Thursday, July 29, 2004

3rd morning here. Went for a great meal at Chinatown. I mean it's fantastically cheap. Thank you Bangkok. I love your big head prawns and ultra fresh steam fish. And your oysters too.

Anyway we finally got a mobile line. It's at +66 (if that is the Thailand country code, i think it is) 07 0933093. Don't call us, just SMS, and we will call you back as we gotten ourselves some cheap calling card too. About 20 cents a min to call Singapore. So just beep us, we call you if you miss us k.

Okay, bye for now! Today is massage day

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

(This entry is mainly for Ping's knowledge)

I'm here already. Khao San is still just as cool as when we left it.

The 3 of us are sitting here at one of the internet cafe (1B per minute). Found a temporary place to stay at Khao San of course, with air con and a queen bed + single bed for 24 SGD a day. Went to Chula today and took a picture in School UNIFORM (we borrowed it, waiting for you to come and buy it together) for our student card. The BBA office people are really friendly and there is this broken wrist which Jason totally cannot stand but me and Rose can picture ourselves going for manicure with him.

Yes, the uniform is very small, very tight. But I'm sure we will start a new trend, or be frown upon. (You know, I'm seriously worried we wun fit into those clothes. The girls here have waist of 24 and below. Even the belt I think, we can only wear on our thighs.

He sourced for a place for us to stay which is real near school (5 mins bus?) and will cost only 10,000B. I doubt it;d be 3 bedrooms, but anyway we will be visiting the apartment hopefully tommorrow. The catch is the people staying there are moving out only on the 4th, so your greatest fears of not having a place when you arrive may come true should we like the place and all. But 2 days only lah.

And contrary to popular beliefs, AirAsia's aircon is quite power. Heh, and drinks are served at like 20B or so, so can buy.

Hurry along, I'm waiting for you to shop with me. You know it's much more fun with real shopaholics.

P.S. Thank you my darlings for sending me off!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Dear all,

As an active blogger user, Hui has got her gmail too. Flood me with kind words (no spams, unless it's hardcore porn, I like :P)

I'm intending to use this for life like for my resumes and stuff in the future so I'm going kick your dick puny if you sign me up for any spam.

Meanwhile, I'm about off to get prepared for the silly 20th Anniversary D&D AJC has. Waste of my time and money.

Music: A neighbour kid is playing his recorder - that Alisan de Gu niang song. SO classic.
P.S. You - I hope you know that I'm not very happy about how the telephone conversation went either.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

At 2.39am, Hui is still not sleeping. She told her bro she'd take 10 mins more on the net, at about 11pm.

Hui's not sleeping because she slept a lot the whole day. And the day before. And the day before yesterday. And usually she's playing PS or watching her baby play PS and/or falling asleep slowly at this time.

Now Hui is trying her best to surf the net, and has exhausted all of her 200something friends' pictures and profiles and testimonials.

So she blogs, although she blogged less than 5 hours ago.

And she speaks in 3rd person, just because she has nothing better to do.

No, you can never spend too much time with anyone. Because I am dying now that he is at home. The bed is too big. For me alone.

(But nothing's gonna change my love for you Chee Peng, and of cos Ping Ching Kong Piang)

Nokia + Sentosa tommorrow = Great sun no fun + ugly tannlines + short mini skirt @work.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

6 days to Thailand, and Terrific Tuesday was a day where I manage to strike off lots of my To-dos. I managed to do my Visa, bought my Travel Insurance, bought Lonely Planet Thailand ($20 bucks off Kino price no less) and looked around Far East to check out the latest trends so as to continue my e-business plans.  I even sneaked a 1/2 price waffle at Gelare (Tuesday is Waffle day!) And today I managed to pack my luggage, or should I say instead, chose the clothes I intend to bring over. 15kg limit + a land of unlimited cheap clothings and everything else doesn't make things too easy. Good bye my only worn once (or not yet worn!) Mangoes, Zaras. Let's pray they won't go out of fashion come December.

I'm getting quite a bit excited as the date nears, but it's still quite hard to just pack and go. Like I have been Nokia-ing the past many weekends and hardly spent time with my family ( I am, a very family oriented person). And during weeknights, I'm usually just occupied with saving the world with my thumb and index finger on this thing called the Playstation and a shiny CD with FF printed. With my domestic pet as well. (So gonna miss you!)

