Tuesday, December 31, 2002

After some form of consideration I decided that I will be going to the NYE @ Esplanade. Not in the mood to go for NYE parties @ Expo or Sentosa.
Both places have something which is a bit wrong.

Expo is a bit too echoish and it being the first year, I bet there will be cock ups like Sentosa a few years back when they just started off. But then again it's MOS so it'll be not too bad. Good luck all my friends, who are going.

Sentosa is wrong because it is a mediacorp event. Enuf said. Besides, foam party ain't my thing.

Esplanade is quiet and nice. I can put my New Year's resolution on a balloon and let it fly, or hang my own art piece on The Wishing Tree. There'll be some Glass Orchestra playing and some gigs going on plus interactive arts activities. A different kind of NYE. Something I'd like.

Anyway my NYE was spent at Superbowl Marina South bowling the year away, and I walked off with the first prize lucky draw - a 14" TV. :>

Yup. What about yours?

Monday, December 30, 2002

My skin is peeling
Looks like sunburn
But not
Even my shoulders are starting to peel

What is wrong?

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Watched Possessions on VCD today. Found it a great show despite the fact that it is slow moving and I nearly fall asleep at a point. Also, the stupid laughters of the cinema which the VCD is secretly recorded is quite irritating too. But for something which I din pay for, it's a great way to spend my 2hours.

Went out to Orchard for the 1st time in about a month with Michelle. Haven't really step out of the house since I came back. Not like it was THAT long that I was away, but it felt a little strange, and somehow everything at Far East seems a little too expensive for my taste. Hiaks... I mean, the drawstring pants I paid $8 for is selling at $29.90. Of cos I feel that way. Which makes me wonder if I can make big bucks if I, too, bring in stuff to sell from Thailand. Then again, satuated market. Will see.

My long time ol' friend just told me he missed me, Ping and Zhiping when he was chiong suaing in his OCS course @ Brunei. *awwwwww*

Friendship doesn't come by easier. It was quite a miracle how well we could clique within that few days and weeks and months. Too bad for national slavery, and also for the unfortunate incident which did not involved me. Just hoping that 1 fine day we could all be like before, doing stupid things but feeling very happy about it.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

Today, I

1. woke up at 1pm
2. Ate lunch
3. Read newspapers
4. Fell asleep at WORLD section
5. Woke up
6. Watched Harry Potter (Chamber of secret) on VCD
7. Ate dinner after disc 1
8. Watched last episode of Unbeatables III (only watched 1st and last episode)
9. Continued watching Mr Potter
10. Ate supper
11. Came online

Such healthy behavior. :P

Thursday, December 26, 2002

I dunno what the hell I'm doing but I'm not asleep yet. Must be having the too-long-never-use-comp sydrome.

Anyway, just updated my yahoo auction stuff and replied to many emails. I really regret not buying more stuff back to SG, I mean, if I don't like them I can always sell them @auction right? :( Full of regrets. Here's the list of stuff I bought for myself at the amazing land of the fakos. Gifts are not included.

1. Fake Jack Wolfskin waistpouch
2. Fake The North Face duffel bag
3. Fake diesel jeans
4. Fake thought real for a moment levi's jeans
5. Drawstring pants
6. Another drawstring pants
7. Yet another drawstring pants
8. Monk's bag lookalike in black
9. Monk's bag in olive green
10. Monk's bag in green with some patternt thingy
11. Vintage 2nd hand Tshirt (x 6)
12. Abercrombie Tshirt (to be sold in the auction cos i dun like it anymore)
13. Corduroy mini skirt
14. Factory reject American outfitters shorts
15. Some Tshirt
16. Fake Banana republic teeshirt
17. Shades x2
18. Wacoal Bra (x2)
19. Curly wurly coke glass bottle
20. Iron on/ sew on badges
21. Adidas old school jacket (currently on negotiation to share with him)

Now you can sort of understand how I can spend SGD 650 @ BKK. But I really don't think it is enough. :(

It was long wasn't it? 22 days @ Thailand. Had anyone missed me? I'm actually feeling a little weird typing and updating my blog after I have been away from civilisation without a computer, internet nor handphone. And it actually felt great!

So what happened in the past 22 days?

My achievements!

1. helped construct building used as learning center for development of local wisdom at chaina-phattana school/ village 7/ sena/ ayutthaya/ thailand
learnt and mixed cement to create floor tiles

2. lived like a kampung kid cycling around the village, playing table tennis, captain's ball, attempted to swim in the river, fished

3. taught kids how to sing eldewiss, dance line dance and friendship dance

4. learnt how to say 1 to 99, pretty. intelligent, hot, water, cute in thai

5. felt like a celebrity when kids follow you everywhere and ask you to write your name on their little piece of paper and take photo with them/ by yourself for them

6. attempted and danced the thai traditional dance

7. got bitten by countless mosquitoes

8. slept on the floor for 2 weeks with many flying insects

9. cooked for 35 people

10. saw 4 shooting stars in 1 night

11. got stung by a bee

12. cried when i left the place for good

13. created enough impact for my fan club members to cry for my departure

14. went back bangkok afterthat and shopped like mad

15. am broke now.

16. want to go back next year

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Changed my mind and came to update again.

Had to find some stuff for Papa as well, so might as well drop by over here.

My bag is finally packed. It's like filled to the brim and yet somebody wants me to bring the Tshirts that I have yet to sold to Thailand. So ridiculous.


Anyway, forgot to mention the games I played @ Classic just now. After months of not bowling at all (and talk about training), I manage to suck quite big a time, giving very very fluctuated scores ranging from like 90 to 178 for 4 games. But overall it was a nice session with much laughter with Michelle and Larry and other team members, who came down after training, which I missed (again). But I'm getting all hyped up once again and there is such a desire to fight to play IVP - as a reserve! :P No no, as a participant.

Anyway, went for the TA (Teaching Assistant) interview, and for lugging that heavy ball and stuff I was late for the interview and after that I heard that the Prof hates latecomers. Somemore when she asked me why I was late, I gave the most nonchalant answer:

"I just couldn't wake up..."

When the interview is at 1015. Yeah 1015 sounds unearthly to all of us but well to the Prof, I don't know. But from the way I see it, it's a that's it boy. No TA for next sem.

Okay guys, so this is it.

Ja. Till 24th, we'll be together again dearie :)))

Monday, December 02, 2002

This is the last update I am going to do before I go off already.

Am feeling a little weird, like tommorrow I'd be getting out of my comfort zone stepping into an unknown area where there may be unexpected emotions I will feel.

But I guess it is a good experience.

Miss everyone. Will be back soon. On the 24th. :>