Tuesday, December 31, 2002

After some form of consideration I decided that I will be going to the NYE @ Esplanade. Not in the mood to go for NYE parties @ Expo or Sentosa.
Both places have something which is a bit wrong.

Expo is a bit too echoish and it being the first year, I bet there will be cock ups like Sentosa a few years back when they just started off. But then again it's MOS so it'll be not too bad. Good luck all my friends, who are going.

Sentosa is wrong because it is a mediacorp event. Enuf said. Besides, foam party ain't my thing.

Esplanade is quiet and nice. I can put my New Year's resolution on a balloon and let it fly, or hang my own art piece on The Wishing Tree. There'll be some Glass Orchestra playing and some gigs going on plus interactive arts activities. A different kind of NYE. Something I'd like.

Anyway my NYE was spent at Superbowl Marina South bowling the year away, and I walked off with the first prize lucky draw - a 14" TV. :>

Yup. What about yours?

Monday, December 30, 2002

My skin is peeling
Looks like sunburn
But not
Even my shoulders are starting to peel

What is wrong?

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Watched Possessions on VCD today. Found it a great show despite the fact that it is slow moving and I nearly fall asleep at a point. Also, the stupid laughters of the cinema which the VCD is secretly recorded is quite irritating too. But for something which I din pay for, it's a great way to spend my 2hours.

Went out to Orchard for the 1st time in about a month with Michelle. Haven't really step out of the house since I came back. Not like it was THAT long that I was away, but it felt a little strange, and somehow everything at Far East seems a little too expensive for my taste. Hiaks... I mean, the drawstring pants I paid $8 for is selling at $29.90. Of cos I feel that way. Which makes me wonder if I can make big bucks if I, too, bring in stuff to sell from Thailand. Then again, satuated market. Will see.

My long time ol' friend just told me he missed me, Ping and Zhiping when he was chiong suaing in his OCS course @ Brunei. *awwwwww*

Friendship doesn't come by easier. It was quite a miracle how well we could clique within that few days and weeks and months. Too bad for national slavery, and also for the unfortunate incident which did not involved me. Just hoping that 1 fine day we could all be like before, doing stupid things but feeling very happy about it.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

Today, I

1. woke up at 1pm
2. Ate lunch
3. Read newspapers
4. Fell asleep at WORLD section
5. Woke up
6. Watched Harry Potter (Chamber of secret) on VCD
7. Ate dinner after disc 1
8. Watched last episode of Unbeatables III (only watched 1st and last episode)
9. Continued watching Mr Potter
10. Ate supper
11. Came online

Such healthy behavior. :P

Thursday, December 26, 2002

I dunno what the hell I'm doing but I'm not asleep yet. Must be having the too-long-never-use-comp sydrome.

Anyway, just updated my yahoo auction stuff and replied to many emails. I really regret not buying more stuff back to SG, I mean, if I don't like them I can always sell them @auction right? :( Full of regrets. Here's the list of stuff I bought for myself at the amazing land of the fakos. Gifts are not included.

1. Fake Jack Wolfskin waistpouch
2. Fake The North Face duffel bag
3. Fake diesel jeans
4. Fake thought real for a moment levi's jeans
5. Drawstring pants
6. Another drawstring pants
7. Yet another drawstring pants
8. Monk's bag lookalike in black
9. Monk's bag in olive green
10. Monk's bag in green with some patternt thingy
11. Vintage 2nd hand Tshirt (x 6)
12. Abercrombie Tshirt (to be sold in the auction cos i dun like it anymore)
13. Corduroy mini skirt
14. Factory reject American outfitters shorts
15. Some Tshirt
16. Fake Banana republic teeshirt
17. Shades x2
18. Wacoal Bra (x2)
19. Curly wurly coke glass bottle
20. Iron on/ sew on badges
21. Adidas old school jacket (currently on negotiation to share with him)

Now you can sort of understand how I can spend SGD 650 @ BKK. But I really don't think it is enough. :(

It was long wasn't it? 22 days @ Thailand. Had anyone missed me? I'm actually feeling a little weird typing and updating my blog after I have been away from civilisation without a computer, internet nor handphone. And it actually felt great!

So what happened in the past 22 days?

My achievements!

1. helped construct building used as learning center for development of local wisdom at chaina-phattana school/ village 7/ sena/ ayutthaya/ thailand
learnt and mixed cement to create floor tiles

2. lived like a kampung kid cycling around the village, playing table tennis, captain's ball, attempted to swim in the river, fished

3. taught kids how to sing eldewiss, dance line dance and friendship dance

4. learnt how to say 1 to 99, pretty. intelligent, hot, water, cute in thai

5. felt like a celebrity when kids follow you everywhere and ask you to write your name on their little piece of paper and take photo with them/ by yourself for them

6. attempted and danced the thai traditional dance

7. got bitten by countless mosquitoes

8. slept on the floor for 2 weeks with many flying insects

9. cooked for 35 people

10. saw 4 shooting stars in 1 night

11. got stung by a bee

12. cried when i left the place for good

13. created enough impact for my fan club members to cry for my departure

14. went back bangkok afterthat and shopped like mad

15. am broke now.

16. want to go back next year

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Changed my mind and came to update again.

Had to find some stuff for Papa as well, so might as well drop by over here.

My bag is finally packed. It's like filled to the brim and yet somebody wants me to bring the Tshirts that I have yet to sold to Thailand. So ridiculous.


Anyway, forgot to mention the games I played @ Classic just now. After months of not bowling at all (and talk about training), I manage to suck quite big a time, giving very very fluctuated scores ranging from like 90 to 178 for 4 games. But overall it was a nice session with much laughter with Michelle and Larry and other team members, who came down after training, which I missed (again). But I'm getting all hyped up once again and there is such a desire to fight to play IVP - as a reserve! :P No no, as a participant.

Anyway, went for the TA (Teaching Assistant) interview, and for lugging that heavy ball and stuff I was late for the interview and after that I heard that the Prof hates latecomers. Somemore when she asked me why I was late, I gave the most nonchalant answer:

"I just couldn't wake up..."

When the interview is at 1015. Yeah 1015 sounds unearthly to all of us but well to the Prof, I don't know. But from the way I see it, it's a that's it boy. No TA for next sem.

Okay guys, so this is it.

Ja. Till 24th, we'll be together again dearie :)))

Monday, December 02, 2002

This is the last update I am going to do before I go off already.

Am feeling a little weird, like tommorrow I'd be getting out of my comfort zone stepping into an unknown area where there may be unexpected emotions I will feel.

But I guess it is a good experience.

Miss everyone. Will be back soon. On the 24th. :>

Saturday, November 30, 2002

Watched 2 movies today.

Mr Deeds and Red Dragon.

End of exams but feeling stone. Tired I guess.

And leaving on the jetplane in 2 days.
EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 29, 2002

after downloading the hounds of spring from kazaa...

I kinda miss those days, where Alfred Reed is the most happening guys around and fellow bandsmen hum to their own instrumental parts in public areas shamelessly loud.

BAND101. @NIE.

Must take it when i go for the exchange next year. For passion for love. For credit for grades.

BTW, ZhiPing, I downloaded like a library of band songs in 1 day. Beg me la, then I burn for you.

Psst, Yunhuey might be joining Cedar Band, thinking, thinking.

Whew wee! Exams are 3/4 done. So glad. But the last paper is kinda the one I dread most, cos I attended 1/2 the classes, and the other 1/4 when I'm there, I'm busily typing behind my laptop - of funkygrad forum, of yahoo auctions, of SMU forums, of yahoo games, of blog. The other 1/4, I listen. I think.

Today's PSLE results day, and my dearie ol' sista did well. Up to her expectation is more than what is required. So hopefully Cedar Girls' here she goes. Papa gleefully volunteered (me) to drive her to school everyday. God! How many morning classes do I have next year? 2?

To reward the small girl, brought her to bowl. And gawd does my bowling skill sux after not training. My ball freaking don't hook at all, like so paiseh in front of all those secondary school kiddos in the other lanes, own shoe own ball play like crap. But thankfully my 7 and 10 spare is still there. Hope is still around.

Mental note:
Accept Mr synapseman's jio to bowl.
Turn up for training.
Don't paiseh myself at IVP.

Anyway I'm kinda all excited over the expedition. But my bag looks small beside Ping's, whom had apparently dumped her stupid 65 litre bag into the back of the car and mummy scolded me for the smelly bag. I have no idea how she is going to collect it to pack. But before that happens I'd throw the mass tins into her bag for her to carry, since her bag is SO BIG (and ugly!)

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I realised that I've wasted my money buying the monthly bus concession pass this month.

Out of all these days which I go out, half the time I take cab, one quarter I drive, the other quarter I take bus.

Anyway, woohoo, Micro is over over over! And I'm feeling really fresh cos when I reached home yesterday night, I slept. When I woke up this morning, I studied for an hour and fell asleep again. Then I listened to Phantom of the Opera over twice, then left for school..... in a cab. AGAIN.

*money flies*

But still, I'm feeling good all over even though there is a freaking IE paper tommorrow morning. Cos it's not as end of the world as I thought! Thank God for that.

