Sunday, February 29, 2004

I must not buy anymore things for at least one week.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

As bimbotic as it sounds, I'm depress over a pair of pretty pumps that are too small. Why depress? Cos I'm wearing it now and it hurts my feet.

Monday, February 23, 2004

I'm abstaining

from schoolwork today.

nothing about school

will not check my smu email

not even read spanish

just surfing around and auctioning

because you and i know

this day ends today.

tommorrow, we start again.


Saturday, February 21, 2004

I love talking to my parents, often they'd give me good insights. But most of the time I just like to share news and latest gossips about some stupid stars and even my friends :X

Anyway I was telling them about the picked-up-near-my-house incident when they fetched me to school for my los bonos test, so as to hopefully get more rides from them because of the apparent danger on the streets nowadays :P, but too bad they din catch the hint and my mom was saying how once upon a time she was picked up at People's Park Complex by the man selling handbags. My dad was saying he must have not known my mom yet, but in actual fact they were already married. Then straight away he changed his tone to those yaya don't-doubt-my-taste-hor ones and that my mom is also considered a beauty.

doink! but so funny haha

And why am I blogging at 8am? Cos I'm waiting for my mid term exams lor. :((

Friday, February 20, 2004

studying for bonds
makes me worn
it's such a yawn
i'd much rather go play my horn

its so difficult i cannot understand non
at this rate i'm studyin till dawn
till my eyes are torn
almost wish i've never been born

ok im gone.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

All I want for February is

Sunblock for my mangkali face
More time so I can do what I want, like read that book
More money to get my family outta what we are going through

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The hectic-o-meter has reached an all time high this semster. (Not stressed up as yet, fortunately, but soon, soon.) Maybe I've been this hectic before, like in Year 1 or something during my Beach Party, but this one is quite a killer.

I had like 2 test last week, 2 this week (one a mid term), one more after the term break. And another presentation tommorrow and I'm not even close to have done anything at all for it.

And in like a months time, all the projects will be due.

And I'm now in the library attempting to mug. There's this weird guy that keeps staring at me.....
Yeah! Here's what Rose wrote for Hui:

Hui, a bonus rose got for knowing ping
God knows she does such lovely thing
Like writing rose a sweet poem with so much feeling
Which touched rose and left her tearing

As requested rose wrote Hui a poem back
Thinking so hard her brain almost crack
Straining her eyes and neck
As long as Hui likes it, oh what the heck

Small little steps Hui always take
Too afraid that she might make a mistake
Look at the way she nibbles at her cake
With her modest little mouth she is not trying to fake
That she’s a pretty babe without her make
I can swear Hui is not pretentious for heaven’s sake

5 in the morning the time now is
Still rose haven’t got her printer fix
‘cos there is still something amiss
And here she is writing poem for one of her precious miss
Really hopes she would be please
And when she meets rose tomorrow, she would give her a kiss

We’ve come to the end of the poem that rose wrote for Hui
Hopefully she won’t say ‘pui’
Such lousy poem ‘shei bu hui!’

Monday, February 16, 2004

After reading S-man's blog, me and Rosie decided to take up the challenge to write a rhyming poem about each other. But after the stipulated time, only I came up with something, cos she was fumbling over the HELP section of printers. :X

Anyway, it's bad but here it goes:

I love a Rose
Who likes to pick her nose
Isn’t that gross
So I’m not writing her a prose

She love to boast
About how much she toast
Wins all from coast to coast

But hey she really can sing
Much better than Ping (die!)
Melodies fly ring-a-ling-ling
All the contests she could win

i met her the day
i windsurfed at bay
her hair looked like hay
but it was okay

never you’d guess
she is not just a lass

she is so game
and tries stuff that are lame

ate all weird food
which’s not jolly good

learns how to break
eventhough she twisted her leg
still all the poses she make
totally makes me weak

she talks real loud
sometimes nothing much about

yet we pretend to be interested
so she wouldn’t be hurt

and I love her so much
So I hope she’d be touch
As writing poems to rhyme
Really takes a lot of time

And hope I'd have mine
As soon as she reads this line.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Yesterday we consolidated; now we play Sony's console; tomorrow we will excel in loans. All of no sleep, no rest, for 2 daze.

