Saturday, August 31, 2002

I think I am going to WOMAD tonight!

WOMAD Singapore Back!
August 5, 2002

Singapore -- The world's biggest music festival WOMAD (World of Music, Art and Dance) is back in Singapore from August 30 to September 1. This is the fifth year the festival is running and with last year's 16,000 visitors, the festival in Fort Canning Park is definitely something you shouldn't miss.
WOMAD Singapore 2002 festival will be presenting 14 groups from 14 different countries. Artists include Lucky Dube (South Africa), Badmash And Shri (UK), Rizwan Qawwali (Pakistan), Temple Of Sound (UK), Trio Mocoto (Brazil), Inti-illimani (Chile), Sally Nyolo (Cameroon), Rokia Traore (Mali), Bob Brozman (USA), Rene Lacaille (Reunion Island), Takashi Hirayasu (Japan), Dreamcatcher (UK), Apsaras Art (Singapore), Chartwell Dutiro (Zimbabwe), Sekon Keita (Senegal), Ben Badoo (Ghana).

The festival was founded by rock icon Peter Gabriel 20 years ago, and over 138 WOMAD festivals are presented in 21 different countries today. The groundbreaking festival has a reputation of introducing more unknown artist to a wider audience "before they get famous." Artists like Asian Dub Foundation, Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, Neneh Cherry and Youssou N'Dour are all part of the WOMAD family. Don't miss this opportunity to discover new talented artist before rest of the mass!

Event details as follows:

Dates: August 30 - September 1, 2002
Times: Gates open at 5.30 p.m., performances begin at 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Fort Canning Park

1-Day Adult Pass: $30
2-Day Adult Pass: $48
3-Day Adult Pass: $72

Concession for students and senior citizens: $22
Family Pass for 2 adults and 2 kids above 7 years old: $80
American Express Card members get 10% off 1-Day Adult passes. Groups of 10 get 10% off 1-Day Adult Passes

All tickets available from SISTIC and selected tickets available from some Starbucks Coffee outlets and all HMV Music Stores.

MTV Asia is the official music channel for WOMAD Singapore 2002.

Friday, August 30, 2002


somemore i am not doing anything. lesson ended ages ago. played up for the windsurfing course, hung out at the gym and ran a bit did a bit of workout. bathed and and ate horrible tasting slice fish mee sua that looked like crap (Ping's hair) and taste like crap too. then went to the library to print out notes and have been here ever since then.

somebody complained about our domesticated roomie room. !@#$%&

wo men yao ban jia le


supposed to go to zhiping to pei her but then too many things to do, although it's actually not much. Haiyo... confused me.

quite tired. took a cab to school cos i was almost late for the meeting, but ended up reaching the earliest. what a waste of my $8.40...but it only took 15 minutes. was dreaming of driving to school.. but then again.. it's too ex lar. if i have the cash i rather spend it on exchange program than car. car is something we can buy when we grow older, but experience is something which we can never buy... the experience of going there as a 20something.

ok that's enough for the day.

Thursday, August 29, 2002


Already decided to give up the module. Now very happy looking at the bowling video clips that we made yesterday during training.

Click here to see one of mine. This one is from the back view.
This one is from the front :D
It's 1mb plus each so you have to wait a bit if you are a poor 56k dialup like me, but of course, I am on powerful powerful SMU wireless lan now lar.

Here is Michelle's. And here's Michelle's. AGAIN! But it's quite ugly lar, dunno why she wanna post.

Stay tune for new and improved version next week, when we train again lar.

I decided to drop the module liao.

But I think Michelle is angry.

I feel very bad.


But it's not right to take a module for someone also.

Moral dilemma.

What if econs sux too?

I hate the freedom to choose system suddenly.

I am so disgusted with this module. Yucks yucks yucks. I dunno how to explain. I just detest it. It's such a

turn off.

It's call management science. *vomits*

I mean, I really dunno why I have such a BIG reaction to this, even accounting wasn't so bad. I have just one more day to decide whether I wanna take this module this term anot.