And I sold a pocket watch, and bought a Les Miserables CD. Profit! Profit!

Anyway, my sleeping bag got stolen. Don't know which freaking prick stole it.

Monday, November 25, 2002

Okay I have been in school for like 8 hours. Out of which, 6 hours I have been sitting here.

What have I achieved?

Marketing textbook a few pages.
Tried to make some notes on the slides.
Realised I have never heard of some of the stuff in the slides.
Wondered and wondered and realised it's because I skipped class.

Fell asleep.

Woke up, ate at Trung Nyuen with KY.

Came back.

Fell asleep again.

Surfed the net, went to yahoo auctions like... AGAIN.
Mishi came, helped her find her BBQ venue thingy @ the amazing streetdirectory.com.sg. But gundu still duno where. lol
Did every other thing except studying.

Waiting for nightfall and daddy to pick me up. At least I'd feel useful for the day.

Meanwhile, Oligopoly here I come!

*stressed... NOT*
I'm stuck in school
Cos I borrowed a book which I have to return by 0930 today, otherwise it is $3 fine per hour

In the library
Shivering in cold
Forgot my jacket


I hate the exam period

Sunday, November 24, 2002

What the fuck am i doing online at 6.32am?

I don't know.

Have I been studying?

The answer is no.


No urge no kick no push no drive. Study what crap?

Anyway, my latest haul at yahoo auctions is a Les Miserables VCD! Yummy! Only $16. What a good buy!

And I saw this carebear beanie collection that I actually quite like, but freaking at like $260 for 8 stupid beanies. Daylight robbery. But then, damn cute la. Hee

If I get someone to buy for me from the states, USD5 x 8 = USD 40 = SGD <80. But who will help me buy? :(

Friday, November 22, 2002


What else? Exams. Blogging seems boring nowadays with my mundane life. The clock is ticking away but I'm just so lazy to study hard. Watching Survivor...

Poor ping's laptop is now undergoing organ transplant. Apparently the hard disk has failed to function.

Anyway, I must stay at home on Sunday to watch Amageddon. Despite the fact that I've watched it, like, 3 times.

My take on my results (if i continue to study VERY HARD from now till next week exams)

Intermediate Microecons D / C
International Econs B (-/+)
Ethics C / B
Marketing B to hopefully A-
BGS B- / C+

Wednesday, November 20, 2002


Alright the birthday wasn't too bad afterall. Went for the Asian Food fest @ expo with mummy and papa and ate a lot, went over to Orchard to meet up with ZhiPing, who gave me a nice CD for pressie.

Then went for my First Aid course in the evening. Tommorrow's the TEST. SCARY! If fail means must pay another $10 just to retake.

I must, i must, I must PASS!

Whole lot of 6 went over to my place to pick up the car and then went off to east coast to have a good meal, only to realise the stupid place's kitchen closed. :( Went over to ONYX @ Siglap where Mr Teng came too, food ain't too great but overall alright la.

After that we roamed around the whole east area trying to find a place to go just refused to go home.

Silly. But overall not bad. Got an m(phosis dress from the 5-os as a pressie & 2 tshirts from jia.

Best of all, is my Singing in the rain musical ticket pressie from Mr Liu! *cheers*

Enjoyed the show today very much, but regretted wasting the whole day figuring out what to wear. The whole wardrobe was like, on my bed.

*I'm singing.... in the rain...*

Monday, November 18, 2002

found an old friend who blogs and I dun know. anyway, stole the quizzes from him. :>
The Band Quiz By Rahel

Narcissistic:Very High

-- Click Here To Take The Test --


I'm never really happy, happy during my birthdays as far as I remembered.

Last year I wailed at Zouk. This year is fine til now, but just feels.... nothingness.

Saturday, November 16, 2002



Woke up late. Intermediate Microeconomics B. *sigh* But nevermind.

Then heard the bad news that hey Prof is going to fail those who din turn up for his stupid BGS lesson yesterday, so I went to get MC. :> And went for my Typhoid jab too, for Thailand trip, since I have to jab anyway soon. And at the same time got some medicine for my mucus and phlem.

Now feeling groggy. Ate food but can't quite taste it. Mummy say waste money, can't taste the niceness anyway. Quite true.

Exams in exactly 10 days. Kinda freaky. Haven't even finish the BGS report. How?

Got 4 exams somemore.

Kinda stressed now. Quite excited about Thailand trip.

Still very groggy. Sentence structure seems.... groggish.

Friday, November 15, 2002




4 down 1 to go!

Poor Shaun was so stressed he looked like he was going to swallow the whole light bulb. Alamak, everyone around me looks stressed. SMU - Stress maintenence university.

& 1+ weeks to my exams, and a few days to my birthday!

Anyway, heard some grandma stories about couples making love in the school showers. *scandalous*

The idea of bathing together sounds sweet, but sweet only when both got good bods la, otherwise... err.. a bit turn off when meats flab while scrubbing backs or something.
Oh but well anyhow, who cares. :P

Thursday, November 14, 2002

yucks mucus
is here to stay. My nose has definitely lost weight from all the running man! Sucks.

Received a birthday card from my dearest brother who is @ Downunder. Just realised he always reads my blog. Oh no he must have seen all the vulgarities I've scolded. I'm sorry! :(

Will take a photo of my nice card tmr, but hey he asked me to
"Have a diet free birthday"

Is there any hidden agenda Mr Chong? *grrrr*

Anyway, quite glad that most of my project is done. Just left with my BGS! Gambateh!

& yeah! just a few days to my birthday!

Monday, November 11, 2002

Hey guys check this out!

Sex in Games: Rez+Vibrator
Fucking cheebye

I've been trying to log onto the internet since 1.30pm and guess what? It's 3.11pm, and wow I'm finally in. I tried everything, log on to singnet, to starhub, to starhub, to starhub, to singnet, to singnet, restart comp, pull out the telephone wire, threw my handphone on the floor, pulled out a couple of hair, screamed at my sister, and voila!

I'm here

I'm too pissed to talk man. Just as I have to rush like fucking how many projects poor little miss dialup had to play hide and seek with me

Hiaks I bought my nice new huge backpack for the Thailand trip already. Went to some Chinatown shopping centre. Bought the cheapo cheapo sort which well, of course is inferior in quality, doesn't look THAT nice and have a funny brand call Beverly Hills Polo Club (huh?) but whatever! It's cheaper, and I'd just use the money I saved on the bag at Thailand.

I bought the 75 litre sort but it somehow looks smaller than the other 75 litres deuter and lafuma sort. So I decided mine's a 65 litre. lol!

Went for the jab for tetanus (or something) and either my fats on my arms are too extreme, or the nurse simply can't jab. I've got like blue black on it and it hurts quite bad. Surprisingly Ping's one doesn't have. So unfair.

I'm hungry. Better go sleep.

Sunday, November 10, 2002


The village I'm going to @ Thailand... is flooded now! Let's hope by then it'll be fine, otherwise God knows how to build a building on a sampan.

Anyway I'm officially saturated. My puny brain, i mean. So totally packed filled with rubbish.

Friday, November 08, 2002


1. BGS presentation is over, and it's erm, alright la.
2. We had free yummy, healthy, fat-negligible & packed filled with Vitamin C YOUGURT! Cos the yougurt auntie was the same one @ my beach party and she recognised me. As a token of appreciation it was on the cendor! Yipee!!! Poor, heart-wrenched/broken Ping was not remembered. But nonetheless, nice auntie gave her the free yougurt. Don't be too sad k? *looks beside me with loving eyes*

That's it for today.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

cough cough cough

feeling sick

and sleepy too

want to buy stuff from me? go to my yahoo auctions ok? :>

Monday, November 04, 2002


Raging from the heat of accountancy block group study room.


Can't the school just sort of understand that it's like DUH the 12th week of school and of course everyone will come to school to rush for most assignments that are due this week and next?


Everyone is dying... it's so hot here. *fans fans pants pants*


And I have to stay here from 9am all the way till evening. *cries*

mood: fuming mad

Sunday, November 03, 2002


Okay I'm not exactly obsessed with him, but I watched A Beautiful Mind twice within this week, and I am still not sick of it. And SMU is offering a module called Games and Strategies devoted to his game theory and its application.


Not ready to be as mathematican and economist as him just as yet. Will take it in my final year or something I guess. So stressful man.

And I kind of decided that I'd probably go NTU in my 3rd or 4th year. Just think that life will be a little too happening for me if I go Thailand a few days after my exams, then come back and in a few days go to NTU, then the next sem fly off somewhere else. It just sounds... a little too happening. Let's save some fun stuff (if it ever will be) to the final years, otherwise my next 1.5 years will be miserable doing all my major concentration and core modules.


And I have been struggling to be an ethical person and trying to complete my part for the ethics project. Damn stress lah, all the projects are due within this week or next, plus my 3 times a week first aid course bogs me down further. Kind of regretted but well well, can't cry over spilled milk. Being a certified first aider somehow sounds quite cool to me. lol.

