Monday, July 29, 2002


I'm working at somewhere which is residential and has no computer access cept for official work. So I'd be gone for a while don't miss me too much.

Psst... I only manage to get 3 modules leh cham.

Sunday, July 28, 2002


I'm too full to sleep. And everyone online left. So I surfed around the funkygrad forum and the topic was on PMS.

More known as periodic mood swings, guys does have it! And I guess I've experienced that having to see guy friends suddenly going on a 'retreat' and wallop in self pity or shut themselves out emotionally to the world, or behave as though the world offended them in every possible way.

LOL. Now is it a good thing that we are girls, since PMS can be calculated and predicted while for guys, it depends. It is shown that girls usually like to vent their frustrations and talk about their problems with the other girls while for guys, mostly, they keep it in their mind. And as tension builds up they sort of explode inside, resulting in the need for 'retreat'.

Interesting eh.

Another, with persuasion and much more pestering from people involved in this bash, here's a promotion...


venue :: CHINA BLACK
date > 15TH AUG 2OO2
price < $15 for 2 drinks

Look out for !!! *FASHION SHOW*
1st prize : 3 day 2 night stay at angsana resort in bintan worth > s$ 400!!!

mail us at or call Sherlyn @ 98262330 for your tickets

Pssst!! Come before 9pm to catch the Fashion Show and Lucky Draw.... Don't say we didn't warn you ;)

Saturday, July 27, 2002

Jing Zhong sent me this forwarded email. Kinda amusing... sing it out loud.

> >
> > There was a time when people said that bus fares
> > won't increase ...... but it did
> > There was a time when people think that CPF
> > contributions won't decrease ..... but it did
> >
> > We build a nation with nothing free
> > Reaching out together, for all your money .....
> >
> > This is my country, this is my flat
> > Is there any future, or is this a lie
> > What happen to my family, what happen to my friends
> > We're Chin Kang Kor, Chin Kang Kor
> >
> > Singapore, our homeland, it's here that we're conned
> > All of us united, one people struggling on
> > We worked so hard together, what have we achieve
> > Singapore forever, a nation with price increase
> >
> >
> > You and me, our jobs to part
> > Stand together, crying our hearts
> > We're going to show the world what retrenchment can be
> > We can achieve, we can achieve
> >
> > There is something in the Toto booth that we can strike for
> > We were told of 4D dreams that we could try for
> > There's a spirit in the air
> > It's a retrenchment feeling we all share
> > We're going to put a bigger stake for you and me
> > Hope to win, hope to win
> >
> > Count money, Singapore
> > Count wrongly and you'll lose even more
> > Count on me to give my savings and more
> > Count money, Singapore

Played golf again yesterday. The golf director said I have natural golf talent! LOL... I'm feeling achy and all after a whole week of non stop work that involves exercise (burns calories!). Getting paid while rollerblading is good stuff, though it is boring....

Watched Minority Report again yesterday night. Still very impressed but less the anticipation which is key to the movie. Nice show... must watch okay? And that Denny guy is kinda cute.

Thursday, July 25, 2002


Gawd. Its damn loud. If you ask me it sounds more like rape. So noisy... and it's happening right at my backyard I think. Piangz... and now it sounds like more than 2 cries.... whatever

I had quite a fun day today. Went to work at StandChart's roadshow as a bimbo skater as usual, then ran off halfway to eat lunch. lol... Manage to brave through many traffic lights and uneven floors to Edo Sushi. Got stares like everywhere. Cos, well I'm on skates. But anyway, after that I flew down to Laguna National to act as a vase for the Performance Motor's Golf tournament. It's those kinda job where you greet people, usher them, offer them drinks and curry puff and mingle around. I'm quite used to that, so nothing much. The fun part is having to try my hands on the golf too! Had a pro with handicap 6 to teach us! :D Ping is much better than I am, my left hand somehow feel kinda retarded. But giving up I will not. Tommorrow I will play again!

What I can't stand, is how the perm staff try their best to bootlick and curryfavor the BMW people. wahroaz... do we need to resort to such in order to succeed in life? I don't view myself as some hero who always stands up for justice, but I just can't take all the kiasi-ness and all the bootlicking.

She's reading.
She's reading.
She's reading too!

What's with those books that send women prowling at Library@Orchard? Well I wanted to find out, and borrowed 1. It's not a wow! read, but it's actually kinda funny and cheesy, and all the making out scenes are described so... decorated with beautiful words. lol

I managed to finish reading the whole book today! Well that is because I have 2 hours of bo liao break from my roadshow job and lots of travelling on bus times. It's never going to be my fave kinda books but for a lazy brainless Sunday morning in bed would be good actually.