Unfortunately this is one of the core subjects so its compulsory. But then, I really don't feel like doing it this term. Really really really dowan.

The problem doesn't lie with the prof. She is very nice, in fact, she is too nice. The problem lies with the module itself.


I like machiam change my mind all day long. Today I decided I shall do a double major. Since honours is so difficult to get, just look at the kiasu people in my school. Getting a 2nd lower or 3rd is as good as not getting one. I mean, not that I don't want. I'm just more realistic. Anyway, double major doesn't have a lot of additional criteria which a double degree have, which, despite the fact that I am interested, I guess I'm really not up to it. That's the least I could do to have an edge ( just a small one ) over other business degree holders.

Is thinking of what to do if I don't get my QM. Probably intermediate microeconomics. Must call up our friendly course director to ask him.

And I suck at bowling.

And for those people who are kaypoh to look at my bmw pics, just click here, login as effigy, password bmw.

Monday, August 26, 2002

Sappy Love Story.

Once upon a time, there were 2 humans. One is Sprite, and one is Coke. Sprite and Coke were lovers. They still quite love each other, but somehow things just don't seem to meant to be. Sprite belongs to the Western Society, and Coke is the Far Eastern sort. They find it hard to communicate.

Sprite's aim in life is to beat 7up, and Coke's is to beat Pepsi. Their lives seem to be heading in different direction, despite the common identity (of being made in the same factory by the same company) Sprite has his own set of ideas on how to beat 7up, and that takes up a lot of time. Coke need to beat Pepsi, and she need to spend time too. It seems pretty obvious that whenever they meet up, all Sprite talks about is his strategies of beating 7up, afterwhich he will be too tired to speak further or act as a boyfriend like he used to, before 7up came into the market. And Coke, has already been tired enough having to plan how to win Pepsi that she would just like someone who can be nice and sweet, will be unhappy.

Then they will quarrel and quarrel and point fingers and scold and scold and point more fingers.

The cycle goes on and on. They get busy the whole week, meet up for a while and quarrel and point fingers and scold and scold and point more fingers.

But yet, at the corner of their broken hearts, they still feel for each other, although they are all battered, tired and looking a lil deform.

So how?

Don't ask me how. I waiting for her uh ohs to tell me more. *yawns*

Hums Tell Laura I love her....

Psst... Coke wants to be diet coke, but she is overweight! lol
I suddenly have this inspiration to do well this term. I am not someone who study hard. Frankly, I don't study at all, all my life I scrap through major exams, fail class test and prelims and play all day long. Don't ask me how I manage to do it. I really don't know. Somehow my life isn't very happening either, so I don't seem to boost anything. Some people may have played all their live and somehow really enjoyed and learnt something, even if they failed their exams and stuff. Others mug all their lives have no time to play but at least have academics to boost. I'm nowhere. I don't feel sorry for myself because I enjoyed my life so far and they are good memories. All the ponteng sessions and naughty things I do still never quite fail to awe people when we have some kopitam talk cock session. (got EEF for my 'A's prelims) But suddenly, I just wanna get As.

The last time I had an A was like O levels. No As in As. In SMU, I've only gotten 1 A. For Creative Thinking module. It's still good, it's an A for a module, but suddenly, I want more!

Yet I'm not going to scream out loud here that I'm gonna get ALL As, cos although it wun be a all-talk-no-do thing, but then again, leopard can't change it spots. Or rather, it takes time to change mar, man also took time to evolve. So I am giving myself a challenge. Or a semester resolution:

Thou Shalt get 2 A this term. And no D. No C.

awe inspired hui signing off. tee hee

Sunday, August 25, 2002


Yesterday: Spent Saturday at home and had some house calls from 2 very important people in my life. :D Was kinda stone and not much but I guess it was quite okay. Ping and I tried to learn breakdance from Larry and I just cannot do it. *sad* Fe keep saying we have to know how to do the split before we can ever breakdance. lol. Ping and I made our own Nihon-style Curry Chicken and it is nice!