I have a bad feeling I will be collapsing sometime in these 2 weeks so better sleep as much as I can for now. :(

Okay that sounds a little too dramatic, but you catch the drift.

Friday, November 01, 2002

I'm feeling kind of down.

It's the i'm-at-a-low-point-in-my-life feeling. And I can't explain it. I don't know, just... feel this way.

Should I go over to NTU next sem? I do want to know how it feels to experience the whole hall life shit. But was just wondering would it be kinda weird and a little sad and out of place to go in the middle of the year, like going at the 1st term probably means going through their sick orientation a bit and stuff. But then again that sucks, and there isn't such a chance until like... year 4? Now that doesn't sound right too. You don't want to leave your school in your final year to experience some hall life. And I can't go in Year 3 1st term because I want to go for overseas exchange in the fall/winter sem. Having a white Xmas is more kick than a NTU hostel life.

It's time for me to select my modules for next sem already. So fast.
I felt this sharp pain in my ear all of a sudden when I was kicking the darn locker shut. The pain was piercing, it was so so so bad and frightening because I never felt such feeling before.

What if I'm going deaf? Maybe I hubbed too much.


Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Conclusion after the staying over: It is tiring and is not actually effective enough as the next day you'll end up feeling so zonked (as kok yeow would put it, (@_@) ) so much so that in the end, the next day you kinda cannot work. Guess everyone has experienced such feelings before.

In the end, sweet Mr ahhh so cute drove me and Ping home and we skipped Marketing. Funny how we skipped IE for marketing test and skipped marketing after IE test the week after.

Slept the whole day away, actually, from 4 to 8 only la. Then couldn't fall asleep after that. Slept at 2am, and tired again today. So stupid.

Going for the Standard first aid course organised by The Red Cross Society to be a touching Aegier even though the course clash with my birthday

At the end of the course, you will be a certified first-aider, equipped with skills to render first aid in times of urgency. Topics covered include tending to wounds, fractures, burns, individuals who suffered heart attacks and others.

Pretty nifty eh.


What is Aegis?
A project by a group of students to construct a building to be used as a Learning Center for the Development of Local Wisdom.

The Learning Center will be used by the local community:

• To provide education for those who lack opportunity in the formal education system and for those who want to resume their studies.
• To develop the process and system of child-centered education, have an opportunity to do classroom research, and have activities for the students to learn from real-life examples.
• To learn about real-life situations and work by the students and the community.
• To build the learning experience, jobs skills, real-life skills, agricultural skills and work-study experience of the students and community. Also, to encourage the students to learn by themselves, to go through the whole learning process from beginning to end and be able to apply their knowledge in real life. The students will have the ability to gather information and do research themselves from media sources, local wisdom and government agencies.
• To build cooperation between the school, the community (people with local wisdom) and the government agencies for the development of their lives and also for the development of the basic principles of education.

Date: 3 Dec – 23 Dec

Location: Rang-Jor-Ra-Ka School / Village 10/ Ban Pho / Sena / Ayutthaya / Thailand

So what can you do as an outsider, to help us?

We are selling Tshirts to raise funds for the project. And we need your help. Teeshirts are sold at only $10 each, ranging from size 36 to 44. Do lend us a helping hand okay? Noble leh!

Monday, October 28, 2002

I'm in school! Staying overnight in school. Hiding in the 24 hour classroom which has only the 2 of us. Hee hee... Very cold.... the aircon can't be off.


But it's quite exciting although not very fun. And not THAT condusive with all the food and the laptop.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

It's Halloween. It's coming N-I-N-E, but I haven't decided to go or not to go for the party@zouk tonight. Ping refuse to go, I also duno why.

Jamie and her friends are waiting to see if I wanna go over. And I'd probably have nothing better to do at home.


I also dunno le!

How neh...

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Have been feeling lazier and lazier to update the blog. Nothing interested is happening in my life anyway, it's kinda the mundane and boring part of the semester where you slog for tests and rush through projects which happen to all fall around week 12-13.


But I have to talk about the happening new sport that I might just be taking up - WINDSURFING!!!

Went for this short 2 day beginner course at PA East Coast sea sports place to learn windsurfing. And boy is it fun! First day was bad, choppy waters that even the coach thinks is too much for beginners. So off we went to have good dinner at this grill and bar place in East Coast. Yummy!

Then Sunday we spent the whole morning trying to windsurf. I'm quite happy that I manage to sail quite a distance before falling off the board. But man I think I have seasickness. And you should have seen how clean the water is in East Coast. Both factors added together must have caused all the nauesous (can't spell) and want-to-vomit sick feeling.

Then we went for ice cream at MacDonald's and saw an ex colleague who is a fellow rollerblader the other time at the roadshow. Ice cream feels so great after being out at sea...

Anyway, for those who are interested in windsurfing, why don't you guys join me? I'm planning to join the club as a member. It's like what, 35 bucks for 2 years? Then you'll be entitled to rent the windsurf at 7 bucks for 2 hours. Much cheaper sport than wakeboarding and bowling too. But you gotta take up the beginner course I went for, which is only 30+ i think. Ask me for more details.

And here is the picture of the Japanese girls who came to my skool to perform in the Matsuri 2002 event. Stop pestering me Seh! :P

Shit. I went out and spent another $59 on clothes again!!!! And I din even go to school cos I overslept.

Update: Here's the picture of my haul, which I refuse to rotate the picture to make it inconvenient for all of you to see it. muahahhaa

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Late at night...
Trying to study...
For my tommorrow's test...
Fell asleep...
at 10 o'clock...
all the way till 2am...
Dunno a thing....
wan dan liao....
*miu miu*

Friday, October 18, 2002

Just wanna show off my *ahem*
powderful espanol.


Gracias para visitar mi blog frecuentemente.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Argh that was so embarassing!

I've never been japanese enough la.



And Ping and Cindy did not win the voucher!

All for nothing

double awwwwww

And poor Ping went there with drooping nose. hahahahahahaa

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Library. From 2 till 6. Tried to study. Almost fainting.

I have limited concentration span. I'm like dying kinda feeling. The vomit factor is here.

How do I curb it? Yup. I have to go town to destress. lol...

Just walking around should make me feel better.

btw, i'm hooked onto yahoo auctions. tee hee

View My Auctions

And i decided to post up some of the cable ski photos. but the homex knn always got error in uploading.
When my laptop hang all day long and show the blue screen, does it mean that it will probably crash soon?

There is always error with explorer, or winword, or sometimes icq. and it always causes that gdi.exe or something virus.

Chee Bye.

Opps. synapseman you got me into all the vulgarities. :P

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

just because Cindy gian peng the prize which is a 50 bucks sakae sushi voucher.


All for the prize, I have to go and shame shame myself.

Monday, October 14, 2002

98.7 sux

Isn't it getting worst? Jamie Yeo is a bitch, Carrie Chong is kinda act cute, Dan Ong is trying too hard, Rod and Glen are getting boring. And the Dick Thumbi (Godpa) idiot sux. Hate his voice. Ya, it was fun to hear them 2 years ago on the late night show with Glen, but it's getting kinda sickening.

And they play the same songs day in day out.

And there are far too many adverts.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

in polo tee, denim short skirt, adidas old school shoes. held tight onto my heineken while spgs' boobs bob onto me, and ang mohs grrrrooooove away holding on tight to their prey.

o u t o f p l a c e i was. techno they were playing. last minute rash decision after visiting the opening of housefly eyes with jamie, which was another last minute decision. almost got squashed to death and my digital cam doesn't have strong enough flash to shoot the fireworks nicely. !@@#$%^%$#
decided to chill somewhere with vernon, jamie's friend, and somehow we ended up there. the outside was cool though, nice environment beside the Singapore Drain... oops i mean Singapore River.

Had quite an okay time just talking about life and stuff. And observing the surrounding. And once again stupid Singapore culture got into play and we were talking about the lifestyles in OZland and Canada and stuff, and how despite it being boring on the surface, I guess their family structure is much better, cos families spend time together, they can fish for abalones for all you care, but it's the ohana means family kinda thingy which Singapore kids dun quite enjoy, cos everything is like so ex that parents work and their sort of love comes from expensive toys and stuff. Kinda sad eh.

Then I was looking at the SPGs in liquid room, some try, some try too hard. Some ang mohs look horrible. Fat, ugly, smelly. But they are ang mohs, so well, technically they are a higher class, at least in LR, even though they may be outcast back home.

Then I saw a lesbian couple, both technically women sort. But they look kinda gothic, with a bunch of other lesbians who look equally gothic. Ping I was even thinking of interviewing them man. All for you. :D

Then we decided to go home.

Don't quite wanna go back there anytime soon.


Okay. It's technically wakeboarding without the hassle of driving a boat, it's this cable line running along the lake about 700metres circumference, but the down side is there is no progressive speed like a boat so you basically cling onto a cable and let it tug you along. getting the hang of it almost took all my strength man. I mean, falling off the board 15, 16 times is no joke. And talk about feeling demoralise. Even the school wakeboarders say wakeboarding is easier for beginners. Oh well, but I had fun, and sunburn, and lots of ache on my arms and shoulders. taking clothes off kinda took my life. sooooo achy. :D

Photos to be posted up when I feel like it. Too lazy to upload. The achy arms makes all little task 10 times harder. Tee hee... excuses.