Plus all the friends I have not met the whole holiday because of my internship, all the dinner dates that I forgot, we put off or whatever. I'm sorry! Please forgive me!

Btw, I just subscribed to a yahoo mail cos I realised it has 100mb storage. Yummy. Goodbye silly 2mb hotmail. Email me at effyhui (at) yahoo (dot) com okay?

Btw, I realised that the latest trends in Friendster is people put their Convo pics. (Okae, yes I am THAT bored and THAT no life!)

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Template changed. Yet to customise. Sorry peeps, your comments are all gone. You can comment again if you think I have yet to read it and/or you'd like your big name posted up.

Good day my ladies and good sirs.

Monday, July 12, 2004

You know, I don't exactly like the way I am feeling right now.

I'm actually dreading the trip by just a bit. Like honestly the whole impact of yeah I'm going away! is not there anymore. Not like yucks I don't wanna go, but maybe I'm too free (sorry Ping) and nothing much to do (sorry Ping) that I'm feeling this slight misery. And my guess is I'd feel withdrawn there like never before, but that can be managed in a while. Of course what that will add to it has been mentioned earlier - my level of nothing-to-do-ness matched with my inability to complete my games due to piracy. Wtf really.

But I'm starting a good book and it's beginning to get quite exciting. That I am quite happy about (thank you darling).

And I'm feeling kinda jaded about relationships. Not boy-girl (isn't it like male-female man-woman homme-femme for us now?) relationship but with people, with friends and stuff. I am so beginning to not understand some people whom I once thought I did. And the masquerade thingy? Congratulations here's another.

And for moments in my life I wondered, is it me? Why do we never read each other in the right way? All I want may be to have a pack of snack and you'd think that I want the snack because of this, because of that. Sometimes there is NO cause of action. You just - want. And if that means I am a selfish person who only take in a relationship and not give?

But I conclude nope not me alone. It's just that you 2 are never meant to be. Good we found out. Not soon enough.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

you seriously wouldn't believe this. as i set forth to complete my ff9 (not 10), it hung on me at the 2nd last king too!

what, you mean i'm not allowed to complete ANY games?

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Here are the important things that I have to do before I leave for the Land of Smiles.

1. Complete FFX (it died on me at a critical stage - JUST!)
2. Complete Dragoon with my boo
3. Fix up my laptop, maybe even (for the first time) reformat it. Too much parasites and pop ups.
4. Fix up the internet at my place (it's working half the time now)
5. Visit the dentist about the lousy filling
6. Make my Student Visa
7. Clear up my locker
8. Try to find a place to stay
9. Change the template of my blog

Remember people, (not like I'm counting down), I'm leaving in 21 days. That's exactly 3 weeks for you. If you are going to like miss me, better book an appointment with me. Depending on your value in my heart, I have to decide if you are worth my time away from the all wonderful PS2.

Just kidding, I'm sure you guys will.

I'd be bumming around at home most of the time. It has been tested and proven to be the most effective way of saving money with GSS lurking about. Besides, I only had this room for 2 months and I'm leaving it again. But don't just turn up at my place cos I might be ahem you know busy.

Btw, I just found out about that I had this ex-bf from fren 1, who heard it from fren 2, who heard it from fren 3, who somehow knew him through some hobby which shall remain unnamed. Yep. I know who he is, but I really, really never knew when we were each others. Amazing, sometimes, how things turn out.

And say hi to my new pet, Ch'Bomba. Picture of him will be posted up when I feel like it.

Friday, July 02, 2004

It's not true. Ping, you told me that I don't have anything but a lot of money. But I just checked my ibank statement. My money is flowing out TOO FAST, just the same! It's depleting. Rather quickly, mysteriously too.

Thank you Zara, Thank you Mango. Hello new skirt, hello new top(s).

And so, my aim in life is to NOT go to town, but to go skating, gym and other forms of exercises to keep me busy, healthy and rich (I mean, not poorer).

And we miss you Chee Peng! (Chee Peng, Chee Peng, oh baby, she moves, she moves...)