Speaking of Fe, who has been my family's maid eversince I was in K2, her mum is quite sick. And she is very upset. Let's all pray for her mum okay? Apparently her mum tried to ask her back last week, and just now her sister kept smsing her to call back and all that. So worrying. Although I have never really known her mum, I know that she is really quite an amazing and nice woman. Haiii.... life...

Went out with mummy for the whole day today. Papa went to watch the Yonex Sunrise match and was showing off that he is an invited guest and no need to buy ticket to go and watch... lol... I manage to find my way from Indoor Stadium to OG @ Bugis Street through all the road signs making few (negligible lar!) wrong turns only. Shopped at OG with mummy but I ended up buying a skirt myself. The kind of typical black skirt that I never own and what I guess will come to good use during presentations. Ping I no need to wear my leather skirt liao lol. Then we went over to Bugis Junction and mummy bought a top and I bought 2 new bra. Ate at this old family style chinese restaurant after picking Papa up and is back home safe and happy after a family Sunday.

Wonder what we will be doing tommorrow while the world is at school. Shall we play badminton/ swim/ gym/ rollerblade? I shall try to be consistent in my studies this sem (as I always vow to but never succeed for the past 2 sem) and at the very least read the relevant chapters on the textbooks that are lying on my shelf. In fact I shall do it after reading this, and I will go and print out the notes later.

I suddenly want to bowl very very much. I just peeled the dead skin on my thumb off, and it looks quite okay already. So next week I can go for training. *Sigh* But training is really so damn expensive. Bowling is so expensive.

Friday, August 23, 2002


Answer: Okay. But I don't quite like the environment as much as before. Too many people. Too many people I cannot smile at, or have memory upon. Too many freshmen. Too many poseurs. :(

1015 hours to 1330 hours. International Economics. The teacher is quite a nice guy, and it seems interesting, but quite tough. Must buy textbook soon.
1715 hours to 1830 hours. Marketing. The teacher is quite nice too, and it is one of (the only?) the subjects that I think I will enjoy a lot. Cos... it's marketing. And marketing is my kind of subject.

marketing clan, compliment of ping's new canon ixus v2. *winks*

0830 hours to 1145 hours. Ethics and Social Responsibility. B.O.R.I. N.G. But somewhat interesting. Can't blame the prof. How exciting can ethics be? But it is just very GP-ish, so other than having to read more and do all the term paper it should be okay.

1015 hours to 1330 hours. Quantitative Methods. Unconfirmed course. Never go for lesson. :P.
1715 hours to 1830 hours. Marketing. Interesting. Was having discussion about Levi's. Me and Ping's fave

0830 hours to 1145 hours. Oh God I hate morning lessons. I was so dead and tried to listen and concentrate and succeeded for a while. Quite a while. Found out that just nice the modules I'm doing are quite interlinked. Goody goody.

Went swimming after that. Swam many many laps. 34laps? Or to ping, is 17 laps. LOL. Ate sinful fried dory fillet @ Ficus Bistro for lunch.

And I missed Bowling cos my thumb havent okay mar. :(

Thursday, August 22, 2002


Dunno what is the big fuss but I think I'm applying for local exchange program next sem. If i get it see you there! lol
Then fall 2003, I'd apply for Canada, University of Calgary. So ONE whole year I wun be @ SMU. lol

So exciting... and I missed QM class today. :D Cos why? Overslept lor.

Watching movie after this entry... going for marketing class at 5.15pm. Mebbe go swim again tonight.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Man rapes girl on Bombay train as commuters watch

BOMBAY - The rape of a 13-year-old girl in a suburban train in Bombay in the presence of five commuters has shocked police and raised questions over the safety of women aboard late-night trains in India's financial hub.

In the incident, which took place in the last train bound for Borivli suburb last Tuesday, drunk labourer Salim Khan allegedly assaulted the mentally-disabled girl in a second-class compartment.

The crime was witnessed by five commuters, including a Times of India journalist.