I suddenly thought of the happening car friends thing that me and Jamie thought of some time back, where we will go out with 2 or 3 friends who are staying around our house and we will take turn to drive and go supper together. I came up with the nominees for the prestigious friends category:

confirmed list:
sometimes (pings) list:
Zhi Ping (cos she is useless anyway :P)
Ping (cos you stay too far away!)

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

The brief of my (unconfirmed) and ping's exciting life ahead of me
yeah la we are having identical life

this friday: cable ski at batam
this december holiday: build schools in thailand
next semster: ntu exchange
next summer holidays: work in USA
next next semster: University of Calgary, Canada

Back in SMU - 2004, January.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002


me: hello?
whoever: hi... your friend nominated you for the japanese lookalike contest. are you free coming thursday?
me: *wtf?*

Have YOU got the LOOKS?

Do you look like a Japanese? Or, do you dress like one? If so, we WANT you!

The SMU Japanese Appreciation Club is proud to present our very first Japanese Fashion Contest as part of the exciting event we are holding to bring Japanese culture closer to you.

If you think you can pass off as a Japanese on the streets of Tokyo, do not hesitate. Stand to win attractive prizes if you participate, and all short listed candidates will be notified.


Sunday, October 06, 2002

den den and matthew's birthday

it's my 2 darlings' birthday. they are 3 and 1!

SoooOOooOOo cute! woke up drowsy at 10+ in the morning after the lack of sleep. But i have yet to forget that IT'S THE HOLIDAYS!

and just to be useful, i decided to send yunhuey to school on her very important PSLE exams for the whole week next week. :D Afterall my parents deserve a break from all the waking up at 6am.

anyway, this is one of den den's friend. doesn't he look like a korean pop star? lol

den den was baby talking to me just now,

my dad: can you give me your present?
den: NO!
me: can you give me?
den: *ponders* YES!
me: why?
den: because den den like you! den den give you... SuRPriSE!
me: * awwwwww *

and when it was time for me to go home,

den: No!
me: why i cannot go home?
den: you no go home because den den love you
me: *awwwww*
me: i come back next time to play with you okay?
den: swim with me tmr ok?
me: tmr you go gong gong house
den: i dowan to go gong gong house! i want you swim with me. den den like you swim with me!
me: *double awwww*

Do you yahoo?

If you play yahoo games, specifically, super bounce out and collapse, you might have downloaded the trial version which gave you 12 chances of playing. but hey, you are damn irritated with that fact cos you do want to be able to play it forever and ever right? So you have to pay USD19.90 for a freaking retarded game that you somewhat got addicted to. what do you do?

Hui has the solution to your problem.

Key this details. if you have the game you should know where and what it is.

License Name: Jeffery Lewis
Bounce Out Code: 7466364D486867426B41
Collapse License Code: 544F474E56614D30566B

Viola! Your greatest aim in life fulfilled.

BTW, I've got a quiz done cos i'm bored. you can't access it here le, gotta request for me to email you to invite you in. do come and try lar, ok? leave a comment on the comment box WITH your email add and i will invite you over. :D and if cos if you've tried, test and proved the test, do tell me your feedback too! lol... remember not to hint or mention any questions OR answers okay? :D
It's 4:16 am. what the hell am i doing online?

well, i also dunno. i think it's the mocha spin's at 11pm fault.

larry came over in the afternoon cos i wasn't feeling SO well, which was why i once again lazed at home. but i really felt wrong. not very wrong. just a bit. anyway after that we headed separate ways, he to his jc chalet/ bbq thingy and me to join ping after her swim with kelf and jamie who was giddy from her japanese essay on "my brother", whom she described as kind, funny but ugly. (cos that's about all she knows in jap) anyway, she is like the epitome of bones and skin. dunno what happened to her man! kelvin thought she looked aneroxic, and i thought so too! i mean, she used to have a cute little tummy that wobbled just abit, now all i see is bones. so scary. it's not nice jamie, pls put on a little bit more weight pls.

anyway we went shopping and bought bags of stuff again, not for myself though. pressies. :D

but i bought this huge cube thingy that me and my sis managed to blow it up all my ourselves (and the bicycle pump which was useless anyway... how much air can it pump) cos i dunno where i put our squeeky yellow pump we used to pump our swimming tube (is that how you call it?) with. it's so huge, it's like those inflatable chair. picture's up. here it is

stupid ping and me were trying to find all sorts of things to decorate our coming-hall, IF we get one. but i even wanted to buy a da hong deng long gao gao gua, which basically is this kinda cool looking lampshade which looked like a latern. and ping thinks we are like... geylang. lol.. bought one photo frame as well, and a black flying sheep as a cushion for jamie to sit when she uses her computer.

am i lucky or what, cos at every stage of my life i manage to find THE friend of my life kinda thing, where we will behave basically like twins. :))))) and of cos, there will be other great friends whom accepts me as i am, and i accept as they are, despite all our dissimilarities. *awwwwww*

Fancy getting all so awwwwish at 4.28am. i must be nuts.

to bed, to bed.

Saturday, October 05, 2002

Muahaha... some stupid quizzes

What kind of porno would you star in?

brought to you by Quizilla

What (non drugstore) Makeup Brand Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

HUH? I don't even wear make up to school, although I apparently took pains to draw my eye for the presentation that was out of point. Hor, Ping?

I think I'm more like a
"NUDE. You should wear some clothes some time, like cover that blemish over there, oh and yah, this eye bag over here."

I’m so fickle minded. Remembered that I was so upset to stay home on a Friday/ Saturday night cos it’s meant to be like this BIG, happening day where you are suppose to chill out with some friends and see and be seen somewhere. But now I am actually very happy to have stayed at home the whole day.

Was intending to go roller blading but useless me overslept and woke up at like 1+pm. But but but.. it has been a pretty long week, and since thank God there was no lesson today (finally one Friday to sleep in) I just… had to sleep! Anyway disgust of all disgust we decided to go town to do some shopping cos Ping needed to go interview some transvestites for her ethics project, and we have yet to really shop for a long time, but Fe had to cook one of my favourite Green Curry chix, so I decided to stay home for dinner, and of cos, as usual, staying home for dinner would probably mean staying home all day. And that was what happened.

On Tuesday: of failed presentation and nice food

Tuesday was like the BIG day where there was 2 project presentations. We decided to spice it up by dressing up formal wear all ready clicking our high heels. Then it happened. Our project was out of point. We misinterpreted the question. That’s it, failure, redo. Weirdly we wun exactly upset and are quite happy actually. Maybe not happy happy, but just not unhappy. Anyhow. 2nd presentation of the day was successful, thank God again, and then we headed down to Suntec City to celebrate Miss Zhi Ping’s birthday. Ate at Fish ‘n’ CO. I think Zhi Ping was rather happy although there was a slight setback at the beginning, but all went well thereafter. I mean, just look at her.

On Thursday: of eventful day
Went for a ‘make up’ Ethics class cos I didn’t attend the day before. Was deadbeat ma. Anyway I knew I could go for the next day class, so why not yeh?
Stuff on my to-do list on my e-post it (available on download.com)
1. Go for ethics class
2. Pay up school fees
3. Force Ping to see Vincent to sign the drop (microecons) form
4. Hand up the drop form to Jancy
5. See Jason about exchange to NTU
6. Meet the Int’d econs group members for project discussion
7. Go for marketing class

No. 2 to 6 are to be done within a time span of 3.15pm to 5.15pm. My post it notes look so busy.

After school we decided to do a mini celebration of the mid term break finally setting in (YIPEE!) and we went to eat sinful Fifth Ave ice cream again. Shopped at Cold Storage and bought fish fingers home (and whine about not having a car AGAIN). After food we were going home but manage to take the wrong bus and ended up at Lil’ India, which we spontaneously decided, at the expense of our melting fish fingers, to explore the place and walked the whole stretch of Lil’ India. Somehow there isn’t anything to buy, maybe cos the stores meant for tourists are closing. We walked along the stretch which you always see as your bus goes by, and attempted to buy $4.90 spaghetti strap. Which we failed in the end.

Finally, we got home, tired, and that is the reason why I woke up at 1pm today. :D

Now I’m feeling a lil’ achy. It’s those you’re-going-to-get-sick-soon kinda feeling, and I think I’m running a slight fever or something. I’m like feeling cold in my already adjusted 2 degrees higher air con, And the whole day my tummy felt funny. It’s not the diahorrea kinda feeling, neither is it gastric, nor hunger, but it was like growling or something whole day, pretending to be hungry or something. And I felt like farting all day. Hiaks.. sounds a bit gross already. Okay stop. It’s not THAT bad but I hope I wun fall sick on my happy mid term holidays man.

BTW I clocked a total of <3 hours talking to Ping. And we realised we talk an average of 1 hour a day, apart from our meetings like everyday. My last dialled call is always her, I talk more to her than all my boyfriends I ever had combined! lol

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Of miserable project...

