Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Conclusion after the staying over: It is tiring and is not actually effective enough as the next day you'll end up feeling so zonked (as kok yeow would put it, (@_@) ) so much so that in the end, the next day you kinda cannot work. Guess everyone has experienced such feelings before.

In the end, sweet Mr ahhh so cute drove me and Ping home and we skipped Marketing. Funny how we skipped IE for marketing test and skipped marketing after IE test the week after.

Slept the whole day away, actually, from 4 to 8 only la. Then couldn't fall asleep after that. Slept at 2am, and tired again today. So stupid.

Going for the Standard first aid course organised by The Red Cross Society to be a touching Aegier even though the course clash with my birthday

At the end of the course, you will be a certified first-aider, equipped with skills to render first aid in times of urgency. Topics covered include tending to wounds, fractures, burns, individuals who suffered heart attacks and others.

Pretty nifty eh.


What is Aegis?
A project by a group of students to construct a building to be used as a Learning Center for the Development of Local Wisdom.

The Learning Center will be used by the local community:

• To provide education for those who lack opportunity in the formal education system and for those who want to resume their studies.
• To develop the process and system of child-centered education, have an opportunity to do classroom research, and have activities for the students to learn from real-life examples.
• To learn about real-life situations and work by the students and the community.
• To build the learning experience, jobs skills, real-life skills, agricultural skills and work-study experience of the students and community. Also, to encourage the students to learn by themselves, to go through the whole learning process from beginning to end and be able to apply their knowledge in real life. The students will have the ability to gather information and do research themselves from media sources, local wisdom and government agencies.
• To build cooperation between the school, the community (people with local wisdom) and the government agencies for the development of their lives and also for the development of the basic principles of education.

Date: 3 Dec – 23 Dec

Location: Rang-Jor-Ra-Ka School / Village 10/ Ban Pho / Sena / Ayutthaya / Thailand

So what can you do as an outsider, to help us?

We are selling Tshirts to raise funds for the project. And we need your help. Teeshirts are sold at only $10 each, ranging from size 36 to 44. Do lend us a helping hand okay? Noble leh!

Monday, October 28, 2002

I'm in school! Staying overnight in school. Hiding in the 24 hour classroom which has only the 2 of us. Hee hee... Very cold.... the aircon can't be off.


But it's quite exciting although not very fun. And not THAT condusive with all the food and the laptop.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

It's Halloween. It's coming N-I-N-E, but I haven't decided to go or not to go for the party@zouk tonight. Ping refuse to go, I also duno why.

Jamie and her friends are waiting to see if I wanna go over. And I'd probably have nothing better to do at home.


I also dunno le!

How neh...

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Have been feeling lazier and lazier to update the blog. Nothing interested is happening in my life anyway, it's kinda the mundane and boring part of the semester where you slog for tests and rush through projects which happen to all fall around week 12-13.


But I have to talk about the happening new sport that I might just be taking up - WINDSURFING!!!

Went for this short 2 day beginner course at PA East Coast sea sports place to learn windsurfing. And boy is it fun! First day was bad, choppy waters that even the coach thinks is too much for beginners. So off we went to have good dinner at this grill and bar place in East Coast. Yummy!

Then Sunday we spent the whole morning trying to windsurf. I'm quite happy that I manage to sail quite a distance before falling off the board. But man I think I have seasickness. And you should have seen how clean the water is in East Coast. Both factors added together must have caused all the nauesous (can't spell) and want-to-vomit sick feeling.

Then we went for ice cream at MacDonald's and saw an ex colleague who is a fellow rollerblader the other time at the roadshow. Ice cream feels so great after being out at sea...

Anyway, for those who are interested in windsurfing, why don't you guys join me? I'm planning to join the club as a member. It's like what, 35 bucks for 2 years? Then you'll be entitled to rent the windsurf at 7 bucks for 2 hours. Much cheaper sport than wakeboarding and bowling too. But you gotta take up the beginner course I went for, which is only 30+ i think. Ask me for more details.

And here is the picture of the Japanese girls who came to my skool to perform in the Matsuri 2002 event. Stop pestering me Seh! :P

Shit. I went out and spent another $59 on clothes again!!!! And I din even go to school cos I overslept.

