Monday, December 29, 2003

To a wonderful melody.

You may feel that all's lost, nothing's left
Nowhere to run, nowhere to go
You may want to hide from the world


Nothing has changed
Nothing is dark, nothing is grey
If you are brave.

To be brave when your heart is faint
To behave bravely
In times of such

Hand in hand, with me.
And she, and he.
We're all here for you.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Conclusion? Orlando Bloom looks great! Only in LOTR.

He really, really looks like shit in real life. Almost Justin Timberlakish. Sometimes even Beckish.

Don't believe? See for yourself:

Alamak look at his hair

Happy Boxing Day. Xmas was a simple affair in front of the goggle box with my dar. Watched LOTR1 on VCD to sorta recap to prepare for the LOTR3, have yet to watch 2 again as well. Thereafter caught Waterboys on Channel 8. Kinda miss those days when I was a kid and had real Xmas parties with a Xmas tree and with stuff turkey and honey baked ham. Not forgetting lotsa presents. Shall make it a point to have such celebrations with my kids next time.

Was a pretty eventful week @ Msia. Too lazy to type in detail, hiccups there were, laughters there were, overall a rather pleasant trip. First time on Msia trip with dar, with more to come. 6 was a hassle to travel at times, but we managed rather alright. Will never forget the Amazing Race wannabe at the last day when we ran for our lives to catch the bus back to SG. Hiaks.

Went for a band concert today, performing in one tommorrow. So last minute, wonder if we'd play as badly as the alumni did in today's concert. They were pretty horrible, with too many upper and middle brass, so little woodwinds and not enough lower brass to support the tenish trumpet and eightish horns. Imbalance and out of tune. Sigh. But it doesn't matter, I wasn't there for the music. I was there as a true friend, supporting her to support her darling.

And I bought some retro looking TOPSHOP top and a sweetish toga from MANGO. Shopping is a girl's best friend!

Monday, December 15, 2003

Chinatown. People's Park

Been working there for the past few days. Purposely transferred over to be with Rose (poor Ping is all alone in Heeren). Thought it will be as Rose says a place where "Birds don't lay eggs", it was true, we are busy probably like 1/3 of the time or less, but it turned out to be remotely fun. For one, we had great company and great IC, so we did stupid things like writing with our left hand the names of each other, played the 1++1= game on the calculator (you know, those press very hard very fast and see who win kind), and ate like crazy. We are just a building from the famous wet market which serves delicious historical food, all the stores are like opened for at least 20 years already kind. So we have breakfast at 11, lunch at 3 and dinner at 8 and in between, lots and lots of tibits from the tibits store next door, like dried mango, dried cuttlefish, chocolate, candies, hello panda and lots more. Made friends with the store owners and also wrote the work order wrongly, when I sold the 288 phone, I thought it was 98. Luckily the nice woman came back and paid the difference, else can you imagine paying the 190 deficit? All the 3 days work will just simply go down the drain. PHEW.

In general? It was quite fun working there, though there are really much senior citizens and too many PRCs and supposedly totally unhappening, this is one place I worked and was quite happy. Hiaks.

Oh and I'm falling sick. Please please let me recover before I leave for Malaysia, truly Asia on Wednesday.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

I just have to say this. Being bored (but quite happy nuahing at home), I was looking through friendster and all again, and saw a testimonial from one good friend of mine to another of mine, who was my greatest JC mates ever, who "dutifully collected watever notes there were for u and hui (whenever we skipped school which was most of the time) ...and helpfully coverning up for ur dyed hair back den."

"issit it ironic that now, u can have watever colour hair u want (who the hell will care), but u choose to have BLACK instead!! "

Hahahaha! I LOVE YOU TUT!
Today is quite a happy day. Work was slack, dar came and visit me @ work though it was just a glimpse and a wave but very heart warming. :)

Clubbing was fun too. I christian it Hubber Night. Like 10 hubber girls went to Black and the atmosphere wasn't great, people around sucked but the company was fantastic hence we (at least me) enjoyed myself pretty much. Without even needing to get high or drink a lot.

It's pretty cool how a group of girls can come together from working and become really quite-not-bad friends who can club and have crazy fun with. By crazy I mean doing indianish dance and anymore rubbish you can think of. As rosiemary says, we will always say things like, "Erm, I'd prefer to work with P and H/ P and R/ H and R", but now, at least it's not so bad if we have to be scattered all over. There are still 6,7,8 others we know and love to work with. I love the way we ended the night with hugs, even though some may not have worked with the others before, or worked but din quite talk, but yeah, it's well, just a happy feeling.

Plus no work tommorrow! And I got 3 Bs for my results. And my family are going to Marina South for steamboat!

But I just read one of my angel's blog and realised he had a bad day. No there is no need to tell everyone what happened. But well, that makes me feel sad.

Monday, December 01, 2003

You know all those time machines, and cheena forget-everything wine that you're suppose to drink before you reincarnate. Isn't it scary? I mean, to forget everything that has happened in your whole life, all the people you love and miss your whole life.

And tell me, how often do you wish to turn back time to undo what you've done, because you are so full of regrets.

And if there really is such, will you go for it?
A tiresome chore to move on...

Which is so human. No matter how hard you try, how deep you hide, if you fundamentally hadn't move on, it will show. Like if you like to wear your granny panties out, no matter how hard you try, fold, pull, wear a big tee, it still peeks out of the W:27 L:32 lowrisejeans. here and there. Thankfully only some will catch it. Some wun happen to see it when it happens.

And I saw. But it doesn't mean you should stop. They are comfortable to wear, even though not exactly the nicest in looks. You may think twice, and ask, should I still wear it? I mean, I love it still. I will say it is probably a better idea if you keep it at home, in the privacy of your home, wear it to sleep. And you'd say I am already doing so, it is just sometimes, which I just really, really want to wear it.

But whenever you do so, I'd be there for you.