Saturday, November 30, 2002

Watched 2 movies today.

Mr Deeds and Red Dragon.

End of exams but feeling stone. Tired I guess.

And leaving on the jetplane in 2 days.
EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 29, 2002

after downloading the hounds of spring from kazaa...

I kinda miss those days, where Alfred Reed is the most happening guys around and fellow bandsmen hum to their own instrumental parts in public areas shamelessly loud.

BAND101. @NIE.

Must take it when i go for the exchange next year. For passion for love. For credit for grades.

BTW, ZhiPing, I downloaded like a library of band songs in 1 day. Beg me la, then I burn for you.

Psst, Yunhuey might be joining Cedar Band, thinking, thinking.

Whew wee! Exams are 3/4 done. So glad. But the last paper is kinda the one I dread most, cos I attended 1/2 the classes, and the other 1/4 when I'm there, I'm busily typing behind my laptop - of funkygrad forum, of yahoo auctions, of SMU forums, of yahoo games, of blog. The other 1/4, I listen. I think.

Today's PSLE results day, and my dearie ol' sista did well. Up to her expectation is more than what is required. So hopefully Cedar Girls' here she goes. Papa gleefully volunteered (me) to drive her to school everyday. God! How many morning classes do I have next year? 2?

To reward the small girl, brought her to bowl. And gawd does my bowling skill sux after not training. My ball freaking don't hook at all, like so paiseh in front of all those secondary school kiddos in the other lanes, own shoe own ball play like crap. But thankfully my 7 and 10 spare is still there. Hope is still around.

Mental note:
Accept Mr synapseman's jio to bowl.
Turn up for training.
Don't paiseh myself at IVP.

Anyway I'm kinda all excited over the expedition. But my bag looks small beside Ping's, whom had apparently dumped her stupid 65 litre bag into the back of the car and mummy scolded me for the smelly bag. I have no idea how she is going to collect it to pack. But before that happens I'd throw the mass tins into her bag for her to carry, since her bag is SO BIG (and ugly!)

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I realised that I've wasted my money buying the monthly bus concession pass this month.

Out of all these days which I go out, half the time I take cab, one quarter I drive, the other quarter I take bus.

Anyway, woohoo, Micro is over over over! And I'm feeling really fresh cos when I reached home yesterday night, I slept. When I woke up this morning, I studied for an hour and fell asleep again. Then I listened to Phantom of the Opera over twice, then left for school..... in a cab. AGAIN.

*money flies*

But still, I'm feeling good all over even though there is a freaking IE paper tommorrow morning. Cos it's not as end of the world as I thought! Thank God for that.

And I sold a pocket watch, and bought a Les Miserables CD. Profit! Profit!

Anyway, my sleeping bag got stolen. Don't know which freaking prick stole it.

Monday, November 25, 2002

Okay I have been in school for like 8 hours. Out of which, 6 hours I have been sitting here.

What have I achieved?

Marketing textbook a few pages.
Tried to make some notes on the slides.
Realised I have never heard of some of the stuff in the slides.
Wondered and wondered and realised it's because I skipped class.

Fell asleep.

Woke up, ate at Trung Nyuen with KY.

Came back.

Fell asleep again.

Surfed the net, went to yahoo auctions like... AGAIN.
Mishi came, helped her find her BBQ venue thingy @ the amazing But gundu still duno where. lol
Did every other thing except studying.

Waiting for nightfall and daddy to pick me up. At least I'd feel useful for the day.

Meanwhile, Oligopoly here I come!

*stressed... NOT*
I'm stuck in school
Cos I borrowed a book which I have to return by 0930 today, otherwise it is $3 fine per hour

In the library
Shivering in cold
Forgot my jacket


I hate the exam period

Sunday, November 24, 2002

What the fuck am i doing online at 6.32am?

I don't know.

Have I been studying?

The answer is no.


No urge no kick no push no drive. Study what crap?

Anyway, my latest haul at yahoo auctions is a Les Miserables VCD! Yummy! Only $16. What a good buy!

And I saw this carebear beanie collection that I actually quite like, but freaking at like $260 for 8 stupid beanies. Daylight robbery. But then, damn cute la. Hee

If I get someone to buy for me from the states, USD5 x 8 = USD 40 = SGD <80. But who will help me buy? :(

Friday, November 22, 2002


What else? Exams. Blogging seems boring nowadays with my mundane life. The clock is ticking away but I'm just so lazy to study hard. Watching Survivor...

