Thursday, November 30, 2006


Don't seem like a likely equation to you? Think again.

The thought of continuing my education is recently one of the things I've been pondering about. Should I go back to school?

In case you didn't know, my long term goal in life (a few years ago) is to do it all the way - basically completing the whole education system, and ultimately become an academic. In what field? Don't know. But it's a long term goal right? Don't have to be so specific.

So there. While having a Biz degree doesn't equate the fact that I should do an MBA, MBA is the most logical progression for clueless me. Also, the branding of MBA takes you so much further than say a Masters in Philosophy, or any other Social Science, unless I want to teach.

At first, I thought of doing the Law Conversion program where I can take a year in this program and then it will be just the same as any law degree. Maybe because I was dealing with solicitors, I thought the idea of Law is quite cool. After all even though I can't say I've always wanted to do law, but it could be an option. Except that this means I will need to go 1 year here, and then another year back in NUS just to practice in Singapore (if I want to practice in Singapore). So I'd be going through all the trouble just to get a Bachelor's degree equivalent, not very enticing.

To be honest I haven't done any research as to which uni is good, how much exactly, when to apply, what to do - because I want to do that only after I have convinced myself I want to do it now. And after some quick calculation, the amount of loan I'd be taking up will be anything between $70,000 to $120,000.

Which is why I said BMW.

Is education a worthy investment? I tried to think of it in different respects:

1. Financially rewarding?
Let's be honest. In this dog-eat-dog world, it's the experience that counts. Subjected to the industry. In the financial industry, your papers still count. Having a good Masters degree from a reputable university is the way to buy into any prestigious graduate programs. Sure, if you had a 1:1 in your Bachelor, you could have gotten in too. But let's face it, that is already past and I did not get anywhere near a 1:1 so I have to let it go.


Do I really want this sort of lifestyle (let's just assume that it is possible for now)? The struggle to climb up the ladder, the 60 70 80 hour weeks, the kiss goodbye to friends and families, social life? The stress, the pressure.... the MONEY?

I can't answer.

And unfortunately it is not like I will have a choice after I graduate. If I decide to embark on this MBA, I jolly well have to get a well paid job so that I can pay back my debts. A very rough estimate shows if I repay $1,500 a month, it takes about 5 years. Which brings me to my second hesitation:

2. Bye Bye Singapore?

Let's be realistic. What kind of f*cking job can I get that will allow me to repay $1,500 and still have enough to spend in Singapore? Which means, the prestigious graduate program I hope to get into will most likely not be in Singapore, unless I so bravely and so freaking (un)luckily get into the world of the i-wankers (otherwise known as Investment Bankers), which, in the first place, I seriously don't have much interest in, which means I probably wouldn't apply for, and second, it isn't like you want to get in means can get in one loh.

That means I will have to kiss Singapore goodbye for a good few years until I repay my loan, or accumulated enough experience to command a certain level of wage back in .SG

But then again, given how cars depreciate 20% the moment you start the engine, and people spend hundreds and thousands per month just to be able to own a car, and I am more than willing to not own a car for the next 5 years, does that mean I should do it?

What do you think? Drop a comment, or write me an email for more privacy.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Slumber party extended

My life thus far after my little trips has been revolving around a girl. I’ve practically moved into her apartment, and sleeps on her bed. We tell each other about our life story, talk about boys, decide what to wear the next day (in all seriousness), talk about existentialism, get stone, and eat a lot of rice together.

It’s strange how two years ago I simply assumed that I will not get along with her. Turns out she rocks. I love her. Talk about listening to only one side of the story.

It is almost exactly one month to Calgary and I can’t wait. I don’t exactly have clothes that I can wear at -15 degrees, and after consulting some experts they think if I layer 7 layers I could possibly survive. I wonder how can people look sexy there. Here, if you are brave enough, still can wear mini skirts and thick thick stockings lah. But -15, siao boh?

I did a quick calculation and realized that in the worst case scenario where I can’t get a job, I will just simply go to Dublin to visit Michele and Aberdeen to visit Leonard and enjoy myself, cos I actually still can afford it because I scrimped and saved (I love the Sterling Pound!) So I can actually don’t work at all! Woohoo! But I will try to look for a job lah.

Being very??(zi lian), I’ve decided to post up a picture of myself. My hair very long already hor?

