Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guest bloggin

I made a guest appearance at my husband's one year never update blog! Read about my latest eating fest here!

I kana arrow to sing at the group (note: not Singapore branch, but the entire group) D&D in Hokkaido! Wah rau going to malu in front of the entire PSG! :(

Now I am taking my own vocal lessons on youtube. You want me to do then I do until swee swee for you ah*!

* disclaimer: to my best ability only. definition of swee swee is subjective

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random few points to bring up

While having a bonding lunch with my roommate for my upcoming Hokkaido trip, I shared, you know, some background of myself. After I was done, she simply said, "aye, you really don't look like that sort. I must stop typecasting people".

And the reason she gave was the manicured nails and the clothes I wear. So cute. My boss's boss , whilst giving me a lift home one day, confessed that when she interviewed me, she felt that I didn't seem like the type of person who has gone through a lot and will be able to chiong hard for the job; ie, she was not sure if I will be able to make it

And the reason she gave was, cos I am such an ah nia. When I told her I came from y0ur friendly neighbourhood secondary school and have friends who are (or married) people who are typical ah bengs that sells second-hand mobiles at TPY and drive a Suba-lu, again - 'don't look like le'. I tell her I lived in backpackers and B&Bs, she gasps. And when I said I left Singapore to Europe to live a new life and discard the useless baggage of a person, she didn't believe it.

Part of my job is to remain neutral to everyone, yet it is so easy, so easy, to simply look at a resume and go... aiyo, job hopper - delete. wah lau, asking for the sky, english cannot make it, don't call him up. But what I forgot is, they are someone's father who need to be fed too. So I will keep a mental note to myself not to fall into the trap of pigeon-holing individuals (down to their blood group).

However, on a separate note, while helping one of my closest friends delibrate about her career crossroad (I'm glad I had the capacity to provide some insights ;>), I remembered something I read somewhere...

Companies never make a single person indispensible. Even all the CXOs of MNCs get axed but the company goes on. If one day you fall dead on the ground, the company may suffer the lost of a talent and potentially a significant earning, but in a short turnaround time, there will be someone to take over your post (that is why we need Headhunters!) and everyone moves on. Yet it will be your family - your children spouse parent friends relatives - that will suffer eternally by your lost. So why the hell do people sell their lives to the company and not spend more time with your loved ones?

I have been spreading this love message around (my office too) to remind everyone that really, time and tide wait for no man. I don't want to be a superwoman. I want my children to love me as their mother, who is always there for them, and not one who goes home at 10pm but buys them anything in the world.

Hope it gets into you too. Cheers.