at, it will take me 34 roadshows to earn it back. Okay, no more bed frames for moi. Sleeping on the floor, is... okay what.

So heaven have pity on me, and rain a rich man at my doorstep.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Aww man. Imagine seeing your name decorated with rose petals, walk along the pathway of rose petals to find the man at that exact spot you met him (in a park), he reads you a poem, with a rose in his hand, and kneels down to propose.

Awwwww! And all in that beautiful winter Michigan setting, some snow left on the ground, fir trees and all.

All of the sudden, my previous entry seems very very boring.

I'm so happy for you Kelly!

Somebody come sweep me off my feet!

My Peace

I found a great place near my house. And it's really tiny because the running track is exactly 400 metres. You have man-made garden with little benches for couples to overlook the giant drain which had no water in it, and the signs state NO WALKING YOUR DOG (???) and NO SOCCER.

But it's cool cos it was 10ish when I went to run and there were nobody. There was however, a skinny girl who overtook me and got me kinda mad inside and I tried to keep up with her, but she stopped after 5 rounds and that made me feel a little better.

I actually like to run a lot. It gives me personal space to think of nonsense. And I will not hear of plugging anything in my ear during that 45 minutes. It's my own space at my own pace.

I realised with great horror that I have put back one of the 3 kg I lost when I religiously ran 4k five times a week during the exam period. And I figured it must be because of the hard drinking, ice cream, hello panda, fish and chip and steak and chicken cutlet.

So I punished my flabby body by running 5k. I could have done more, but I thought I better go easy on this piece of fatty meat after 2 weeks of indolence.

Anyway, I have to give credit to the Lee Hwa ad about how women needing no men to buy diamonds for them. Modern women can afford it. And because of that, I am a proud owner of the Barang Barang Papasan chair which I have been eyeing for two years, for no matter how much hints I give to the man of that moment, nothing happened. So, modern Hui bought it for herself. Now, today, it is sitting at the living room because there is no space to put it in the room yet, and it is indeed one of the most comfortable thing in the world. Because I bought it. Myself for myself.

But of course, if there is anyone who wants to bless me, there are couple of things at the moment which I can think of:

1. The Phantom of the Opera hardback from Kino which is in the classic red with gold letterings.
Books are great gifts. It makes that book special.

2. Ikea vouchers that expire not too soon.

3. Take me out for movies and pay for it but I will buy the drinks and popcorn.

4. Acrylic paint and easel and brushes and canvas. Never enough.

5. That fantastic acrylic cosmetic box which is transparent which makes it really cool to know exactly what is where, with little drawers and big drawers for your shadow pots, lipsticks and generous holding power for your creams at the top.

That's about all. Because for all other things, like my wardrobe revamp, will likely be accomplished from my HK Macau BKK trips.

Can't wait can't wait!