Monday, August 30, 2004

Latest update: We have done some make-shift adjustments. We just pulled some cushion seat out and am training our neck muscles to look up. It's probably the kind of feeling if you sit on the floor and use your comp, or when you watch a movie from the first row.

But it still beats having crampy legs.

Though honestly I don't understand why they want to let us uglify the lobby of this lab and not let us in.
You wouldn't believe this. I am STANDING at the computer lab. Why? Because we are clad in berms. No, not the shorts I wear (which I know is quite short), but Berms. Decent looking Berms. Berms that go over my knee, Berms that covers most of my beautiful legs. My nike berms, if you know which.

So I am made to STAND in front of those computers in front of the la, those computers, which when people use it, get sneered by me for being stupid and not want to go inside and get comfortable with cushioned chairs. Those computers without scroll mouse and USB ports. Those computers that make my legs ache.

Not that I did not explain myself and try to miu miu. Exchange student - international student - don't know why - don't know must wear longs - need to hand up assignment tommorrow - need to use computer desperately - stay very far away.
But the guy say - the other students will hate him for letting us in.

Will you? Or you?

Pssfteed (the sound I am somewhat trying to make)

Friday, August 27, 2004

I don't like it when I don't know what is wrong. I am far away, but I think I need to know.

Don't leave me alone.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

I decided to blog a reasonable length blog today as there hasn't been any big updates in life since I have been here.

And tommorrow marks the 1st month anniversary of Hui's embracing Thailand.

And a lot of things has happened since, much euphoria from being in Thailand, and not that much back home.

Happy things first. We just came back from Hua Hin, which is about 240km from BKK. It was a major pack and go decision made just 2 days before. Right, and we did not need to miss ANY classes for it.

In short, its a little town with not too pretty beaches. Okay maybe that is not the right way to put it. It's more like East Coast Park. Yes! Not even Sentosa. Stayed at a Guesthouse with fan and toilet for only 200B (8SGD).

But with us around, we'll always still have our own bagful of fun. Rented 2 bikes and travelled around and explored the place "like true riders on the road", even going on a flyover. Not to worry, the traffic is really much lighter there, and people ride at like 40km/h on average. Oh and its against the law if you don't put on a helmet when you ride, but the pillion rider need not put on any helmet though.

And the most exciting part of the trip was the fireworks. Not watching fireworks, but letting off fireworks. Small ones of course, but being a city kid in a fine (and ban) city, it's like a major thing to me. From choosing which to buy, to finding the right place to let it off, and of cos watching it was amazing. We first let it off at some so call beach right in front of some hotel. Din had enough fun and went to buy more fireworks again. But the second rounds were bigger (we were risk adverse and bought the small ones first) and attracted more attention, so well we were chased away by the security guards and some worker of the hotel who wanted to say it is against the law and too near the King's Palace but pronounced it so badly that Rose heard that the King of Paris was in town.

Cheap (literally) thrill. Yum. Oh and thanx Wilson. Because of your coming this week, we have to give Ko Samui's full moon party a miss. Bleh.

Everyone back home, I miss you. It may seem like I'm having so much fun I forgot all about you guys. But no, I do miss you. Yes you. You you you you. Stay healthy back there, we're trying too, with the bad pollution and all. Do call us anytime. It's not that expensive right?

Friday, August 20, 2004

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Long time since I've blogged. Have been too happy settling down (and now I should consider it all settled down).

My home address is
425/98 Phetchabure Soi 7
Phetchabure Road,
Bangkok 10400,
Unit 1801

For pictures of my home, sorry you guys need to wait, for Hui hasn't configured her laptop in school and internet cafe computers are not that good for uploading pictures. Hang in there.

For more detailed explanations of my home, please click the link to Rosiemary's blog. A much more precise entry is available. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2004

The girls (minus Ping who has no class on Monday, and minus the belt for we forgot to buy it and need to fly to the co-op before class starts)

Chio anot. Muahaha

P.S. If you can't view this picture then click on this link okay

yup here.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sorry for the lack of updates. Have been busy with much. Have been happy and well so no need for any worries. Pictures will be up once we figure out how to use the Chula WIFI. Meanwhile it's internet cafe near our home. So, it's pretty limited.

Feel free to drop me a call 66 06 0588544. If you are a Starhub user, you can call this direct no. 0186660588544.

Missing everyone at home, and my baby who should be touching down as I type.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Greetings again. Today is Lazy Sunday, and the 3 of us have decided to nuah the day away at Th Khao San road. We have exhausted all our cash (actually just me) and so now we are eating cheap (but nonetheless really good) roadside food. Can you beat 25b porridge that comes with a lot of pork? And even egg? (That's about $1). BANGKOK, KHROP KHUN KAR!

Ping will finally arrive tommorrow, and it will be Koh Samet!

P.S. I hope this gets you in time. You can bring as much nonsense as you want, but please don't bring clothes. Because you will regret it (Learn from experience: Rosie san)

Anyway, nothing much has happened since then, except that I made my first trip (this trip) to Chatuchat Market. Sure it is still as squeezy, hot and not for the weak heart. But if you guys wanna go I'd bring you along!

And of course, the nothing-can-be-more authentic Thai Massage at the place it all started - Wat Po! It is now, the place the trios cracked all their joints like never before. I LOVE YOU BANGKOK!

P.S. For all you people who will likely come over to visit (and wish to stay over), please bring your own sleeping bag, for there will not be enough beds (but enough space) for you to sleep on. Perhaps sofa may do, but better play safe. And bring a bigger bag, for Hui will have things for you to help her bring home.