Friday, January 02, 2009

the seemingly mandatory look-back-at-2008 post

not the best fan of monkey see monkey do but i guess there is no harm looking back in time to see how a year looked for hui.

work : moved from huge struggle to small success. secrets to success - pride, people, persistency and passion. glad to finally see the benefits reaped - since june. should be staying on for now.

love : moved from single to married. from houseless to hugely in debt. from ringless to solitaired + bulgaried. what more can i say but yes, i have found the right one (although i am a fifa widow now that he has found his true love in a game)

friends : meeting up less than i like because of the busy schedules mainly, but also because i am a lazy bugger. if i decide to make a ny resolution, this will be part of it. but thank goodness all turned out well - the 2 most important ones are joining me in the married club next year (ok, maybe the year after for the other one)

so what can i say? apart from my recent attempt to reconnect with my inner gym rut self in order to look good by oct 09, i guess i will try to turn up at work on time, get more done in less time to have better work life balance, be healthy, exercise more, eat less, hope that everyone i love remains healthy. that's about it.

yup. oh, and i was lying in bed half dead during the countdown because i was ill. boo!