Monday, June 30, 2003

Ping is booking the tickets to Thailand at this very moment for all of us. Most likely going on 14th July to 20th, which is from Monday to Sunday. Going to some beach, Ayutthaya and Bangkok. Gonna visit the villagers we knew from our YEP trip last December. Hee, quite exciting.

Afterall, this holidays haven't been any exciting. Apart from going to Batam, that's about all. Worked, clubbed, shopped, very typical.

Anyway, after a looong exhausting almost non-stop work of 2 weeks, finally! Have time to watch Charlie's Angels with the girls. 3 girls watching somemore, isn't that cute

Anyway, I've got black hair now. Should I color it?
Yeah! New template and new comment box. Hopefully it wouldn't be milkless again all the time. :D

Have been working for the past 2 weeks. Practically non-stop but the job satisfaction level is pretty high. At least i can pride in saying that the work is reasonable, the colleagues are fine and so is the pay. Furthermore, it can become a permanent part time job for me, like whenever there are roadshows on weekends and all I can still work for them during school time.

and, best of all, it is unlike my other jobs which had either high pay low job satisfaction or low pay low satisfaction, and ALSO had yet to pay me still for months and on already. The company is this event company which I shan't name since the boss can sue me. Apparently we worked for them in April and till now our pay is not in yet. When I said I'm going to the MOM to complain, then they start to panic a little, but yet the boss still think the ball is in his hand when he say MOM process takes 2 months and all, so he wants to do it without going through MOM. Please don't work for them, unless you don't mind getting your January pay in June. Know what I mean? They come up with lotsa excuses, client haven't pay them la, no written records la, etc.

Photos will be up when Ping sends them to me, and if I am free la. Lazy.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

I bought a pair blades. AGAIN.

After some thinking I decided to sell that pair of blades off. If you got any friends that are looking for a pair of X-trainer (which means basically a more serious recreational person/ fitness), I'm letting it go, size 6.5 (for a normal size 6 to 7 shoe size person), for $330. It's retailed at like $469 in skateline as you can see from HERE. Spread the word around for me okay?

By the way it is absolutely brand new with tags still attached. If you need the specs, here it is:

Liner: Customfit liner (Thick padding shaped at arches)
Linkage: Sensi link + airvent
Lace: Quicklace + strap
Shock Absorber: Twindriver + full shock absorber
Frame: PowerArch 2 DR120-270mm (DR120 is the higher end one!)
Wheels: Salomon X-TR 80mm 78A (wheels are bigger than usual, considered the size for speed skating.
Bearings: Twincam ABEC 5

Feel free to advertise it in your blogs okay? Kakakakaa. Thanks a million.

Monday, June 23, 2003

My mummy told me today she was listening to some radio station discussing on how people do not offer their seats to the elderly/ pregnant women. So as usual, 38 aunties and people who don't have much to do call in to voice their views. She said there was one caller who saw a pregnant woman (P1) giving up the seat to another pregnant woman (P2). And when P2 told P1 "You're pregnant too!" P1 said, "Your stomach bigger, so you sit la!"

And what did the rest of the bus/ MRT do? Pretended to be asleep/ busy/ simply don't care.

And what that caught her attention and totally digusted me was this caller who said,

"Why must pregnant women get to sit? You know, kids come home from school, very tired one le, they need to sit and sleep and rest in the bus. If the pregnant woman not tired, then don't sit lor!"


What is the world becoming man!

Friday, June 20, 2003

Post of the day

Apart from the stupid Blogger, life has been pretty good to me lately, if I decide to be contented with life.

I am having this job that is quite enjoyable, will have a little bit of money, so that I can go to Thailand again!

My application to NTU is granted, and all my friends who applied got in too. Now I can look forward to a memorable hall life experience with them. :D

Thursday, June 19, 2003

I typed like a FUCKING long entry and it just went gone again.

Saturday, June 14, 2003

my first day at work(yet again!)

My current newest job is working for Starhub Maxonline & CableTV. A roadshow assistant, basically a sales personel, but without commission. Why? Cos we are part timers. Used to have commissions for part timers when they were SCV, but because of the merge, pay and commission must be similar, so well, we too cannot have commission cos mobile peeps don't.

And I closed 5 deals today! Yipee! Just a sense of satisfaction, and it was quite stressful. But quite a happening job. All the pushing and promoting is pretty good experience for me I guess, though I met some people who had zilch knowledge, some thought they were so smart and keep asking me about the protocol of the modem. duh

Just that sigh......

If the commission thing was still there....

I would have been $50 richer.

Bloody hell.


And I have 3 jobs now, technically speaking. Muahahahhahaa!

Monday, June 09, 2003

As we expected, we didn't win. Too last minute, never train and being lousy ourselves. Also, saw a few national youth squad people who joined. Well, it's allowed of course, but not very fair isn't it.

But it was great fun nonetheless, cheering like mad for the guys and experiencing the whole adrenaline of a competition. And of course, hearing the foul beep go off when I stepped on the foul line, 4 times. Bloody hell wasted my 30-over points.