'There were five of them in the train. All they had to do was to pull the chain in the train or shout at earlier stations such as Malad and Kandivli where the train halts,' said railway police commissioner Rakesh Maria.

Journalist Ambarish Mishra said he tried to stop the rape but gave up when he was threatened.

However, he and another commuter later caught Khan at Borivli station and handed him over to railway police. --AFP

Beyond description. :( The world is so sad. 5 people watch in horror... why couldn't anyone do anything? Is this a "some other peoeple will help one lah" attitude we have in this world?

Saturday, August 17, 2002

I went bowling training today. Has been a long time since I last bowled. About at least a month or so. Thank goodness I still can bowl a bit, but it was very unstable, the way I bowled I think. Inconsistent, more like it.

Money money money. Everyone in the team owns nice bowling bags, 2 ball bags, 1 ball bag, trolley bag, shoulder bag whatever. And mine is the only one that is just a improvised school bag that has rollers. But somehow I am not very affected, neither am I really ashame of it. Afterall I only paid a like 30 bucks, whereas a trolley bag cost up to 200 bucks. I used to be very affected by brands and stuff, and if there is anything good about recession, it thought me how not to spend so much money. :)

Anyway I hurt my poor thumb and my skin dunno went where. lol

After bowling me and Michelle ate sinful KFC. We bought a 3 course meal and Michelle had this tactic with getting sure-win for the scratch and win card. So we won another 3 course meal which we can eat next week. kakkaka

We felt disgusted with ourselves after that and decided to go swimming! So for the 2nd time in 2 days, I went down to Serangoon Swimming complex. One thing I don't quite like about public pools is its always so freaking crowded. And not only that, most people dunno what is call give way. Plus lots of seconday school hormones raging boys that are always at the corner of the pool dunno whatthehell they doing, making a lot of noise and peeping at girls or something. But too bad I'm too poor to own any club membership. :~(

And i swam 15 laps! :D + yesterday 10 laps!

Thursday, August 15, 2002

I realised I updated a lot of times today. Hmmm... anyway, just came back from a ride to school to pick up the tickets dear ol' Cin left uncollected in Eiliang's locker. Opened up my locker and saw the familar mess. Took home my thermal mug as it will be replaced with a new Standard Chartered one I took from Standard Chartered (duh). Was thinking of the things to bring to school on Tuesday. Have to go shop for packets and packets of Milo and Mochas for the early morning daze. My (dad's) NAN DA JING SHENG jacket, which, although absolutely inappropriate to wear in SMU, but wattheheck. ;) Some cup noodles, and of course my laptop.

Anyway, as I was driving, I picked up a call from distressed Kenny, who was my freshie at OBS. Apparently the sotongboy wanted to drop 1 module but somehow he dropped all but that module. Add/ Drop oso blur. *faints* Wanted to laugh but din dare to cos I think it's stressful enough just to think of the kind of feeling he is going through. Hopefully the course director will help him. (TECK KIANG!)

And as I was on my way there, near Oei Tiong Ham Building, there was this small white fluffy dog that is so stupid! He (must be a male) saw the light coming, and still run right across my car. God i almost killed the dog. Stupid dog. I thought all dogs were quite streetwise. Anyway, dunno what the dog was doing there at 10pm lar.

Me and Ping would probably go to JB on Monday while everyone start their school term. I HAVE NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!!!!! muahahahaha

SMU Bash tmr @ ChinaBlack.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

I am using the computer downstairs and it sux! The other time when there was some glitch thanx to the idiot to created the cherobyl virus (CIH) my da da was unable to change the colour back to normal. I know that I have to find the color card and install it or something. Nonetheless I can't be bothered for now since the computer is going for some upgrading soon. Am actually helping dear miss little sister to download icq on the computer so that she can talk to brother. Such nonsense excuse kids come up with, and adults like me just fall for it/ pretend that they fell for it. And there is a regulation that kiddos under 13 cannot have icq. So amazing... but then again how can you ever check and ever know about it?

Yun Huey you are an illegal user!