My International Economics project was totally out of point and the prof stop us from presenting further. We got to redo the whole thing. But at least he was nice enough not to mark us down on this and never give us a deadline to redo.

So upsetting.

*miu miu*

Monday, September 30, 2002


Today is my grandma's bday!
The whole extended family except 1 group went to Hotel Mirama (or something), the one near Zouk for dinner. My cousins are all growing up cute and pretty, here's just 2 photos out of the many many

This is eden, or den-den. She's turning 3, and very very playful. But she's so cute!

Family photo with grandma... too bad bruder is in OZland

Some photos taken in school on Friday...

When you put the photos together they actually look like motion jpeg. So amusing. :)

Saturday, September 28, 2002

esplanade is a beautiful place...
and i think it will be where i'd be hanging out quite often from now on. went there just now, but it's a little too crowded to be able to feel the place.

i remember looking at the boards with artist impressions of the esplanade at the busstop at esplanade itself when i was in jc. and i asked somebody whether he/she will watch me if i get to perform at the concert hall. and performing at the concert hall is one of my greatest wishes then, but coming to smu of cos disrupted that dream.

why? cos smu got no band ma. but of cos it offered me more in other senses.

kinda miss those days... to think of it, i never knew i could commit to something that... committedly. and by that i mean attending band practices faithfully every wednesday and saturday for 2 whole years. and secondary school too. that makes 6 years. there went my social life. or maybe not, since i'm all day long skipping school in jc and is in town on most weekdays.

the greatest fulfillment of them all is to be able to perform in a 1200 seater auditorium with almost full house, and having friends out that supporting you, cheering you on even if they are not the band kinda person, but is just there for you. such a good feeling that is.

sigh. the good ol' days.

suddenly feeling a twinge of emotions in me, spinning 360 degrees like a washing machine, but there isn't much that i can pen down, or say type down in this case. i feel like going out for a breather, but then i don't think dad will allow me to drive. especially i duno where i am going, and it's like 12 mn.

and i can't help with that sickening feeling. and i just feel like eating ice cream. weird eh?

i want to break free.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002


In class today Austin (the prof) was so happening. He allowed us to decide what topic to be tested on, and the kind of question to be asked.

Whether we want those plain ol' vanilla flavor questions, where you mug mug mug and regurgitate regurgitate (think: NTU! lol) and you pass, or you want those exotic rum and raisin with cookies and cream kind of question, where you can poke fun at the Singapore's media having ONLY 1 official newspaper and stuff like that.

Of course, I raise my hand up high to exotic. It was especially so when I heard Austin saying

"exotics are for people who study very little but still do very well"

and my face lit up. Now THAT'S my kinda questions!

The ratio was about 15 vanillas : 25 exotics.

Strangely, the foreign exchange guy from Copehegen (think: Calsberg) raise his hand to boring ol' vanilla. I thought ang mohs would want those kind of question. But I was wrong.

In the library now and almost done with my BGS research term paper, so I think. So many deadlines at the same time. So suay ah.... Now going to start my Int'd Econs research.. *grinds teeth*. That's the aim of today. Tommorrow will be Micro Econs day, plus more IE.

Thank God to make it up for my whole day of library staying, mummy and papa are coming over to bring me to Orchid Inn Copthrone Hotel for a happy ala carte buffet! *slurps* Okay I will go gym too!

Tuesday, September 24, 2002


Managed to catch a free flick yesterday evening cos there is this guy who already bought his ticket, and then found 3 tickets on the floor, and so he decided to give it to us. So heng. :)...
Watched SO CLOSE. It's a pretty okay thing to watch since it's free, otherwise it's not a show I'd spend money on. It's those girls kick ass charlie's angel kinda show...
Zhao Wei is really not fat... but then it's kinda miserable to try to look thin beside the other 2 co stars, that are like - totally fat free. Hiaks.. and a spoiler here - Zhao Wei's a lesbian!

Dreamt of some kick ass dream that must be as a result of the movie. Can't quite remember the dream now, but I think it's kind of spastic one...

Whatever lar. :D

Kinda miss my camera... ZHIPING!!!

Anyway check out my other half's site.

Sunday, September 22, 2002


I'm dying in this class. And I can choose to drop it. Dropping it means I will get a W in my report in the end, but if I don't drop I may risk a F cos I'm like really dying.

It's week 6 now. Should I give up? Or should I perservere? I have till week 7 to decide.

Pros: Shaun asks me how bad can a module get if you really study, and he offered to teach me and answer my questions to his best abilities. It kinda sound stupid to drop when you have a near-genius to assist you, but then again I don't know whether I should take this risk.

And it's not like my stats module, which my prof sux. This prof is nice, enthusiastic and really cute (not the handsome cute but the cute nerd cute), the way he talks and laugh at himself kinda thing. Those awww nice man kind.

Cons: failure = F = bad G.P.A. And from the way I understand his class it is not THAT impossible to fail... cos I really dun get it!

Worst of all, the reason why I am thinking so hard is because it is not a compulsory module, just a stepping stone to my double major.

How? Please give me your 2 cents. Or 3, if you wish to.

btw the haze is real bad, i can smell it
If you read the Lianhe Zaobao there is a small article on the bad bad point of being a hubber.
Cos when you are a hubber you use a lot a lot of handphone talktime.
People who talk on the handphone frequently has 30% chance higher to get tumour.
And I am one guilty party.

It's time to stop hubbing (so much)

Anyway I was watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and though it was the 2nd time already, still think it is quite good. It's one of those shows that ang mohs will be mesmerized by, but I'm just.... cool. It's good, but not good enough to get all the oscars.

Anyway why did Zhang Ziyi decide to jump down in the end ah? I was thinking? Is she guilty?

Wanted to go somewhere to carry latern, but in the end I was at home. Grandma came to eat dinner and then continued to stone. Never do work never go out. Sian...

Today also...


borrrriinnnnggg le

Friday, September 20, 2002


Okay. A Friday night is no big deal. Stay home. So what? Been doing that for a while. What's life anyway? But fuck, I suddenly thought of like... L.I.F.E of a typical undergraduate. Isn't it about staying back in school till wee wee hours because you are organising some camp or some party? Or else maybe at least trying to mug? An occassion drink at a bar maybe? And hanging in town with your friends to catch a show?

I seem to be growing old. I did ALL of that last year. I stayed back in school to do work and to play, I went town everyday, almost. I went to sunset bay almost every saturday, and clubs twice a month.

But nowadays, I don't. So don't my friends. Why ah?

Another bloT of GhEE (8:39 PM) :
haven't been going to town for a while

Fu Sheng (8:42 PM) :
wow thats quite unbelievable la
hearing from you...

That was one of my town kakis, who is now serving the nation will all pride and glory *lol*

Don't think our lives changed so much because of him also. Anyway, although we never go town and stuff, we don't quite study a lot either. So what have we been doing?

Stealing/ plotting to steal daddy's car out to drive.

That's all I can think of.


WHY so cham Ping?

After much hesitation (and a bit of tears) I decided to give up on my collection of coke cans. They are just too troublesome to keep. All the dust that accumulates, and it's heavy to move around the room. I still like them a lot though. :`( But I've decided to stay true to just the glass bottles sorts. Well they have less variety but oh well nevermind. :D

Anyway, if you got any friends who collect coke and want to buy or you want to buy them from your friends, do mail me effy@funkygrad.com (I dunno how to do the hyperlink lar!) okay? I've got some pictures but you want then i send to you lar. Or else a can for a bottle also can.

BTW I've got like 150 cans from all around the world. Korea, Japan, Canada, Middle east, China, US, UK, SG, OZ, Malaysia, Thailand, France. It's almost a you name it I have it thing. kakakaka

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

This is a chain mail which tried to force me to send to 7 people within 1/2 hour. *sheesh* But I really thought it's nice, and so I'm posting it up here.


1. Falling in love.
2. Laughing so hard your face hurts.
3. A hot shower.
4. No lines at the supermarket
5. A special glance.
6. Getting mail
7. Taking a drive on a pretty road.
8. Hearing your favourite song on the radio.
9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
10. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer.
11. Finding the sweater you want is on sale for half price.
12. Chocolate milkshake. (or vanilla!) (or strawberry)
13. A long distance phone call.
14. A bubble bath.
15. Giggling.
16. A good conversation.
17. The beach
18. Finding a 20 note in your coat from last winter.ang bao from last year which you lost.
19. Laughing at yourself.
20. Midnight phone calls that last for hours.
21. Running through sprinklers.
22. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all.
23. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful.
24. Laughing at an inside joke.
25. Friends.
26. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you.
27. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.
28. Your first kiss (either the very first or with a new partner).
29. Making new friends or spending time with old ones.
30. Playing with a new puppy.
31. Having someone play with your hair
32. Sweet dreams.
33. Hot chocolate.
34. Road trips with friends.
35. Swinging on swings.
36. Wrapping presents under the Christmas tree while eating cookies
and drinking your favorite tipple.
37. Song lyrics printed inside your new CD so you can sing along without feeling stupid.
38. Going to a really good concert.
39. Making eye contact with a cute stranger
40. Winning a really competitive game.
41. Making chocolate chip cookies.
42. Having your friends send you home-made cookies.
43. Spending time with close friends.
44. Seeing smiles and hearing laughter from your friends.
45. Holding hands with someone you care about.
46. Running into an old friend and realizing that some things (good or bad) never change
47. Riding the best roller coasters over and over.
48. Watching the expression on someone's face as they open a much desired present from you.
49. Watching the sunrise.
50. Getting out of bed every morning and being grateful for another beautiful day.