Another cheesy topic but after catching the last episode of the muchtalkedabout-yadayada-f4-cannot-act-notcuteguys Meteor Garden, sort of made me think of like true, pure unconditional love, where it doesn't matter what the world thinks, however obstacles they face, whether he turn ugly/fat (to an extent only) but still so pure, so true, so giving... ya la this kinda show always have happy endings, but sometimes in life, YOU can be the one who decide whether certain things will be happy ending or not. So people, if you love another, tell him/her you love him/her. NOW.

made by Eve


If anyone recalled me dyeing my hair blueblack, yeah it's back to ash. Not cos I did it again, but the stupid dark colour fade off. DON'T BUY GARTNIER NATEA! Doesn't last at all. Yucks. I felt kinda gross and conscious of my hair. So lianish. Suddenly, I wanna be normal again.

Monday, July 22, 2002


My sis was talking to him about some stuff which I wasn't listening to, but there was a part where it caught my attention:

" dad: why u wanna be like me? be like jie jie, she everything also try to do herself, find her own job earn her own money...

sis: she also always getting money from you what...

dad: where got always... you also get money from me...

sis: i too young to work what..... "

So heart warming....


Seems like a BIG step from being the spoon fed freshmen to become a sophmore. No more preassigned course. Now have to plan own modules. :( Had to make sure the timing don't clash, get the slack prof, don't clog up my brain on a Monday morning. All those crappy stuff. In short, it's a PAIN to think and then having to BID for the module. Speaking of which, despite it being a very irritable thing to do, it's really kinda cool cos we at SMU get to bid for our own modules. We'll be given 100 e-dollars to bid for whatever we want via the school system so as to ensure fairness and not those first-come-first-serve nonsense. Just like the COE system, the top 40 or whatever no. of placing there is for that particular slot of module gets it. The catch is to spread out the money wisely and you get to keep the remaining money you don't bid, so some people like to keep for the next term kinda thing.

I sort of planned out my modules after much discussion with Michelle (and even planned out for Ping, but she rejected the offer rather violently. :P) Won't be with my friends for all modules, which is also what I wun wanna do anyway. We should seek to group with different people and not hide in the comfort zone with close friends. What do you learn?

Saturday, July 20, 2002


I'm back, safe and sound, feeling good about the whole thing and know that it was not a wasted trip despite all the mosquito bites, cramps, aches and all that. It's a sweet camp, because as a facilitator and not a participant (last year lar) you see the whole thing differently. You see how friendships are made from scratch, and all the teambuilding and buddy building games accelerate the whole process all together. And in the midst of it all, you get to be immersed into the group, sometimes as a involver, sometimes as a observer. New friends are made through thick and thin (and looking out for each other while we pee in the wilderness)

And I never knew I could talk so much crap about teamwork and all that.

T ogether
E verybody
A chieve
M ore


It was just a 3D2N thing, first day we did all the trust dive and inverse tower/ obstacle wall climbing and other bonding up games. 2nd day we raft to the other half of the island and stayed there for a night, gazing at stars and learning about each other's own life, the trek back, which delibrately only involve the girls and they had to brave their way through the compass and map. More like personal accomplishment I would think.

And here are some of the nice photos

jetty going back
inverse tower
quarry jump
trust lift

Sunday, July 14, 2002


Okay I have decided. I should invest in a nice and durable bag that I think I would carry for quite a while rather than a pair of levi's jeans which looks a lil' like what I already own.

Just wondering should I get a laptop bag or a normal bag. Cos the normal bag looks much better, but the laptop bag is more useful so to say, for the next 3 years, since I lug my laptop everywhere during school days.

Spent the day in school doing OBS shit. Frankly I am looking forward to it. After all the trouble... I think it's gonna be quite fun. ;)

Saturday, July 13, 2002


Finally met my OBS clan. The meeting is short, it's just dinner. Surprisingly everyone like wanted to go off. Tsk tsk... Shaun said it is because they are just JC girls. But I was a JC girl too. Anyhow we ended up doing nothing and going home after dinner, which is kinda sad but nevermind. Friendship do not build up in a day, i mean usually. Still looking forward to OBS though. :)

Here are the pictures of the Standard Chartered Girls I am working with.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002


Quite fun today, although still kinda boring and stone. Ginny tried to teach me a thing or 2 about more blading techniques and I was acting like a clown in front of the SIA building. LOL. So shiok, enjoying blading while getting paid. But it gets tiring and my legs are aching like mad. Ler Ying wants to go ECP to blade tmr somemore... *faints* But I shall go, since I am so active! :pPPPppPPppP

Didn't go Sentosa today because she's sick. Anyway I slept at like 2.30am so I was dead beat and fell asleep right after I reach home... all the way till 8pm, which is why I didn't turn up at the emergency meeting for OBS. Was groggy and all when Eiliang called and I refused to pick up the phone! Quite excited to get to Pulau Ubin man. And thankfully Cindy is taking over me for my job while I go over to the island.

