Thursday, June 29, 2006

housing bluez

tmd. the girl that was supposed to share room with me gave me the erm erm thing now. and i am going to be evicted this weekend.


so now how? all the houses i have been looking at and looking for are all double rooms.


so pissed. i'm sure in the end something will work out and i will find a fantastic room with nice roommate and nice house (hopefully) but now i just have to be pissed.

i have 2 freaking days to find the perfect home. and don't have money to pay for deposit. i dunno how man. but i'd sort it out.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

growing fat

I think I'd start to grow fat. After the (lack of effort) losing weight. Which I don't think it was a lot anyway. Now that I started working, I take the bus everywhere. I no longer walk cos I'm in my heels. I also discovered the wonders of Chocolate moouse from Tesco. It's yummy, rich creamy chocolate that is so smooth and melts in your mouth. And it's only 69p for a pack of 6 (very small ones - which is good cos one a day ain't all that bad).

And cos now I have so much exams to study for, I need comfort food. And i find it in Kit kat.

happy monthsary

Of leaving SG. It will say 3am on my post but it's still 8pm which is still 27th which was the day I left Singapore.

It has been the most exciting month of my life (actually I can't really say if it was really better than that month of backpacking 2 years ago) but I guess I've never been to so many places in so little time and did so many things.

I went to

Thailand to shop
Munich to visit Alvin
Frankfurt to visit Dominik
Rome to visit xxx
in 2 weeks, and

London to find a job
Liverpool to see the stadium
Stratford upon Avon to watch Shakespeare
London and found a job

all in 30 days. And I should be moving out to a new place over the weekend. So exciting.

But now I have to focus on my test after test. Failing will lead to being boot out of the job and for obvious reasons I really want the job.

But the training manual is as thick as any textbook we used in Uni. SIGH. Back to school.

So study I have to now. Ciao.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The italian penalty

Oh Aussies I feel so unjust for you. You put on a good fight, and had so much ball possession. You tried so hard, and the penalty wasn't even really justified.

But alas that is the beauty of the game. Human flaws because humans are flawed.

Oh Totti oh Totti, if you appear in my face, look at me with that intense passion you had in your eyes before you kicked the ball, I will just melt into a puddle of melted gelato. Or just float right up into the sky.

Watching it in a pub with my multi national colleagues wasn't so good an idea. When the scored I screamed out loud in joy and the Aussies just had the saddest most disappointed look in their face Even the English mates felt sorry for them. I felt guilty feeling happy about their loss.

But c'mon man. How can Italy not make it to the quarters? Let alone be knocked out by the Socceroos?

Impossible lah.

I love the World Cup. It makes my loneliness less obvious because I can just spend hours watching it. And before long you realise oh its 10. Wash clothes, iron clothes, shower, pack, make sandwich for lunch, write journal, study for test or go online and it's time for bed.

P.S. It's probably old news, but don't you realise you get treated better when you are nicely dressed in a suit? TMD STUPID SUPERFICIAL HUMANS! (but this is such a great excuse to dress up and look great)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

At one point tonight (now, actually) I got so pissed off staring at the green white and red flag showing when I click CALL on skype that I really thought this is it. I had enough. Either he comes to the UK, or I will get another fucking freckled Brit-ish man.

And I waited till 1.32am to call. But the Vodafone woman told me in Italian that the subscriber you're calling cannot be reached. KNNBCCB.

TMD. I fucking had such an fucking awful day, and I am here willing to fucking pay the 50 cents per minute to whine and I fucking cannot get through.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

I cannot decide between being an underwriter or an AE.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I realise how sucky the time difference is. When I wake up in the mornings, I barely have time to be online. And that is 2pm at home. No one's really online. By the time I get home and log on, it's 3am and no one is online again. I try to call people and they are asleep. And I do miss you. If only we could chat.

The only other call I can make is to Italy, though after these 3 months of struggle I am still struggling to wiggle myself out of the situation, especially now because of the extremely expensive IDD calls despite the geographical location.

Anyway my life is starting to settle down a bit. I just need my "permanent" home and I'm all settled. I love my first day at work. It's quite intensive with too much information thrown at me, but I like the idea how they EXPECT you to be intelligent. And I am working with a bunch of smart ass people. I've never really been in a company like that. I mean no offence really, but it's different when it's with a bunch of energetic twentysomething graduates plus some seniors who are even smarter. And the work in intense, but I will learn quite a lot from it. And pocket quite a reasonable amount of money, and add proudly to my CV that I worked for the largest financial institution in London.