Monday, September 16, 2002


Today was quite a happy day I think? Had Microeconomics lesson and the teacher was so so so so nice. He is those Mr Nice guy kinda man, where he is so so so so so sweet to us and so worried that we cannot understand him, and the subject. Which we really don't lar. Sent him an email and spoke as though we were on the werge of dropping his modules already. Still a little like that, but really more like staying on cos i think somehow if we perservere we can do it one. It simply takes a lot more effort. It just gets on my nerve because it is not a compulsory module but I chose to do it cos I wanted to double major. Hope I won't live to regret my decision.

Miss Lee Ping took Daddy's car out.

1st place we went was fifth avenue's nice ice cream place. After a satisfying small serving of ice cream (Peanut butter & pink grapefruit & belgium chocolate) we went across the road to eat nasi briyani. For more info you can just click here lar.

r that we decided to pick Miss Zhiping up from Nanyang Technological University Canteen B Wee ??? ??? Library (where the *** is that?) lol... I also dunno. And she, also not very useful, never quite explain where it is.

"It's at canteen B lor..."

As non-NTU ethusiast we of course would not know/ can't be bothered actually to know where is canteen B. Thank God for Mr Leonard he told us exactly the way there, except that we turned like about one whole big round. Overall me and Miss Ping have been awarded the know-NTU-campus-route-very-well-gold award. Went around NTU and laughed at all the roadnames of the school. It's so so so amusing to find out the creativity of the roadnames.

Nanyang Drive
Nanyang Crescent
Nanyang Way
Nanyang Road
Nanyang View

I was just thinking as NTU expands further (saw some construction going on) it'll probably put their creative juices to a huge test for road naming. As if it helps, I came up with some brilliant names.

Jalan Nanyang
Lorong Nanyang
Nanyang Street
Jalan Labu Nanyang
Nanyang jie
Nanyang lu
Nanyang Centre
Nanyang Central
Nanyang North/ South/ East/ West
Nanyang Town
Nanyang Side

Anyway amazing Ping manage to park her car at home safe and sound. So proud of her. Her driving isn't as bad as most people think. Really.


Thanx for the ride ah, but please don't drive tmr.

Friday, September 13, 2002

I really tried reading the notes. But I still cannot figure out what is going on.

Think I will fail my microecons. So difficult, all the equations are killing me.

Thursday, September 12, 2002


what were you thinking? :P

I'm talking about all my workload. BIG SIGH. It's the 4th week and in fact coming to an end, and nothing is done about my projects. And so many are due so soon. Yucks procrastinating again. Hate it.

And I'm going to have my marketing test in about 2 hours time. Chapters 1,2,3,5,7 and I am on chap 5 already. Taking a break, having a kit kat. Don't quite know how to mug, and how marketing quizzes are like. If need to memorise then happy new year to me, cos all I did was to read up.

Marketing - quiz later, presentation in 7th week for mini project, big project thereafter.
International Economics - presentation in 7th week, test just over.
intermediate Microeconomics - assignment due on Monday and I dun understand a single shit.
BGS - small presentation tommorrow haven't prepare mini project not started big project haven't think of title individual term paper not started at all, due in 7th week.
Ethics - always sleep in class.

wah biang S-T-R-E-S-S

and dunno which idiot said

"oh so you decided to go smu because you wanna go through uni life being very relax right? i mean, 15 hours of school per week only. part time course ah"


Just a question for you guys. If there is a teeshirt website featuring teeshirts of the likes of Bugis Village and other small tee shirt designer's tee, all available at the click of your mouse, do you think you will ever buy online?

Tuesday, September 10, 2002


So exciting...

Yesterday I drove my daddy to the airport with Cindy, cos Poor Miss Cindy's laptop died on her, and she had to hand up something important, so she flew to my house at 11+pm. So cham. She have to reconfigure her harddisk and according to Larry, the CIT is really kinda kok up one... Apparently they can help her to backup her files but they just say

err, we do not provide this kind of service to the students."

At the expense of important assignments? Must complain to the school soon.

Anyway ya. I drove to school. :D

Monday, September 09, 2002

Some silly test...

What is my spectrum?

I am red: My main color is red. This means I am goal oriented. Success is important to me. Achievment is the marker of a great life.

What is my spectrum?

My Romance Meter

Optimist 50%
50% Cynic
Close 59%
41% Distant
Long Term 43%
57% Brief
What does my romance meter read?

Sunday, September 08, 2002


Just uploaded photos onto my computer so I might as well post some photos up.

Just to let you guys catch a glimpse of what I bought, here's my 2 teeshirts and a trackpants

and this is me and Cindy. Look at the flora flowing skirt I had on. lol.. bought it some time back, nowhere to wear, decided to wear to school, forgot going adidas sale, wore that for the sale.

So inappropriate. lol


We were studying very hard in school yesterday.

That's my cosy mugging corner

A mat to lie on when we are tired, complete with our little pillow & I-LOVE-SMU bar

This is econs... sobs. So difficult

Ping on our tatami mat trying to study Int'd econs, I think.

Saturday, September 07, 2002


Zhi Ping insisted that this looks like me and her. Look at the first photo to your right hand side.

Look like meh?

This is so COOL... danny created this.

(Sing to I will Survive)
At first I was afraid
Now I'm petrified
That I can't keep my GPA
of two point five
I spent all those stupid nights
I was chillin way too long
And that was wrong
But now I know I must be strong

And now they're back
They are in my face
I've got three finals and two papers
to be done in just five days!
I should never have gone out
And I should never have partied
'Cause now all this work I have
It's all piling up on me!

And I must go
to the library
To do research on those papers
And study harder than before
It's hell, I'll tell you that
and you know it's not a lie
But I can't crumble
I can't lay down and die

Oh no not I!
I will survive
If I keep a two point 0
At least I'll be alive!
I've got five more days to live
and I think my brain will give
But I'll survive
I will survive
I'll survive---!!!

Friday, September 06, 2002

I BOUGHT...a lot @ the adidas sale

for myself
Superstar I old school shoes in blue stripe size 5.5.
Tee Shirt I
Tee Shirt II

for Papa
Polo Tee

for Larry (and he is paying half)
Superstar I old school shoes in blue stripe size 8.5.

for Michelle (but she must pay me back lar)
old school shoes in orange shiny stripe size 4.5

Overall wallet damage: $263

We came
We spent
We (are) broke


From Ping's blog, here is her haul

and our haul combined power, Cindy, Cindy's sis, Ping, Ping's sis, Hui.

Mine... don't dare to post lar. Paiseh. :P
and tommorrow too.... :(


Adidas will be having their sale at Singapore Expo Hall 2 from today till Sunday. I will be going down later... hopefully there will be good buys. *hee* Somehow I have this very bad feeling about spending money for unneccessary things like I did at the nike sale, anyhow anyhow buy also can spend 150 bucks the other time. Hopefully... I will be smarter lar.


Thursday, September 05, 2002

but not quite lah

Life is so not fair. Some people have to go through so much in life while others have everything under the sun provided for for them. So sad. I know if you guys were to comment, you will just say

"what to do, life is lidat one mar".

True, lah.

But why must it be so? Why must some people have to find means to get a roof over their head, and others are just not happy enough with their hi-fi set and buy a new one.

Anyway, I am feeling miserable over project too. I hate my group. They are the most miserable and lazy bums I've ever met. And they are snobbish, over what I also dunno. There isn't anything for them to be proud of, except their differences in... okay I better not start.Fucking Stupid idiots.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates. WOMAD photos coming up soon.

Saturday, August 31, 2002

I think I am going to WOMAD tonight!

WOMAD Singapore Back!
August 5, 2002

Singapore -- The world's biggest music festival WOMAD (World of Music, Art and Dance) is back in Singapore from August 30 to September 1. This is the fifth year the festival is running and with last year's 16,000 visitors, the festival in Fort Canning Park is definitely something you shouldn't miss.
WOMAD Singapore 2002 festival will be presenting 14 groups from 14 different countries. Artists include Lucky Dube (South Africa), Badmash And Shri (UK), Rizwan Qawwali (Pakistan), Temple Of Sound (UK), Trio Mocoto (Brazil), Inti-illimani (Chile), Sally Nyolo (Cameroon), Rokia Traore (Mali), Bob Brozman (USA), Rene Lacaille (Reunion Island), Takashi Hirayasu (Japan), Dreamcatcher (UK), Apsaras Art (Singapore), Chartwell Dutiro (Zimbabwe), Sekon Keita (Senegal), Ben Badoo (Ghana).