Ping brought her laptop to work. What a xialan temp staff... lol... I'm like still thinking of my poor non-ventilating laptop.

Quite stone. Nothing to say. Tommorrow I shall take some photos. :)

Yesterday was a running around the whole Singapore day, as what I have said in the previous entry. Too lazy to write in full. In short...

Minority Report is a way cool show. Must watch... good plot, and of course, Tom Cruise. :D

Blading job din turn out to be as expected. Had some miscommunication and agency delibrately missed out certain points which are very important. Plus I ended up hired not as a blader but as a flyer distributor. And have to take turn to carry the sandwich board. wtf... But after some negotiation price increased like $1/hr? Still not very happy but whatever, just work I want the money and experience. Fellow blader girl willing to do alternate days of blading and ground swop (legs tired also la)

Met new people nice friends, going Sentosa tmr with 1 of them. :D Kinda like me and Ping's pattern, a lil more style and bochupness.

Saw Eiliang there while distributing the flyers. He is a SECRETARY!! Shall make fun of him during the meeting on Saturday.

Going OBS on Monday. Don't miss me.

Late. Time to sleep. Bye Bye... as I whizz through the Shenton Way tommorrow, or later.

Sunday, July 07, 2002


After a lazy Saturday yesterday hanging out at home with my larry and then to toa payoh to have some thai food and stroll at pasar malam together, plus my lil sis, there is no mood for a busy Sunday. Therefore, Sunday is spent lazing on my bed playing my FFIX which is stagnant at a particular stage for a while. I'm already at the end of disc 3, the whole idea of the game is understood and mainly it's just moving on to complete the game only, and I'm not too in a hurry to end it, otherwise suddenly there will be nothing for me to do.

The only thing I accomplish today was to drive down to Upp Serangoon Shopping Centre to collect the pants I took for alteration, and collected my EZlink card from sweet Michelle, who went down to school just to get it for me!!!! *hugs* Thanx!

On Piracy and more

After I got bored of my FFIX I dug out the few games that I bought weeks/months ago. Games that are like simcity and rollercoaster tycoon. I don't know if I am the piracy idiot who doesn't know how to crack the game, or are the CDs all kok up. The first 1 is installed happily but when I play the game proper, halfway through it closes by itself but the soundtrack continues running. The second one showed me the introduction video, and just as I anticipate a screen that says [PLAY] or something, the video ends and the window closes. wtf

The 3rd 1 refuse to install at 56%, asking me to insert the CD that has the file data3.blahblah (can't remember)

To hell with the PC games. ARGH!!! I'm better off playing my PSone.

finally, a fulfilling day ahead *yipee*

My rollerblading job is starting on Tuesday, briefing on Monday night right before the meeting with the Dean with regards to OBS stuff, followed by more meetings on the games and stuff. I remembered how unenthusiastic I was to go to OBS, but ended up having so much fun, especially the getting to know new people part. Hiaks. Somemore this time, I'm in charge! So... even better...

Going for a girly outing with Zhi Ping to watch some movie and do even more shopping or something. Not sure what we are doing though, then I'd be heading for the briefing, then to school to meet the dean, then for the OBS meeting. I must top up my EZlink and buy the monthly concession pass too. *makes a mental note*

There's some secondary school gathering going on at this very moment and I am sort of waiting for Ler Ying's call to see if she is going, cos other than her, there isn't much people I can/want to talk to there. Secondary school days were great, not because of my classmate but it was more because of the military band. Classmates were just classmates, not like really friends, 'cept for 1 or 2. That's also the problem being in the top class - they're kind 'o boring.

Okay she just called. Guess I'd just go, haven't seen them for a while. Still remember how I can sit 2nd from the front right beside the OHT and still sleep during A math class. But since I always pass with flying colours, the teacher never did anything to me. lol.. *showoff* Heard that my A math teacher will be there too, at the gathering. Shall bring my digi cam along and post some pictures up later, if there is any nice ones.


Saturday, July 06, 2002


I don't know what got into me, but I suddenly had this obession on maximising my time to work as much as I could. Not that I am really in need of money. (I could always use more, of course)

Helped out my boss at the Taka food fair in the Taka Square yesterday. Had to wear this funny looking japanese shirt that those ramen places do. It was so boring and the 2 other guys I was working with were not exactly friendly and the kind of people I enjoy working with. I'm not like damn particular or what though, it's really......... anyhow, all the oil smell and act coolness and mundane workscope with little pay make me not want to go back again. But at least I learnt how to make califonia roll. Here's the picture of the 1st roll I made in my life.

Going out with Larry later. :D

Friday, July 05, 2002


Worked at Pico for 1 day and passed the job on to Ping. Sounds so stupid, like I should have just let her have it right from the start right? Anyway, nevermind. Hope you enjoy working there! I bet you will be reading this from the computer there, and most probably your icqlite is already started despite my helpful suggestions. :P

Hi Sam and Min, if you guys are reading this (due to Ping of course) and remember that she can be bullied. *lol* Make her do the phone calls!

