Thursday, September 30, 2004

oH no, new shoes, new everything

again. once again, no one can resist $10 shoes that cost 3 times the price in Singapore. Or that skirt I know I can wear to office once I find a job, that cost $8, or that corduroy jacket that matches my hair for $24?

I failed you darling.

And people, please look at my auctions. Got a lot more Adidas jackets for sale.

And don't tell anyone that once I log off I'm meeting Ping at MBK. God knows what good things will happen today. Muahaha.

And I'm soOOoO excited about tommorrow. Got nice things planned ahead for the ones I loved, because...


Sia ZhiPing's BdaE!

I doubt I'd be coming online tonight, so I have to post it a lil earlier. Happy birthday honey bunny. You're the greatest.

Do call us during the meal. love ya

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Thai Culture

Almost couldn't believe my ears when I heard this in the Philo class.

Apparently, the gender discrimination, or rather, expectation is so blantantly absurd here that I am utterly disgusted.

See this 2 horny students were well horny. And they din have a place to go. So they decided to have a go on the public bus. (For how and why, please leave it to your own imagination, mine was rather wild though :P)

And they were caught. And of course the papers made a big fuss (which of course we could not understand because it will be reported in our version of lianhe wan bao) which will of course be in Thai.

So the Thai officials thought about it and decided that this has to stop. So what do they do? They decided to put a signboard, ON the buses, that says:

"Thai Women Should NOT be Promiscuous"(sorry for the mistake)

So we learn, only the woman was involved, the only one who was having sex. All by herself. The guy was totally forgotten. Or maybe he ain't wrong. Just like how they should have sex before marriage cos they need the experience, and have many wives and even more kids like King Mongkut.

I dunno man. I'm no Feminist or shit but this is SO wrong.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

I feel like a fool

It's 9.28am GMT+7. It's a Saturday morning. 3 silly girls, who were mugging till 4.30am the night before, showed up in school in a blue-red taxi. Because they were supposed to have a mid term exam.

Just yesterday, these 3 did not know where the exam venue was. Almost went to the wrong place.

It turns out that this time, we got the venue right. But what went wrong?

The paper is at 1pm.

Friday, September 24, 2004

And you said goodbye

Haiyah, it all ended too soon. One blink of the eye, you came.

Another blink, we kissed goodbye.

Soon k. Soon. I promise. Get your bills paid hor

P.S. One last stupid mid term paper to go. All I wanna do, is have some fun (and sleep).

Friday, September 17, 2004

My life seems finally falling into a routine. There is nothing much to looking forward to, except to go to school, then to swim and then to gym after school. Afterwhich, we will boringly eat the roadside store nearby and go home, where Ping will put on her Simply White, and Rose will play FF Tactics.

Me? Read A Beautiful Mind or relak one corner or go to the internet cafe.

So boring right.

But I think October will be FAR more exciting. With trips coming up (down South) to all the beautiful islands like Ko Pha Ngan and Samui and Krabi and Phi Phi and Tao, I'm sure it will all be good.

And I just found tickets to Chiang Mai for 399B. Including airport taxes and other surcharges, one pays a good S$23.50! My gawd.

AirAsia, you have noooooo idea how muchie I lurvee you.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A proud of myself post.

Ahem. I bought a 8 bucks bikinis, in white and pink (though it sounds bimbotic, it's actually quite okay). It's a lil too big for my small boobies, but I guess it just covers more, which is good news to those that do not like me to be in too little when not in their presence.

And did I mention that insofar, I own 6 pair of shoes from BKK already? But fret not, of which, 4 are 8 bucks each. (I haven't included slippers and sandals actually)

And too many tops? And about 4 vintage jackets (I have 3 at home)? And only 1 set of uniform?

I love Thailand.

Monday, September 13, 2004

I should really start to read the news. My Shaunie was on the front page for being a young aspiring investor. And I din know till he forwarded the picture to me.

And hey, the proud part is, I was one of the 3 friends who had faith in him and pool money for him to open the 25k account.

I'm not dying to earn from it lah, but hey I know you're so going to make it big one day.

So proud of you!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

I just spent the most fulfilling and happiest 2 days in my Thailand life. Kanchanaburi is hidden treasure man. Thank you everyone, for not knowing much about it, Thank You Lonely Planet, for not giving it too rave review. Thank you for not doing justice to it.

Which is why it is the road less travelled. Which is why it remains, my (and Ping and Rose's) heaven on Earth.

I'd be back. Beg me for pictures.

Trekked . 5km up . 7 tier waterfall . beautiful . clean . little fishes . so much waterfall . little people . raining . wet . almost fell . fell . happy . back to town . great guesthouse . ultra cheap . good food . cheap . happy . home . sad . rose wallet gone .

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Since I've been complained by Mr Daggerrrrr (how many R is that?) that I haven't blogged for ages and since I haven't got much to do online, (Please don't think that I have got no life, I was requested to be so, whereas my 2 other angels are out drinking and chilling out with the rest nearby) here's a lil' geez of what that had happened to us for the past few days.

Anyway I am feeling very, very, very sian. Even a lil cheated.

Anyway, for the a little more "interesting" stuff. The trios have signed up for a membership which entitles them to gym (with personal trainer no less), an okay pool, steam bath and sauna. For 1200B, that's about $50/month. So now it's Operation Jianfei. For the first time in SMU exchange history, we will return home without gaining pounds (hopefully).

That's all I have to say though. Till again.