Poor ping's laptop is now undergoing organ transplant. Apparently the hard disk has failed to function.

Anyway, I must stay at home on Sunday to watch Amageddon. Despite the fact that I've watched it, like, 3 times.

My take on my results (if i continue to study VERY HARD from now till next week exams)

Intermediate Microecons D / C
International Econs B (-/+)
Ethics C / B
Marketing B to hopefully A-
BGS B- / C+

Wednesday, November 20, 2002


Alright the birthday wasn't too bad afterall. Went for the Asian Food fest @ expo with mummy and papa and ate a lot, went over to Orchard to meet up with ZhiPing, who gave me a nice CD for pressie.

Then went for my First Aid course in the evening. Tommorrow's the TEST. SCARY! If fail means must pay another $10 just to retake.

I must, i must, I must PASS!

Whole lot of 6 went over to my place to pick up the car and then went off to east coast to have a good meal, only to realise the stupid place's kitchen closed. :( Went over to ONYX @ Siglap where Mr Teng came too, food ain't too great but overall alright la.

After that we roamed around the whole east area trying to find a place to go just refused to go home.

Silly. But overall not bad. Got an m(phosis dress from the 5-os as a pressie & 2 tshirts from jia.

Best of all, is my Singing in the rain musical ticket pressie from Mr Liu! *cheers*

Enjoyed the show today very much, but regretted wasting the whole day figuring out what to wear. The whole wardrobe was like, on my bed.

*I'm singing.... in the rain...*

Monday, November 18, 2002

found an old friend who blogs and I dun know. anyway, stole the quizzes from him. :>
The Band Quiz By Rahel

Narcissistic:Very High

-- Click Here To Take The Test --


I'm never really happy, happy during my birthdays as far as I remembered.

Last year I wailed at Zouk. This year is fine til now, but just feels.... nothingness.

Saturday, November 16, 2002



Woke up late. Intermediate Microeconomics B. *sigh* But nevermind.

Then heard the bad news that hey Prof is going to fail those who din turn up for his stupid BGS lesson yesterday, so I went to get MC. :> And went for my Typhoid jab too, for Thailand trip, since I have to jab anyway soon. And at the same time got some medicine for my mucus and phlem.

Now feeling groggy. Ate food but can't quite taste it. Mummy say waste money, can't taste the niceness anyway. Quite true.

Exams in exactly 10 days. Kinda freaky. Haven't even finish the BGS report. How?

Got 4 exams somemore.

Kinda stressed now. Quite excited about Thailand trip.

Still very groggy. Sentence structure seems.... groggish.

Friday, November 15, 2002




4 down 1 to go!

Poor Shaun was so stressed he looked like he was going to swallow the whole light bulb. Alamak, everyone around me looks stressed. SMU - Stress maintenence university.

& 1+ weeks to my exams, and a few days to my birthday!

Anyway, heard some grandma stories about couples making love in the school showers. *scandalous*

The idea of bathing together sounds sweet, but sweet only when both got good bods la, otherwise... err.. a bit turn off when meats flab while scrubbing backs or something.
Oh but well anyhow, who cares. :P

Thursday, November 14, 2002

yucks mucus
is here to stay. My nose has definitely lost weight from all the running man! Sucks.

Received a birthday card from my dearest brother who is @ Downunder. Just realised he always reads my blog. Oh no he must have seen all the vulgarities I've scolded. I'm sorry! :(

Will take a photo of my nice card tmr, but hey he asked me to
"Have a diet free birthday"

Is there any hidden agenda Mr Chong? *grrrr*

Anyway, quite glad that most of my project is done. Just left with my BGS! Gambateh!

& yeah! just a few days to my birthday!

Monday, November 11, 2002

Hey guys check this out!

Sex in Games: Rez+Vibrator
Fucking cheebye

I've been trying to log onto the internet since 1.30pm and guess what? It's 3.11pm, and wow I'm finally in. I tried everything, log on to singnet, to starhub, to starhub, to starhub, to singnet, to singnet, restart comp, pull out the telephone wire, threw my handphone on the floor, pulled out a couple of hair, screamed at my sister, and voila!