And the fact that I can wear my very corporate looking clothes (without sweating like a pig), strut down the Central London CBD area where a lot more people are in suits and feel important. As it gets colder I will take my trench coat and boots out. Did I also mention I bought a leather jacket.

I am truly happy and have not regret for one second my decision to do this. I do miss home, but this is truly remarkable. And it's crazy to see how many people do this (Aussies, Kiwis, Americans) but Singaporeans don't. I cannot speak how much I am benefitting from this because this is all just starting, but I am so proud (and I cannot help but be haolian about it I'm sorry) that I am doing this and everything is going on well. I'm happy. And I know that you are happy for me too.

Weather: Chilly at about 17 degrees

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates

But I've been writing plenty emails to you guys. So, any unfortunate souls unfortunately forgotten who wants to be added into my mailing list, give me a buzz. You know how to get me. If you don't, then you don't deserve to be added into my mailing list do you?

Short and sweet for the sake of the forsakens:

27th May - Cry cry bye bye at the airport. Made my way to the land of smiles.
28th May - Ate like a pig in Bangkok. Ate all the asian food in the world I could think of.
29th May - No cry bye bye at the Bangkok airport. Made my way to the land of sausages and beer. (Funny the connection. A Thai asked a German if they have water in Germany, since the phrase "Germans drink beer like water.")
Thais and their poor English. :p (Don't beat me)
30th May - Munich with Alvin, my new found friend who kindly slept on the floor and gave me his bed.
31st May - Still in Munich
1st June - Munich. Nyphemburg castle.
2nd June - 2 hours from Munich at a fancy castle with name almost unspellable. If spellable, unpronouncable. Try then you smart ass. Neuschwanstein.
3rd June - Munich - Frankfurt. Met Dominic, my German friend I met from Bangkok when I was on exchange in 2004. Stayed at his very pretty house.
4th June - Played tourist. Driven around. Shiok. Played bowling with other exchange students from European Business School. Kinda odd but it was fun.
5th June - Mainz to Rome on Ryanair, budget airline. Reached at night, stayed at a hotel that cost 100 Euros per night. And it's not even that nice. Lucky I didn't have to pay.
6th June - Met Jing Zhong at Vatican City with his friends.
7th June - Ate more gelato
8th June - Pretended to be part of a Korean tour group with all the aunties and kids and just blended in with them and thus cut queue to get into the Vatican museum. The queue was at least 600m long (I am so not kidding)
9th June - 1 hour from Rome, stayed at an Italiano house and ate more mozzerella cheese and bread and pizza and pasta in my life.
P.S. Italians don't eat their pasta with spoons. They use fork and knife.
10th June - Kissed Rome goodbye, and forgot to bring my heart along.
11th June - London west end. Watched my first improvised comedy.
12th June - Attended interviews
13th June - Got hired
14th June - Took the night bus to Liverpool
15th June - Accompanied an excited boy to Anfield
16th June - Wasted 6 pounds riding the Tube around London playing tourist and snapping pictures
17th June - Said hi to William Shakespeare's grave and watched a Japanese adaptation of Titus (fantastic)
18th June - Said bye to William Shakespeare and watched a (boring) historic play in the Elizabethan (or is it Jacobean) setting with everything supposed to be of the exact replica of Shakespeare's theatre in the 16th century with the exception of spotlights (WTF) and seat cushions for rent at 1 pound each. Actors had to shout loud and in turn spit quite a bit of saliva. Ate at Chinatown. CHINATOWN!!!
19th June - First day of work, and liking it so far.

I made a A Photo a day keeps the doctor away folder. I don't really know how long more can I upkeep the folder since now I am starting to work and will no longer have time for interesting pictures, nor even bring my camera out really.

So here it is.

Have fun viewing it. And checking on it frequently to see if I updated it. Because if I update it, it means there is a high chance that I'm alive!

I know a lot of people are so jealous and wishing they are in my position. Honestly, as much as I really don't wish to gloat and be so haolian about this whole thing, and there are lots of cons which I don't want to say here (for example, a plate of wanton noodles cost S$18, no maid to wash my clothes, cook my meal, make my bed, no friends who calls me, nobody online when I am like now cos it's 7am in Singapore, no boy to make me happy and keep me safe), but I have to say this.

I AM FUCKING IN EUROPE HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE. (or will soon have the time of my life)

Come beat that.

*snigger snigger*

Sunday, June 04, 2006

from today on...

I decided to indulge in being loved.

I suspect it will be a sweet sweet thing.