Anyway, that’s Jason, clinging on very tight to me because we were at a Gay Bar and he was very scared he kana molested. Don’t see he look so happy in this picture, actually he very scared one! Kakaka. Eventually he still got his ass pinched. That was a bar where if me and Cui stripped naked, no one might even bat their eyelid.

And that is a collage I made when I was bored. :P

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

El Camino de Santiago

I met this guy in the hostel I stayed in Barcelona. He took out the Spain map to show me where he was heading after BCN.

I then noticed he traced out a route in the north of Spain with a pen. Something like this:

So I asked him, what is that?

He said, that's the El Camino de Santiago (the Route to St James). I walked!

I was like yeah right. But I went home and googled. Apparently I am just very suaku. There is such a thing. And not only is there such a thing, it is the most holy route of Christianity. And millions of people do it every year.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it took him 1 month to complete it.

And I have decided (or have very very seriously considered) doing it. Next year, in April or May, or after October. (Go in Summer die of heat stroke).

And I have persuaded Cui and Jason too! What a surprise. From that simi lan face he gave me 2 weeks ago, now he is saying he is seriously thinking about it. Woohoo!

It's one of those things in life, I feel, that I have to do and put a strikethrough it and said,

Yes. I've done the Camino.

Just like performing at the Esplanade.

Somehow, 2007 is looking good. It's hard to imagine anything better than 2006.

Okay lah, actually, can lah.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Shopping and Relationship

One of the random conversations I had recently was about how relationships are just like shopping.

Sometimes, when all you want is a pair of shoes, say a pair of black boots, but you end up buying something else that is really, really different. Like a dress.

Just like men. You end up getting someone you didn't set off on a lookout for.

Or it could be the right item. Except that the look is for the wrong occasion. Like you need a pretty black dress, and you find one, but it looks a little too fun for the ball you are attending.

Just like men. When you are on the lookout for someone serious, someone who is out to have some fun comes along.

And when you are out for a shopping trip, even with a target, like the pair of black boots, or the pretty black dress we mentioned earlier, you'd comb through the entire department store, or worse, the entire shopping centre, or worst, the entire Orchard Road before you are convinced that the very first one you set your eyes on is the most value for money and worth buying. What's worse, sekali when you go back to that store, the item is gone!

Also, we what looks good on the hanger, or the mannequin, may look better on the hanger, or the mannequin. Or another girl. Not everything is suitable for everyone. You need to choose something that will flatter your assets, and hide your flaws. And the same thing goes, something that may look blah on the hanger may be full of potential.

I can go on and on. But I shall stop. Alas! Finally, I can relate 2 things that I go weak all over together!

Not that it is the most pleasant relationship.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Philosophy makes me think too much. (It just suddenly dawn on me, why Sophie was call Sophie!) Following the intensive 3 nights’s marathon of reading Sophie’s World just because I really felt that it was time to finish the book, I fell into the great depression. I closed my eyes and questions kept ringing in my head. I couldn’t get on the internet, I went to the library and got picked on by the librarian, heard news I don’t want to hear, walked home and sat up in my bed, back against the 90 degrees of my bedroom wall, feet curled up, body wrapped underneath my duvet, and walloped in self pity for 2 hours, staring into space, and occasionally the four purple walls.

It was the dumbest reasons to get depressed. And I still don’t know if it was the cause of it all.

So then I accepted the invitation to go to Reading to visit a dear friend who is back in school. And there I attended my first Student Union party in England, slept in, played Final Fantasy XII on PS2 on the bed, watched DVDs, food cooked, dishes washed.

Nice. Reminded me of Shaun. Every girl who plays computer games needs a Shaun in their life to play computer games with. (But Shaun makes me wash up) When I told Shaun I found my Shaun in London, he said he will kill this guy so that he will be the only one in this world that can do that for me and so I will come back home. Isn’t it great to have friends who love you so much?

And yesterday night, I just busted this guy’s ego (which was so inflated he was floating around near the ceiling of the pub) big time. He was going on and on in that sleazy voice saying oh yeah baby you are so going to come home with me tonight.

Yeah right. So I played along and in the mids of his big speech as we walked out of the place I put my hands on his lips and said,

Look here mate, this is not going to happen. Nice meeting you.

And I just literally ran off and caught my night bus, feeling very happy with myself. Even though my dear friend left the pub without me (!!!!!), it made my day.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Another one of those things I can strike off

I've finally finally completed Sophie's World.

Strangely, it is making me feel a lot more than a book should.