Didn't go for Judo training yet again for like the 20th time. So sorry Ping and Cin I truly wanted to go but in the end got so frustrated I just wanted to stay at home to rot. Please forgive me....

Feeling fat now. Ping swam and went for Judo and I rotted at home. Later shall go cycle around a bit to run some errands also.

1. Pick up the school blazer from Michelle.
2. Pick up the bash tickets from Cindy.
3. Pass Jamie her present.

Am tempted to take the car but perhaps a little exercise will help my pek cek mind now. :D

To dinner.
Read Sehsuan's blog and was just feeling a lil emotional. How long has it been since I last visited my grandma?

There seem to be like different phase in life that we experience with people whom we love and love us but we neglect.

Kiddo: Stay with grandma/ visit them every weekend. Play with toys and cousins. Have a lot of fun and memories and good grandma food.
Teenager: Thinks you are mature and too old to visit grandparents. That it is somewhat not an in thing to do, or just wanna be out with the happening group of friends on saturdays, and rather rot at taka square.
Now: Feeling guilty and sorry for the neglect.

And how much did I talk to her? Most of the time when I go there I was just sitting there watching tv. And even that made her happy. The fact that I drove my mum to my grandma's made her proud. She is so proud of us, me and my brother.

What kind of excuses do we give ourselves and to others when asked to visit grandparents lah, aunties lah, uncles lah. Too busy? Is it more like too lazy or just don't feel like it? Dread?

Sigh... Do we only feel it when that somebody is gone in your life?

I think I'm gonna visit her sometime this week b4 school starts. You guys should too.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Ping is 21
She went for her 1st makeover
She got 21 chupa chups for bdae present from her friend
She is not allowed to eat them.

Hui is still 19
She bought Ping the makeover
She bought crumpler bag for herself as a reward for working hard
She did not recieve 21 chupa chups
She thinks chupa chups is quite nice but too fattening to eat.
esp when there is 21 of them.

Saturday, August 10, 2002


Suddenly in the feel sorry for myself and regretting things in life mode. Otherwise known as PMS. Periodic Mood Swings, that is. Not the premenstrualsydrome.

What was your greatest regret in life? May be small things, may be big. If you wish to share then do.

Friday, August 09, 2002


Went to fix up my laptop, which was having some problem with my ventilator. Brought it to the fujitsu service center and it turned out that there is a small insect which died inside and that resulted in the silly fan not working. Haven't realli found out if the problem is fixed since I haven't made my laptop hot enough to ventilate.

Of all reasons, I thought what happened.

So funny.


Thursday, August 08, 2002

I don't feel like you belong in my life anymore.

It's the usual once every 4 months ritual where I will step into the salon to colour my hair. Feeling adventurous and perhaps sick of my 109-la-mei look (as Cindy put it) with all the ash blonde streaks I simply point point at some dark blackcurrant ribena inspired looking color on the color chart as a base colour and some dark deep red and brown as a highlight. Voila! I look just like a red freak now. The supposed ribena colour seem to have diluted into the ribena we drink. ( I was looking at the pre-diluted color) and somehow the deep red which the guy promised

"will not be very red one... cos ur hair may not absorb well"

turned like... well... RED.

All red. No brown. Perhaps, like 1 streak of brown. No ribena.


Now I look like a guy who I always make fun of, especially when everything of his seems red. And unfortunately, I seemed to suffer from the same post-coloring sydrome. I went to U2 and picked up a RED. tank top.

How miserable can life be.


Latest mood: RED.
Latest postcoloring sydrome haul: Mango pants . U2 skirt . U2 spags

Sunday, August 04, 2002


Slept till late today. :) Lurrrvvveee the feeling of not getting out of bed.. if only there is a loved one to cuddle, then I'd be contented to never get off the bed. lol...

Going to JB for seafood dinner with Papa's client/friend/whatever soon. Wonder if I'd get to drive there, but then again it sounds a lil scary so better not. Later at night I'd be returning to Laguna cos I'd be working for another 2 days - Monday and Tuesday. Monday is another qualifying round and on Tuesday, is the grand finals. Sounds kinda exciting and I'd like to go around my buggy to catch them in action.