The festival was founded by rock icon Peter Gabriel 20 years ago, and over 138 WOMAD festivals are presented in 21 different countries today. The groundbreaking festival has a reputation of introducing more unknown artist to a wider audience "before they get famous." Artists like Asian Dub Foundation, Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, Neneh Cherry and Youssou N'Dour are all part of the WOMAD family. Don't miss this opportunity to discover new talented artist before rest of the mass!

Event details as follows:

Dates: August 30 - September 1, 2002
Times: Gates open at 5.30 p.m., performances begin at 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Fort Canning Park

1-Day Adult Pass: $30
2-Day Adult Pass: $48
3-Day Adult Pass: $72

Concession for students and senior citizens: $22
Family Pass for 2 adults and 2 kids above 7 years old: $80
American Express Card members get 10% off 1-Day Adult passes. Groups of 10 get 10% off 1-Day Adult Passes

All tickets available from SISTIC and selected tickets available from some Starbucks Coffee outlets and all HMV Music Stores.

MTV Asia is the official music channel for WOMAD Singapore 2002.

Friday, August 30, 2002


somemore i am not doing anything. lesson ended ages ago. played up for the windsurfing course, hung out at the gym and ran a bit did a bit of workout. bathed and and ate horrible tasting slice fish mee sua that looked like crap (Ping's hair) and taste like crap too. then went to the library to print out notes and have been here ever since then.

somebody complained about our domesticated roomie room. !@#$%&

wo men yao ban jia le


supposed to go to zhiping to pei her but then too many things to do, although it's actually not much. Haiyo... confused me.

quite tired. took a cab to school cos i was almost late for the meeting, but ended up reaching the earliest. what a waste of my $8.40...but it only took 15 minutes. was dreaming of driving to school.. but then again.. it's too ex lar. if i have the cash i rather spend it on exchange program than car. car is something we can buy when we grow older, but experience is something which we can never buy... the experience of going there as a 20something.

ok that's enough for the day.

Thursday, August 29, 2002


Already decided to give up the module. Now very happy looking at the bowling video clips that we made yesterday during training.

Click here to see one of mine. This one is from the back view.
This one is from the front :D
It's 1mb plus each so you have to wait a bit if you are a poor 56k dialup like me, but of course, I am on powerful powerful SMU wireless lan now lar.

Here is Michelle's. And here's Michelle's. AGAIN! But it's quite ugly lar, dunno why she wanna post.

Stay tune for new and improved version next week, when we train again lar.

I decided to drop the module liao.

But I think Michelle is angry.

I feel very bad.


But it's not right to take a module for someone also.

Moral dilemma.

What if econs sux too?

I hate the freedom to choose system suddenly.

I am so disgusted with this module. Yucks yucks yucks. I dunno how to explain. I just detest it. It's such a

turn off.

It's call management science. *vomits*

I mean, I really dunno why I have such a BIG reaction to this, even accounting wasn't so bad. I have just one more day to decide whether I wanna take this module this term anot.

Unfortunately this is one of the core subjects so its compulsory. But then, I really don't feel like doing it this term. Really really really dowan.

The problem doesn't lie with the prof. She is very nice, in fact, she is too nice. The problem lies with the module itself.


I like machiam change my mind all day long. Today I decided I shall do a double major. Since honours is so difficult to get, just look at the kiasu people in my school. Getting a 2nd lower or 3rd is as good as not getting one. I mean, not that I don't want. I'm just more realistic. Anyway, double major doesn't have a lot of additional criteria which a double degree have, which, despite the fact that I am interested, I guess I'm really not up to it. That's the least I could do to have an edge ( just a small one ) over other business degree holders.

Is thinking of what to do if I don't get my QM. Probably intermediate microeconomics. Must call up our friendly course director to ask him.

And I suck at bowling.

And for those people who are kaypoh to look at my bmw pics, just click here, login as effigy, password bmw.

Monday, August 26, 2002

Sappy Love Story.

Once upon a time, there were 2 humans. One is Sprite, and one is Coke. Sprite and Coke were lovers. They still quite love each other, but somehow things just don't seem to meant to be. Sprite belongs to the Western Society, and Coke is the Far Eastern sort. They find it hard to communicate.

Sprite's aim in life is to beat 7up, and Coke's is to beat Pepsi. Their lives seem to be heading in different direction, despite the common identity (of being made in the same factory by the same company) Sprite has his own set of ideas on how to beat 7up, and that takes up a lot of time. Coke need to beat Pepsi, and she need to spend time too. It seems pretty obvious that whenever they meet up, all Sprite talks about is his strategies of beating 7up, afterwhich he will be too tired to speak further or act as a boyfriend like he used to, before 7up came into the market. And Coke, has already been tired enough having to plan how to win Pepsi that she would just like someone who can be nice and sweet, will be unhappy.

Then they will quarrel and quarrel and point fingers and scold and scold and point more fingers.

The cycle goes on and on. They get busy the whole week, meet up for a while and quarrel and point fingers and scold and scold and point more fingers.

But yet, at the corner of their broken hearts, they still feel for each other, although they are all battered, tired and looking a lil deform.

So how?

Don't ask me how. I waiting for her uh ohs to tell me more. *yawns*

Hums Tell Laura I love her....

Psst... Coke wants to be diet coke, but she is overweight! lol
I suddenly have this inspiration to do well this term. I am not someone who study hard. Frankly, I don't study at all, all my life I scrap through major exams, fail class test and prelims and play all day long. Don't ask me how I manage to do it. I really don't know. Somehow my life isn't very happening either, so I don't seem to boost anything. Some people may have played all their live and somehow really enjoyed and learnt something, even if they failed their exams and stuff. Others mug all their lives have no time to play but at least have academics to boost. I'm nowhere. I don't feel sorry for myself because I enjoyed my life so far and they are good memories. All the ponteng sessions and naughty things I do still never quite fail to awe people when we have some kopitam talk cock session. (got EEF for my 'A's prelims) But suddenly, I just wanna get As.

The last time I had an A was like O levels. No As in As. In SMU, I've only gotten 1 A. For Creative Thinking module. It's still good, it's an A for a module, but suddenly, I want more!

Yet I'm not going to scream out loud here that I'm gonna get ALL As, cos although it wun be a all-talk-no-do thing, but then again, leopard can't change it spots. Or rather, it takes time to change mar, man also took time to evolve. So I am giving myself a challenge. Or a semester resolution:

Thou Shalt get 2 A this term. And no D. No C.

awe inspired hui signing off. tee hee

Sunday, August 25, 2002


Yesterday: Spent Saturday at home and had some house calls from 2 very important people in my life. :D Was kinda stone and not much but I guess it was quite okay. Ping and I tried to learn breakdance from Larry and I just cannot do it. *sad* Fe keep saying we have to know how to do the split before we can ever breakdance. lol. Ping and I made our own Nihon-style Curry Chicken and it is nice!

Speaking of Fe, who has been my family's maid eversince I was in K2, her mum is quite sick. And she is very upset. Let's all pray for her mum okay? Apparently her mum tried to ask her back last week, and just now her sister kept smsing her to call back and all that. So worrying. Although I have never really known her mum, I know that she is really quite an amazing and nice woman. Haiii.... life...

Went out with mummy for the whole day today. Papa went to watch the Yonex Sunrise match and was showing off that he is an invited guest and no need to buy ticket to go and watch... lol... I manage to find my way from Indoor Stadium to OG @ Bugis Street through all the road signs making few (negligible lar!) wrong turns only. Shopped at OG with mummy but I ended up buying a skirt myself. The kind of typical black skirt that I never own and what I guess will come to good use during presentations. Ping I no need to wear my leather skirt liao lol. Then we went over to Bugis Junction and mummy bought a top and I bought 2 new bra. Ate at this old family style chinese restaurant after picking Papa up and is back home safe and happy after a family Sunday.

Wonder what we will be doing tommorrow while the world is at school. Shall we play badminton/ swim/ gym/ rollerblade? I shall try to be consistent in my studies this sem (as I always vow to but never succeed for the past 2 sem) and at the very least read the relevant chapters on the textbooks that are lying on my shelf. In fact I shall do it after reading this, and I will go and print out the notes later.

I suddenly want to bowl very very much. I just peeled the dead skin on my thumb off, and it looks quite okay already. So next week I can go for training. *Sigh* But training is really so damn expensive. Bowling is so expensive.

Friday, August 23, 2002


Answer: Okay. But I don't quite like the environment as much as before. Too many people. Too many people I cannot smile at, or have memory upon. Too many freshmen. Too many poseurs. :(

1015 hours to 1330 hours. International Economics. The teacher is quite a nice guy, and it seems interesting, but quite tough. Must buy textbook soon.
1715 hours to 1830 hours. Marketing. The teacher is quite nice too, and it is one of (the only?) the subjects that I think I will enjoy a lot. Cos... it's marketing. And marketing is my kind of subject.

marketing clan, compliment of ping's new canon ixus v2. *winks*

0830 hours to 1145 hours. Ethics and Social Responsibility. B.O.R.I. N.G. But somewhat interesting. Can't blame the prof. How exciting can ethics be? But it is just very GP-ish, so other than having to read more and do all the term paper it should be okay.