Update: Here's the picture of my haul, which I refuse to rotate the picture to make it inconvenient for all of you to see it. muahahhaa

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Late at night...
Trying to study...
For my tommorrow's test...
Fell asleep...
at 10 o'clock...
all the way till 2am...
Dunno a thing....
wan dan liao....
*miu miu*

Friday, October 18, 2002

Just wanna show off my *ahem*
powderful espanol.


Gracias para visitar mi blog frecuentemente.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Argh that was so embarassing!

I've never been japanese enough la.



And Ping and Cindy did not win the voucher!

All for nothing

double awwwwww

And poor Ping went there with drooping nose. hahahahahahaa

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Library. From 2 till 6. Tried to study. Almost fainting.

I have limited concentration span. I'm like dying kinda feeling. The vomit factor is here.

How do I curb it? Yup. I have to go town to destress. lol...

Just walking around should make me feel better.

btw, i'm hooked onto yahoo auctions. tee hee

View My Auctions

And i decided to post up some of the cable ski photos. but the homex knn always got error in uploading.
When my laptop hang all day long and show the blue screen, does it mean that it will probably crash soon?

There is always error with explorer, or winword, or sometimes icq. and it always causes that gdi.exe or something virus.

Chee Bye.

Opps. synapseman you got me into all the vulgarities. :P

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

just because Cindy gian peng the prize which is a 50 bucks sakae sushi voucher.


All for the prize, I have to go and shame shame myself.

Monday, October 14, 2002

98.7 sux

Isn't it getting worst? Jamie Yeo is a bitch, Carrie Chong is kinda act cute, Dan Ong is trying too hard, Rod and Glen are getting boring. And the Dick Thumbi (Godpa) idiot sux. Hate his voice. Ya, it was fun to hear them 2 years ago on the late night show with Glen, but it's getting kinda sickening.

And they play the same songs day in day out.

And there are far too many adverts.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

in polo tee, denim short skirt, adidas old school shoes. held tight onto my heineken while spgs' boobs bob onto me, and ang mohs grrrrooooove away holding on tight to their prey.

o u t o f p l a c e i was. techno they were playing. last minute rash decision after visiting the opening of housefly eyes with jamie, which was another last minute decision. almost got squashed to death and my digital cam doesn't have strong enough flash to shoot the fireworks nicely. !@@#$%^%$#
decided to chill somewhere with vernon, jamie's friend, and somehow we ended up there. the outside was cool though, nice environment beside the Singapore Drain... oops i mean Singapore River.

Had quite an okay time just talking about life and stuff. And observing the surrounding. And once again stupid Singapore culture got into play and we were talking about the lifestyles in OZland and Canada and stuff, and how despite it being boring on the surface, I guess their family structure is much better, cos families spend time together, they can fish for abalones for all you care, but it's the ohana means family kinda thingy which Singapore kids dun quite enjoy, cos everything is like so ex that parents work and their sort of love comes from expensive toys and stuff. Kinda sad eh.

Then I was looking at the SPGs in liquid room, some try, some try too hard. Some ang mohs look horrible. Fat, ugly, smelly. But they are ang mohs, so well, technically they are a higher class, at least in LR, even though they may be outcast back home.

Then I saw a lesbian couple, both technically women sort. But they look kinda gothic, with a bunch of other lesbians who look equally gothic. Ping I was even thinking of interviewing them man. All for you. :D

Then we decided to go home.

Don't quite wanna go back there anytime soon.


Okay. It's technically wakeboarding without the hassle of driving a boat, it's this cable line running along the lake about 700metres circumference, but the down side is there is no progressive speed like a boat so you basically cling onto a cable and let it tug you along. getting the hang of it almost took all my strength man. I mean, falling off the board 15, 16 times is no joke. And talk about feeling demoralise. Even the school wakeboarders say wakeboarding is easier for beginners. Oh well, but I had fun, and sunburn, and lots of ache on my arms and shoulders. taking clothes off kinda took my life. sooooo achy. :D

Photos to be posted up when I feel like it. Too lazy to upload. The achy arms makes all little task 10 times harder. Tee hee... excuses.

I suddenly thought of the happening car friends thing that me and Jamie thought of some time back, where we will go out with 2 or 3 friends who are staying around our house and we will take turn to drive and go supper together. I came up with the nominees for the prestigious friends category:

confirmed list:
sometimes (pings) list:
Zhi Ping (cos she is useless anyway :P)
Ping (cos you stay too far away!)

