Saturday, September 20, 2008


Even though this may not be big news, I just want to say that I am generally very very happy with my life now. I got a wonderful flat with great happy tenants and a good ROI, a happy family who gets along with the husband, and the best husband in the world. I have passed the trials of the beginnings of each job, the months of anxiety and frustration is now over and I am starting to cruise. My boss has high hopes on me and I am eager to be groomed. I think I found the right job for myself!

Thanks for all my tolerant friends who have stuck by me through the good and the bad. My personality test result may tell me that I am someone who is eager to please and love for everyone to love me, but I think they are slightly wrong there. I am eager to please and love those who I think I want to love and please very very much. The rest will be treated like Newater.

Having said that, kudos to all, and may this smooth sail after so long be with me for a while.