Saturday, July 19, 2008

opportunity cost

getting hitched is one of my greatest joy (after all it is the greatest guy ever), tho having said that the opportunity cost that comes along with it is not the easiest to swallow.

like how will i be able to accept a job overseas that requires me to stay for not a month or two, but at least a year or two to see the branch office grow? it's great opportunity in a city that i will love to live, and i can experience starting up, which will not be a bed of roses, very challenging, but it could be fun, and definitely very very satisfying. but at this point a week into becoming a missus, it's a bit tough.

shrugs. life as an adult is all about making decisions isn't it? i am just at the beginning of this new journey of compromising and giving things up. when i have the little ones of my own, i betcha there will be much more to give up for, and when one looks back at the mid twenties times, will think, aiya, what small sacrifice was that man? look at me now....

while all this adultish decisions and ideas are real annoying, i guess in a large way, i'm glad that at least i am no longer a spiteful 21 year old, and have more capacity to look at things in a brighter, wide opened light. still not enough, i know, still years of experience to becoming more and more woman, in work and at home, but at least i come to acknowledge, and is no longer the i-think-i-know-it-all. seriously, teenage years are the hardest to live through, all the i'm old enough to think and look back in simply a few months to realise how childish he/she has been. so painful to watch, but so forgivable. i'm glad i survived and now look forward to the things in life worth having a cheer about.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

10 more days!

Felt like the biggest of all achievement when I finalised the venue and dinner menu yesterday. (Apparently we paid for the deposit and didn't even sign the contract and the banquet manager was quite appalled!)

"What about guestbook? Wedding favours? Where is your dress?"

"...... erm ......."

*rolls eyes*

Like what Ping said - it seem all too adultish and not fun. Like, choosing the tiles of the house, the floor, the colour of the kitchen and even the lights has already been a feat - our house is almost ready ok! But about the dress... I'd go find it today! How, no black no this no that.

And I have to find a wedding favour that represents us:

C: eat a lot, love pork
H: loves travelling and shopping

The conclusion came up to something of the likes of air pork, which I dismissed immediately.

How har, anyone got any idea where to find this favour within 10 days? hehehe

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Whilst having the typical dinner with M in the typical girls bitching and gossip session (very late because of work again!), this kaypoh guy who was sitting near us eavesdrop into our conversation while she was talking about her experience with English boys who did not understand that being Chinese doesn't mean we come from China, he popped in to boast about his psychology degree and his take on the situation. Definitely uncalled for. Obviously he concluded we girls must be thirsty and will join him for a drink, but what his psychology degree did not teach him is that women do reject man who eavesdrop and break the bitching session for NO APPARENT REASON. And that even though he thinks he is charming to slide in on us in mid sentence, he isn't. Really.

He then proceed to ask about our occupations, made comments about it, asked me where does a sale take place (as a sales person - his answer was his finger pointing to his brain) taking the opportunity to boast about how he can do 5 times better than Asians, and life is more than about bitching about weird boys who pick us up in Europe. Which of course explains why he is currently on MC nursing a mild stroke which was due to stress (I should really be sympathetic, but my lack of EQ disallows that). Indeed indeed, life is definitely more interesting to him than bitching about weird boys who pick us up in Europe. And he even wanted to comment on my relationship status, having seen the ring on my finger, and asked me why did I choose to get married, when was the last time I said I love you to him. Luckily even with my apparent inability to answer the question about sales properly, I could shut him up by saying it was exactly 16 minutes ago when I last said I love you and I am marrying him because I love him.

Honestly, I think that the confused bloke who don't understand that Chinese may not technically be from China has a better chance of snagging a girl with that pick up line than his psychology degree and him telling 2 asians he is 5 times better than asians in sales.