Brought me to a point of make or break, whether or not I want to bowl competitive ever. One of the team member said this is the end of her bowling career and from now on she'll just use a house ball and bowl with her friends for fun. Her friends (and mine too) can never understand why we don't really want to bowl if we didn't bring our own ball. And it is quite hard to explain. Because it is customised? And she hates explaining, and now, once she has this mindset of giving it up, I guess she'd do fine laughing at stupid stunts and all. I share her sentiments.

Guess it is the same for every other thing. Even simple thing like Counterstrike, which I had played like once in my life and was quite happy. Laughed my heads out trying to stare at each other through the sniper's view, buying the most expensive gun and forcing our friend to run around while the 2 of us (each parked at a corner) will challenge to see who manage to kill him first. Stupid, silly things like that. Something you will never be able to do once you decided to go competitive or be serious about it. Like you will play strategy, and only want to play with your team and crap.

So if I'm to continue, I want solid foundational training, going back to how to stand how to release how to hold the ball. And be serious about it and really improve. Like an investment. Otherwise, just let it go and bowl once in a while for fun. Quit the team and be happy being recreational. No point having the name of being in the team and be half hearted and turn up once in a while, and will never improve.

So there, what should I do?

Thursday, June 05, 2003

IVP is back

Damn lame. After postponing it like forever, it's suddenly back this Saturday & Sunday. A little scary, I feel, since I haven't been bowling much ever since the last decided that it to be postponed.

edit: this post has been edited to prevent any forms of arguments. :D

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

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Monday, June 02, 2003

U of M/ NTU/ Lizard in Ribena

I din manage to get a hall in U of M. Currently am on the waiting list, and my Papa is kinda worried still about the SARS stuff, though of course we all know that Canada is out of the WHO list, but yet parents are parents and I don't blame him at all.

And well if I really don't get a hall, there is no point for me going. I mean, it's all about fitting in and feeling the feeling there. And if I have to get a house or something (which no doubt will raise the cost by hell lot), I will go to school and then return to an empty home, do my own laundry and cook my own food. Then I might as well stay where I have a home and all my friends. Going all the way there, I mean, the least is to have like a hall where I can interact with all the students and shit. And even if I have a housemate, so what? Get the point?

So there, if I cannot get the confirmation in time, and it drives my morale low, and my Papa is still worried, then I guess I'd just have to postpone my trip. Not that I mind really. I wouldn't mind going, but with the hall issue, which to me, is a big deal, I'm cool about a postpone. It's not like I can't go already. I'm not going there to study for good, so well I guess, a semster can be any semster. If it's not this, it's the next.

Meanwhile, I'd just go apply for the SUSEP (Singapore Uni Exchange) and stay in NTU Hall for fun next semster with Ping and Rose and Cin I think. I wonder if having me there makes life a lil' easier as the odd number makes is hard to decide who should be roommates with who. So there.

Anyway, I saw like this lizard which crawled into my Ribena and just died there inside. Yucks. I mean it's totally disgusting. Someone just forgot to close the lid properly. And it's the 2-litre bottle somemore, and I haven't even drank an eighth of it. Such a waste of money.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Well I'm back! For more elaboration of my trip, please refer to the well written article from dear Ping here. I'd talk about the bloopers.

Basically an eat and sleep trip and of course, smuggling Menthol Lights for friends across the sea back to Singapore because it is so cheap. Anyway, our dear friend seem to be super suey. I mean, it's as suey as it can get man. Everytime she tries to buy a pack (which is only twice), she somehow almost, or is seen by someone she know. And her mummy is one who will freak out if she ever finds out, I mean, we're just talking about buying. So well, it's a mystery to me whether all the risk to save a few bucks for other was worth it.

Scenario Satu: We were eating, decided to buy a pack from this hawker. Just as we are reaching the guy, her mummy appeared. How close a shave is that? It only take 10 more seconds of dilly dally and her skin was saved. Imagine getting caught buying it. She would perhaps be quarantined at home for the rest of her 3 months holiday.

Scenario Dua: Walked into a Supermarket to try again. I said go buy shampoo first, she say, go check it out first. We took the 2nd path and just then, her mummy's good friend walked past us examining. How ultra suey is that? I mean, how often do you walk past a supermarket and happen to look in to see a friend's daughter there. Exact moment man. If only we went to buy shampoo first, nothing. But of course, so far, no news of gossip. So let's hope hard for her.

Anyway, the interaction with Rose and her parents warm my heart as I feel even more grateful that my family is somewhat like theirs, very happy. Well we're not as crappy (cos thank Lord we don't have a member at home like R***) but its so cute how daughter will go out with Mummy, Papa will drive and feel kinda bored but it's his job and he is alright with it. We'll shop around and spend too much money and/or overshot our planned meeting time, maybe miss a reservation (or a ferry) and Papas will be hanging out at the hawker centre having a cuppa, read a paper or explore the area, and call up every 15 minutes to find out where we are, drop by to see our progress and feel bored and disappear again. Simple things like that makes a family very family I guess. It doesn't have to be big hugs and wet smacks on the cheek. It only takes supermarket and supper trips and cheery nonsense in the car to make a family family.