And it goes on, and on, and on, and on.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Hurrah! Rejoice at my no longer patchy hair. I'm now a changed woman with Macademia colored hair and self inflicted haircut in my toilet, layering off bunches of unsightlies. While the hairdo may be not very noticeable because of being risk adverse (I mean, how risk loving can you get when you anyhow snip off the back of your hair when u cannot see, talk about reaching properly), I feel better, lighter, freer!

Now let's get down to studying for the test. :P
All the weekly 7k runs (ok only thrice so far) are almost in vain by the amount of rubbish I down today at the steamboat bbQ. But it's yummy, and you cannot help it. And the best part is, I don't feel guilty.

Anyway ma bro and gf will be going to Pulau Redang like soon, the place I've been dying to go since 2 years ago before it was all hoola. But for the fact that I am trying to scrimp and save (to my weakest ability) makes me reluctant to even think about it again. But of course if I go for my exchange programme I'd be going to so many more great places. Ben, who went Finland, went to Paris, London, Spain (and about 5 more places which I kinda forgotten) all for about 10k inc' airfare. Man, 10k. But I want to trot down the pigeon filled Paris street and have a cuppa at the sidewalk, and visit the rainy London I love. Or even if I have to go to Canada or USA, that'd be just as great. so Pulau Redang will have to wait, I suppose. It can wait.

I looked at the mirror and realised that my hair is real awful. It's blonde at the top (very unlike the pink I wanted, or the grey thereafter) and kinda well, I don't even know how to describe it. Thought of getting a snip but it's just been done in January before CNY. Apparently contary to Ping's really traumatising experience at the KUAI DIAN place, I thought my hair look better when cut at another $10 10 mins place, as compared to my last haircut at Far East. It's still very much layered, but it's just quite ugly. Maybe I'd drop by the Auntie's sometime next week when all my test and reports are done.

Meanwhile, I'd just have to dig out my bottle of wax and start using it again. Hopefully it'd help.

And I forgot about the bowling IVP. So I din go and support them or turn up despite being the "reserve". How great. :X

Latest conquer: New nike shoebag.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Okay, so here's how tough my life seem to be. Just completed my assignment due tommorrow. You could probably check out the time I blogged this down. Apart from this, another one coming next week alongside 2 test on the same day. And another following week. Did I mention they are like ACCT and FNCE related?

Apart from that, I still want to squeeeeze in a bit of jobs here and there to fulfill my Americano (or anywhere else also can la) dream and of course milk the cows for the coming-soon vday lah, his bday lah, anniv la. All at the same month.

Anyway I think this is a silly observation but me and apparently my friends (who are all of you) like to plan things such a way that no time is to be wasted. Even if it's to buy bus stamp, we also include a trip to the library to borrow Espanol books and eat dinner. Even walking from a building to another in SMU to run some errands too, we plan out the route, mentally or not.

What's this, the curse of the modern world? Everything also must plan plan plan.

No more imprompteus in life.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

my laptop just died on me. Screen, blacked out.


Sunday, February 01, 2004

garlic isn't girl's best friend

Try eating it wholesale like one whole piece. Even if it's been stewed in a soup for a long time, still very lethal.

When you first eat it it's okay, but wait till it gets down your throat, it burns like mad. Then you feel it going down your chest and finally into your stomach. It's disgusting man.

Anyway, picture perfect. Check out the power of LG G7100. Photographer: Mr Magician

Sights at Sentosa

Sights of us

P.S. Sorry ah ZP not i dowan to put your pic, but dun haf nice ones. :P