Having no particular emotion right now. Feeling quite stone in fact. :P

Synapseman has caught the bowling bug. Hiaks.. I still remember how he bought his plastic ball and I insisted that within 3 months he'd be off learning hook or spin. And I was right. Just checked out his blog and found out. My bowling bug is suspended for a while, because making enough money sometimes beats the whole interest factor. And since bowling is not quite a poor girl's game, I'm just getting ready my pocket with more money for more games. Haven't turned up for bowling training for a whole month because my working schedule clashed big time. I promise, Michelle, that I'd be turning up when school starts, eventhough I have lessons in the morning, and even if that means lugging the ball all the way to school, then down to Orchard. (oh shit I WAN A CAR)

School's starting. 5 modules and 2 ECAs sounds kinda tough.

I was at the beach again today, finally, after a long time and many days of hard work slogging my head off some bimbotic job. :P Nothing much as usual, but somehow still be able to have fun. Reached there almost 4 already, tan a bit, kayak a bit and off we went to Orchard to meet Zhi Ping, who was such a sweet girl who bought Ping a nice big Ripcurlgirl bag which she wanted all her life. (err okay not all her life). Ate sinful Crepes and Cream.

ZhiPing you owe me and Ping $50 each! You forgot!!! :PPPpppPpPp

Jamie came along for a while after that... and we took some funny photos which are quite ridiculous actually. But fun lar, so nevermind. Might be working at Sunset Bay as a bartender.. so funny...

Overall: Happy Saturday not spent in town nuaing.

Thursday, August 01, 2002


I'm still stuck at Laguna National helping out in the BMW golf tournament since Monday. Stayed overnight, over many many nights, it almost feels like a camp, except that there is aircon, and a nice suite to stay in. Finally, I am going to go home! The job here isn't exactly fantastic, nor is it absolutely fun, but we manage to find our own fun in our own way. Job starts at like 0545 daily as the tee off time for the qualifiers are earliest at 0700, so we have to wake up at unearthly hours of 0500 or so. Job ends at 2100 daily.

Sounds like torture? Not exactly as well. After tee offs we eat our breakfast at 8+, rest until 11+ for the afternoon flight, end at about 2+, eat lunch and then rest till there is work to do, ie keying in scores and such. Other than that we will be just hanging around our rooms, going for buggy rides or hogging on the OSIM massage chair in the ladies room. We even went to the hot bath yesterday... :)

In short, our job is to be busy with registration, eat, rest/play, another busy with registration period, eat, rest/play, act bimbotic, eat and key in scores again. Night activities includes hot bubble bath in the nice big tub, rolling around the bed and going out for supper and watch drag queens at Changi V.

Buggy Rides
The highlight of our day would probably be the buggy rides. For ignorant bulbuls who dunno what is a buggy, it is those little club car that golfers drive out so they wun need to walk the whole 18 holes. And since we have an exceptionally good relationship with the golf director, we get to buggy out during our breaktimes around the course.
As what Pingsays, attitude = snobbish. WHY?
Cos I have got a CLASS 3 license!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No turns and corners can slow me down (yeah right)... It's fun to drive a buggy, and it is also to sit in a buggy of a non-class 3 person, where you will feel as though you are on a rollercoaster that has no quality control. :P And since we have such good car control, the class 3-ers (ME AND PING!!!) are always showing off, driving with 1 hand lar, complaining about some other's driving skills and be on the phone while driving. LOL

But seriously, having sat in some non-class 3-ers car, I really could feel for my poor driving instructor. I got heart attacks time and time again. :P Now I shall learn to be a safe driver. :D

All fun no work makes life too good to be true. Of course there will be idiots around lar.... the people we are under aren't exactly what we hoped for, though we never prayed for heaven. In fact, some are exceptionally irritating and redundant. And we thought temps were quite useless. They stand around and apparently, "help" us. So gross. I don't even wanna think more.