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

The brief of my (unconfirmed) and ping's exciting life ahead of me
yeah la we are having identical life

this friday: cable ski at batam
this december holiday: build schools in thailand
next semster: ntu exchange
next summer holidays: work in USA
next next semster: University of Calgary, Canada

Back in SMU - 2004, January.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002


me: hello?
whoever: hi... your friend nominated you for the japanese lookalike contest. are you free coming thursday?
me: *wtf?*

Have YOU got the LOOKS?

Do you look like a Japanese? Or, do you dress like one? If so, we WANT you!

The SMU Japanese Appreciation Club is proud to present our very first Japanese Fashion Contest as part of the exciting event we are holding to bring Japanese culture closer to you.

If you think you can pass off as a Japanese on the streets of Tokyo, do not hesitate. Stand to win attractive prizes if you participate, and all short listed candidates will be notified.


Sunday, October 06, 2002

den den and matthew's birthday

it's my 2 darlings' birthday. they are 3 and 1!

SoooOOooOOo cute! woke up drowsy at 10+ in the morning after the lack of sleep. But i have yet to forget that IT'S THE HOLIDAYS!

and just to be useful, i decided to send yunhuey to school on her very important PSLE exams for the whole week next week. :D Afterall my parents deserve a break from all the waking up at 6am.

anyway, this is one of den den's friend. doesn't he look like a korean pop star? lol

den den was baby talking to me just now,

my dad: can you give me your present?
den: NO!
me: can you give me?
den: *ponders* YES!
me: why?
den: because den den like you! den den give you... SuRPriSE!
me: * awwwwww *

and when it was time for me to go home,

den: No!
me: why i cannot go home?
den: you no go home because den den love you
me: *awwwww*
me: i come back next time to play with you okay?
den: swim with me tmr ok?
me: tmr you go gong gong house
den: i dowan to go gong gong house! i want you swim with me. den den like you swim with me!
me: *double awwww*

Do you yahoo?

If you play yahoo games, specifically, super bounce out and collapse, you might have downloaded the trial version which gave you 12 chances of playing. but hey, you are damn irritated with that fact cos you do want to be able to play it forever and ever right? So you have to pay USD19.90 for a freaking retarded game that you somewhat got addicted to. what do you do?

Hui has the solution to your problem.

Key this details. if you have the game you should know where and what it is.

License Name: Jeffery Lewis
Bounce Out Code: 7466364D486867426B41
Collapse License Code: 544F474E56614D30566B

Viola! Your greatest aim in life fulfilled.

BTW, I've got a quiz done cos i'm bored. you can't access it here le, gotta request for me to email you to invite you in. do come and try lar, ok? leave a comment on the comment box WITH your email add and i will invite you over. :D and if cos if you've tried, test and proved the test, do tell me your feedback too! lol... remember not to hint or mention any questions OR answers okay? :D
It's 4:16 am. what the hell am i doing online?

well, i also dunno. i think it's the mocha spin's at 11pm fault.

larry came over in the afternoon cos i wasn't feeling SO well, which was why i once again lazed at home. but i really felt wrong. not very wrong. just a bit. anyway after that we headed separate ways, he to his jc chalet/ bbq thingy and me to join ping after her swim with kelf and jamie who was giddy from her japanese essay on "my brother", whom she described as kind, funny but ugly. (cos that's about all she knows in jap) anyway, she is like the epitome of bones and skin. dunno what happened to her man! kelvin thought she looked aneroxic, and i thought so too! i mean, she used to have a cute little tummy that wobbled just abit, now all i see is bones. so scary. it's not nice jamie, pls put on a little bit more weight pls.

anyway we went shopping and bought bags of stuff again, not for myself though. pressies. :D

but i bought this huge cube thingy that me and my sis managed to blow it up all my ourselves (and the bicycle pump which was useless anyway... how much air can it pump) cos i dunno where i put our squeeky yellow pump we used to pump our swimming tube (is that how you call it?) with. it's so huge, it's like those inflatable chair. picture's up. here it is

stupid ping and me were trying to find all sorts of things to decorate our coming-hall, IF we get one. but i even wanted to buy a da hong deng long gao gao gua, which basically is this kinda cool looking lampshade which looked like a latern. and ping thinks we are like... geylang. lol.. bought one photo frame as well, and a black flying sheep as a cushion for jamie to sit when she uses her computer.

am i lucky or what, cos at every stage of my life i manage to find THE friend of my life kinda thing, where we will behave basically like twins. :))))) and of cos, there will be other great friends whom accepts me as i am, and i accept as they are, despite all our dissimilarities. *awwwwww*

Fancy getting all so awwwwish at 4.28am. i must be nuts.

to bed, to bed.