I'm here

I'm too pissed to talk man. Just as I have to rush like fucking how many projects poor little miss dialup had to play hide and seek with me

Hiaks I bought my nice new huge backpack for the Thailand trip already. Went to some Chinatown shopping centre. Bought the cheapo cheapo sort which well, of course is inferior in quality, doesn't look THAT nice and have a funny brand call Beverly Hills Polo Club (huh?) but whatever! It's cheaper, and I'd just use the money I saved on the bag at Thailand.

I bought the 75 litre sort but it somehow looks smaller than the other 75 litres deuter and lafuma sort. So I decided mine's a 65 litre. lol!

Went for the jab for tetanus (or something) and either my fats on my arms are too extreme, or the nurse simply can't jab. I've got like blue black on it and it hurts quite bad. Surprisingly Ping's one doesn't have. So unfair.

I'm hungry. Better go sleep.

Sunday, November 10, 2002


The village I'm going to @ Thailand... is flooded now! Let's hope by then it'll be fine, otherwise God knows how to build a building on a sampan.

Anyway I'm officially saturated. My puny brain, i mean. So totally packed filled with rubbish.

Friday, November 08, 2002


1. BGS presentation is over, and it's erm, alright la.
2. We had free yummy, healthy, fat-negligible & packed filled with Vitamin C YOUGURT! Cos the yougurt auntie was the same one @ my beach party and she recognised me. As a token of appreciation it was on the cendor! Yipee!!! Poor, heart-wrenched/broken Ping was not remembered. But nonetheless, nice auntie gave her the free yougurt. Don't be too sad k? *looks beside me with loving eyes*

That's it for today.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

cough cough cough

feeling sick

and sleepy too

want to buy stuff from me? go to my yahoo auctions ok? :>

Monday, November 04, 2002


Raging from the heat of accountancy block group study room.


Can't the school just sort of understand that it's like DUH the 12th week of school and of course everyone will come to school to rush for most assignments that are due this week and next?


Everyone is dying... it's so hot here. *fans fans pants pants*


And I have to stay here from 9am all the way till evening. *cries*

mood: fuming mad

Sunday, November 03, 2002


Okay I'm not exactly obsessed with him, but I watched A Beautiful Mind twice within this week, and I am still not sick of it. And SMU is offering a module called Games and Strategies devoted to his game theory and its application.


Not ready to be as mathematican and economist as him just as yet. Will take it in my final year or something I guess. So stressful man.

And I kind of decided that I'd probably go NTU in my 3rd or 4th year. Just think that life will be a little too happening for me if I go Thailand a few days after my exams, then come back and in a few days go to NTU, then the next sem fly off somewhere else. It just sounds... a little too happening. Let's save some fun stuff (if it ever will be) to the final years, otherwise my next 1.5 years will be miserable doing all my major concentration and core modules.


And I have been struggling to be an ethical person and trying to complete my part for the ethics project. Damn stress lah, all the projects are due within this week or next, plus my 3 times a week first aid course bogs me down further. Kind of regretted but well well, can't cry over spilled milk. Being a certified first aider somehow sounds quite cool to me. lol.

I have a bad feeling I will be collapsing sometime in these 2 weeks so better sleep as much as I can for now. :(

Okay that sounds a little too dramatic, but you catch the drift.

Friday, November 01, 2002

I'm feeling kind of down.

It's the i'm-at-a-low-point-in-my-life feeling. And I can't explain it. I don't know, just... feel this way.

Should I go over to NTU next sem? I do want to know how it feels to experience the whole hall life shit. But was just wondering would it be kinda weird and a little sad and out of place to go in the middle of the year, like going at the 1st term probably means going through their sick orientation a bit and stuff. But then again that sucks, and there isn't such a chance until like... year 4? Now that doesn't sound right too. You don't want to leave your school in your final year to experience some hall life. And I can't go in Year 3 1st term because I want to go for overseas exchange in the fall/winter sem. Having a white Xmas is more kick than a NTU hostel life.

It's time for me to select my modules for next sem already. So fast.
I felt this sharp pain in my ear all of a sudden when I was kicking the darn locker shut. The pain was piercing, it was so so so bad and frightening because I never felt such feeling before.

What if I'm going deaf? Maybe I hubbed too much.