My OBS group is out. I feel like a mother hen calling up my little chicks. Oh there is an Ang Fu Sheng in my team!!!! *gasps*

Thou shalt not make my little chicks cheer like JC kids like the rest from NUS and NTU
Thou shalt not make my little chicks cheer like JC kids like the rest from NUS and NTU
Thou shalt not make my little chicks cheer like JC kids like the rest from NUS and NTU
Thou shalt not make my little chicks cheer like JC kids like the rest from NUS and NTU
Thou shalt not make my little chicks cheer like JC kids like the rest from NUS and NTU
Thou shalt not make my little chicks cheer like JC kids like the rest from NUS and NTU

4 guys and 11 girls, that is what Shaun would say, unhealthy. Must 1 guy to 5 girls then healthy.


Anyway it's time for bed. Good Night.

Thursday, July 04, 2002

MY COUSINS ARE HERE! (and so are my aunt and uncle)

The twins that don't look like twins are here for a simple dinner. So did my other aunt and uncles. Quite a gathering I would say, but clearly the ang moh clan and chinese clan apart, although bilingual some may be. My Uncle Han even said that if he is staying in Singapore, with all the stress factor he'll most probably end up as a truck driver. lol (He is a doctor in Canada btw)

I'm going to start working in some silly office admin job tommorrow. It's so last minute. Can't believe it. Still feeling a bit bad as to whether Ping will mind me having it or not. Do you? *sad face*

Anyway here are some of the shots today, at my house.

that's aunt jacque, the 2 twins, eden, and the toy dog tt is as old as me

Wednesday, July 03, 2002


i woke up late. couldn't get up in time. missed the bowling training. :(

Zhi Ping dropped by my house to get her stuff back, then we headed to Orchard together. Unfortunately, we went into a storewide 50% sale shop and spent another 15 bucks each. She on a nice sarong skirt (which she, after many days of consideration, decided her legs are pretty enough to be flashed in public) and me a nice pair of leather thongs (was $20.90). Nice shoes are never rejected, especially when they are only $10.45, and I need to wear them everyday. :P Bought a yellow brasil inspired top at 5 bucks. Hee hee... I'm a sucker for cheap stuff! But I din anyhow spend, many cute/nice clothes were rejected because its a want not a need.

Went to Levi's and created a lot of trouble for the poor salesgirl. I fell in love with the new 599. It's 2nd hand process, damn rugged. So nice........ but shit it's a whooping $145! Plus my $139.50 one I'm wearing like everyday, that's almost $300 on 2 pairs of jeans. Worth it? Or not. (Afterall, it's made in china, guangzhou in fact)

Here's some of the nonsense pictures we took inside the fitting room.

1.pile of jeans we tried
2. zhiping in 599
3. ma beautiful legs
4. zhiping again

Tuesday, July 02, 2002


Feeling bored and suddenly decided to change the outlook of my blog. Don't pin too high hopes on me, i din come close to creating the look. I got it from this wonderful site . All I did was to personalise it a lil more. Looks more chic than the funny colored site before yeah?

Anyway, hope someone can help me here. How do you archive? Auto? I'm quite lost though. Okay I'm useless.

Yunhuey is laughing in her sleep. Must be some sweet nice dreams. :)

It's the time of the year again. Nanjya Monjya waitress are wearing yukata (ala summer kimonos). Wonder would I have to go back to work there. It is so fun, like for 5 minutes, then you feel miserable being bunned up at the waist and those jap slippers you can hardly walk properly in. Then again, working there beats being bored at kiku sometimes. Aiya contradiction.

Ping doesn't want to work at Kiku anymore. Don't really blame her also, the pay they offering is low. Can't compare also. I've got experience leh... It raises with time though... do think twice lar, it's fun to work together. Besides, since the hours we work are short, there isn't much differences.

And I have no idea what the future lies for me and my man, though there is no doubt I want to be with him. But there is always a but. Can I just go on without thinking?


Monday, July 01, 2002

VIVA LA BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OLE OLE OLE!!!! BRASIL BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my team WON the cup!!!! YOU ROCK MAN BRASIL!!!!

Stayed at home to watch soccer after much ponder on where to go. So silly... sweet ol' Ping and Mark duo came down to my house to get the World Cup Fever, but we were all quite stone actually. (Ping wouldn't have came if something did not happen... *bleh*) Anyhow... thanx! :D

I'm having gastric flu, I think, or so I think. It's really bad, for the past few days. Feels miserable all these while but refusing to go to the doctor's.

Here's some of the pictures we took for the past 2 days. Always having this thing about neoprint pics, meaning take it yourself shots.