Saturday, October 05, 2002

Muahaha... some stupid quizzes

What kind of porno would you star in?

brought to you by Quizilla

What (non drugstore) Makeup Brand Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

HUH? I don't even wear make up to school, although I apparently took pains to draw my eye for the presentation that was out of point. Hor, Ping?

I think I'm more like a
"NUDE. You should wear some clothes some time, like cover that blemish over there, oh and yah, this eye bag over here."

I’m so fickle minded. Remembered that I was so upset to stay home on a Friday/ Saturday night cos it’s meant to be like this BIG, happening day where you are suppose to chill out with some friends and see and be seen somewhere. But now I am actually very happy to have stayed at home the whole day.

Was intending to go roller blading but useless me overslept and woke up at like 1+pm. But but but.. it has been a pretty long week, and since thank God there was no lesson today (finally one Friday to sleep in) I just… had to sleep! Anyway disgust of all disgust we decided to go town to do some shopping cos Ping needed to go interview some transvestites for her ethics project, and we have yet to really shop for a long time, but Fe had to cook one of my favourite Green Curry chix, so I decided to stay home for dinner, and of cos, as usual, staying home for dinner would probably mean staying home all day. And that was what happened.

On Tuesday: of failed presentation and nice food

Tuesday was like the BIG day where there was 2 project presentations. We decided to spice it up by dressing up formal wear all ready clicking our high heels. Then it happened. Our project was out of point. We misinterpreted the question. That’s it, failure, redo. Weirdly we wun exactly upset and are quite happy actually. Maybe not happy happy, but just not unhappy. Anyhow. 2nd presentation of the day was successful, thank God again, and then we headed down to Suntec City to celebrate Miss Zhi Ping’s birthday. Ate at Fish ‘n’ CO. I think Zhi Ping was rather happy although there was a slight setback at the beginning, but all went well thereafter. I mean, just look at her.

On Thursday: of eventful day
Went for a ‘make up’ Ethics class cos I didn’t attend the day before. Was deadbeat ma. Anyway I knew I could go for the next day class, so why not yeh?
Stuff on my to-do list on my e-post it (available on
1. Go for ethics class
2. Pay up school fees
3. Force Ping to see Vincent to sign the drop (microecons) form
4. Hand up the drop form to Jancy
5. See Jason about exchange to NTU
6. Meet the Int’d econs group members for project discussion
7. Go for marketing class

No. 2 to 6 are to be done within a time span of 3.15pm to 5.15pm. My post it notes look so busy.

After school we decided to do a mini celebration of the mid term break finally setting in (YIPEE!) and we went to eat sinful Fifth Ave ice cream again. Shopped at Cold Storage and bought fish fingers home (and whine about not having a car AGAIN). After food we were going home but manage to take the wrong bus and ended up at Lil’ India, which we spontaneously decided, at the expense of our melting fish fingers, to explore the place and walked the whole stretch of Lil’ India. Somehow there isn’t anything to buy, maybe cos the stores meant for tourists are closing. We walked along the stretch which you always see as your bus goes by, and attempted to buy $4.90 spaghetti strap. Which we failed in the end.

Finally, we got home, tired, and that is the reason why I woke up at 1pm today. :D

Now I’m feeling a lil’ achy. It’s those you’re-going-to-get-sick-soon kinda feeling, and I think I’m running a slight fever or something. I’m like feeling cold in my already adjusted 2 degrees higher air con, And the whole day my tummy felt funny. It’s not the diahorrea kinda feeling, neither is it gastric, nor hunger, but it was like growling or something whole day, pretending to be hungry or something. And I felt like farting all day. Hiaks.. sounds a bit gross already. Okay stop. It’s not THAT bad but I hope I wun fall sick on my happy mid term holidays man.

BTW I clocked a total of <3 hours talking to Ping. And we realised we talk an average of 1 hour a day, apart from our meetings like everyday. My last dialled call is always her, I talk more to her than all my boyfriends I ever had combined! lol

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Of miserable project...

My International Economics project was totally out of point and the prof stop us from presenting further. We got to redo the whole thing. But at least he was nice enough not to mark us down on this and never give us a deadline to redo.

So upsetting.

*miu miu*