Saturday, June 30, 2007

London can be green

Since I am at home and free most of the time, packed my bag for Budapest and it's still broad daylight, I should just post a bit more about London. Because I never do.

So I went to the Hackney marshes. It's a nice big park with marshes (duh) and lots of open space and greens. It was a nice day - no rain, great wind, I struggled a little wearing not too much for the 18 degrees (not counting wind chill). But, it was great and one of the few times I've seen the beautiful greeneries of London.

There I had a great walk of about an hour or more thinking about life, as such. Lots came to my head, lots brushed aside, lots to be pondered, lots.

It was a good walk. I liked it. And here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The London's answer to Bah Chor Mee

Right at home in the cosy East London pad.

Cooking courtesy of Cui and Hui. Photo of Barney's bowl of noodles, using the 'man bowl' that only he uses to eat.

Doesn't it look authentic?

Thank you baby, for reminding me that everything is a mixture of soya sauce, chilli, oyster sauce and sesame oil. This is too :D

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My first dinner in London - Emperor Chicken!

My first ever Emperor Chicken. Spices complimentary of my Clifton. It took one halal chicken (which the English thinks is better because they somehow had this idea that it is free-ranged, which is not possible cos they are like SO FAT, and I explained to wide eyed Barney that it's just the way the kill it).

It may not look much, but it's actually super duper delicious. It took 2.5 hours of steaming, which we do not have like a deep enough pot, so I innovated and covered the lid with Aluminium foil. Hehehehe.

Yum. I'm happy.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Of birthdays

It's funny how in a recent conversation with a friend when we talked about birthdays did I realise that it is not that birthdays have never been a big deal to me. I reckon it could be just sour grapes. Whilst I don't recall having any miserable years of crying in bed because no one celebrated my birthday for me, there had never been an explosive surprisingly I'd-remember-this-my-whole-life sort.

Yet at the same time, I seem to be spending my entire life trying to make others' birthdays as good as possible.

This post isn't about 'what's the deal about Birthdays?'. Surely the day you were born is just another freaking day, but everything can be used as an excuse anyway. It's more like, if I, and many other people have been trying to plot good birthdays for people, how come I don't see that many good memorable parties?

On a separate note, it has been reminicising times. I was reading Ping's archives from 2003 (when we were young and silly, really) and this just caught my attention:

If I could wish for a perfect life, it would be tempting.
But I would decline for there is nothing to learn from life.

At the tender age of 24 going 25, after about 20s of pondering, I've decided:

I will accept the perfect life.

Life is a journey, but I will be happy not learning and enjoying it for the rest of the few decades I have in the perfect way with the perfect guy and all my wonderful friends. That is tempting enough.