1015 hours to 1330 hours. Quantitative Methods. Unconfirmed course. Never go for lesson. :P.
1715 hours to 1830 hours. Marketing. Interesting. Was having discussion about Levi's. Me and Ping's fave

0830 hours to 1145 hours. Oh God I hate morning lessons. I was so dead and tried to listen and concentrate and succeeded for a while. Quite a while. Found out that just nice the modules I'm doing are quite interlinked. Goody goody.

Went swimming after that. Swam many many laps. 34laps? Or to ping, is 17 laps. LOL. Ate sinful fried dory fillet @ Ficus Bistro for lunch.

And I missed Bowling cos my thumb havent okay mar. :(

Thursday, August 22, 2002


Dunno what is the big fuss but I think I'm applying for local exchange program next sem. If i get it see you there! lol
Then fall 2003, I'd apply for Canada, University of Calgary. So ONE whole year I wun be @ SMU. lol

So exciting... and I missed QM class today. :D Cos why? Overslept lor.

Watching movie after this entry... going for marketing class at 5.15pm. Mebbe go swim again tonight.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Man rapes girl on Bombay train as commuters watch

BOMBAY - The rape of a 13-year-old girl in a suburban train in Bombay in the presence of five commuters has shocked police and raised questions over the safety of women aboard late-night trains in India's financial hub.

In the incident, which took place in the last train bound for Borivli suburb last Tuesday, drunk labourer Salim Khan allegedly assaulted the mentally-disabled girl in a second-class compartment.

The crime was witnessed by five commuters, including a Times of India journalist.

'There were five of them in the train. All they had to do was to pull the chain in the train or shout at earlier stations such as Malad and Kandivli where the train halts,' said railway police commissioner Rakesh Maria.

Journalist Ambarish Mishra said he tried to stop the rape but gave up when he was threatened.

However, he and another commuter later caught Khan at Borivli station and handed him over to railway police. --AFP

Beyond description. :( The world is so sad. 5 people watch in horror... why couldn't anyone do anything? Is this a "some other peoeple will help one lah" attitude we have in this world?

Saturday, August 17, 2002

I went bowling training today. Has been a long time since I last bowled. About at least a month or so. Thank goodness I still can bowl a bit, but it was very unstable, the way I bowled I think. Inconsistent, more like it.

Money money money. Everyone in the team owns nice bowling bags, 2 ball bags, 1 ball bag, trolley bag, shoulder bag whatever. And mine is the only one that is just a improvised school bag that has rollers. But somehow I am not very affected, neither am I really ashame of it. Afterall I only paid a like 30 bucks, whereas a trolley bag cost up to 200 bucks. I used to be very affected by brands and stuff, and if there is anything good about recession, it thought me how not to spend so much money. :)

Anyway I hurt my poor thumb and my skin dunno went where. lol

After bowling me and Michelle ate sinful KFC. We bought a 3 course meal and Michelle had this tactic with getting sure-win for the scratch and win card. So we won another 3 course meal which we can eat next week. kakkaka

We felt disgusted with ourselves after that and decided to go swimming! So for the 2nd time in 2 days, I went down to Serangoon Swimming complex. One thing I don't quite like about public pools is its always so freaking crowded. And not only that, most people dunno what is call give way. Plus lots of seconday school hormones raging boys that are always at the corner of the pool dunno whatthehell they doing, making a lot of noise and peeping at girls or something. But too bad I'm too poor to own any club membership. :~(

And i swam 15 laps! :D + yesterday 10 laps!

Thursday, August 15, 2002

I realised I updated a lot of times today. Hmmm... anyway, just came back from a ride to school to pick up the tickets dear ol' Cin left uncollected in Eiliang's locker. Opened up my locker and saw the familar mess. Took home my thermal mug as it will be replaced with a new Standard Chartered one I took from Standard Chartered (duh). Was thinking of the things to bring to school on Tuesday. Have to go shop for packets and packets of Milo and Mochas for the early morning daze. My (dad's) NAN DA JING SHENG jacket, which, although absolutely inappropriate to wear in SMU, but wattheheck. ;) Some cup noodles, and of course my laptop.

Anyway, as I was driving, I picked up a call from distressed Kenny, who was my freshie at OBS. Apparently the sotongboy wanted to drop 1 module but somehow he dropped all but that module. Add/ Drop oso blur. *faints* Wanted to laugh but din dare to cos I think it's stressful enough just to think of the kind of feeling he is going through. Hopefully the course director will help him. (TECK KIANG!)

And as I was on my way there, near Oei Tiong Ham Building, there was this small white fluffy dog that is so stupid! He (must be a male) saw the light coming, and still run right across my car. God i almost killed the dog. Stupid dog. I thought all dogs were quite streetwise. Anyway, dunno what the dog was doing there at 10pm lar.

Me and Ping would probably go to JB on Monday while everyone start their school term. I HAVE NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!!!!! muahahahaha

SMU Bash tmr @ ChinaBlack.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

I am using the computer downstairs and it sux! The other time when there was some glitch thanx to the idiot to created the cherobyl virus (CIH) my da da was unable to change the colour back to normal. I know that I have to find the color card and install it or something. Nonetheless I can't be bothered for now since the computer is going for some upgrading soon. Am actually helping dear miss little sister to download icq on the computer so that she can talk to brother. Such nonsense excuse kids come up with, and adults like me just fall for it/ pretend that they fell for it. And there is a regulation that kiddos under 13 cannot have icq. So amazing... but then again how can you ever check and ever know about it?

Yun Huey you are an illegal user!

Didn't go for Judo training yet again for like the 20th time. So sorry Ping and Cin I truly wanted to go but in the end got so frustrated I just wanted to stay at home to rot. Please forgive me....

Feeling fat now. Ping swam and went for Judo and I rotted at home. Later shall go cycle around a bit to run some errands also.

1. Pick up the school blazer from Michelle.
2. Pick up the bash tickets from Cindy.
3. Pass Jamie her present.

Am tempted to take the car but perhaps a little exercise will help my pek cek mind now. :D

To dinner.
Read Sehsuan's blog and was just feeling a lil emotional. How long has it been since I last visited my grandma?

There seem to be like different phase in life that we experience with people whom we love and love us but we neglect.

Kiddo: Stay with grandma/ visit them every weekend. Play with toys and cousins. Have a lot of fun and memories and good grandma food.
Teenager: Thinks you are mature and too old to visit grandparents. That it is somewhat not an in thing to do, or just wanna be out with the happening group of friends on saturdays, and rather rot at taka square.
Now: Feeling guilty and sorry for the neglect.

And how much did I talk to her? Most of the time when I go there I was just sitting there watching tv. And even that made her happy. The fact that I drove my mum to my grandma's made her proud. She is so proud of us, me and my brother.

What kind of excuses do we give ourselves and to others when asked to visit grandparents lah, aunties lah, uncles lah. Too busy? Is it more like too lazy or just don't feel like it? Dread?

Sigh... Do we only feel it when that somebody is gone in your life?

I think I'm gonna visit her sometime this week b4 school starts. You guys should too.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Ping is 21
She went for her 1st makeover
She got 21 chupa chups for bdae present from her friend
She is not allowed to eat them.

Hui is still 19
She bought Ping the makeover
She bought crumpler bag for herself as a reward for working hard
She did not recieve 21 chupa chups
She thinks chupa chups is quite nice but too fattening to eat.
esp when there is 21 of them.

Saturday, August 10, 2002


Suddenly in the feel sorry for myself and regretting things in life mode. Otherwise known as PMS. Periodic Mood Swings, that is. Not the premenstrualsydrome.

What was your greatest regret in life? May be small things, may be big. If you wish to share then do.

Friday, August 09, 2002


Went to fix up my laptop, which was having some problem with my ventilator. Brought it to the fujitsu service center and it turned out that there is a small insect which died inside and that resulted in the silly fan not working. Haven't realli found out if the problem is fixed since I haven't made my laptop hot enough to ventilate.

Of all reasons, I thought what happened.

So funny.


Thursday, August 08, 2002

I don't feel like you belong in my life anymore.

It's the usual once every 4 months ritual where I will step into the salon to colour my hair. Feeling adventurous and perhaps sick of my 109-la-mei look (as Cindy put it) with all the ash blonde streaks I simply point point at some dark blackcurrant ribena inspired looking color on the color chart as a base colour and some dark deep red and brown as a highlight. Voila! I look just like a red freak now. The supposed ribena colour seem to have diluted into the ribena we drink. ( I was looking at the pre-diluted color) and somehow the deep red which the guy promised

"will not be very red one... cos ur hair may not absorb well"

turned like... well... RED.

All red. No brown. Perhaps, like 1 streak of brown. No ribena.


Now I look like a guy who I always make fun of, especially when everything of his seems red. And unfortunately, I seemed to suffer from the same post-coloring sydrome. I went to U2 and picked up a RED. tank top.

How miserable can life be.


Latest mood: RED.
Latest postcoloring sydrome haul: Mango pants . U2 skirt . U2 spags