Monday, May 31, 2004

After eating so freaking much junkies over the weekend, I promise myself to detox a lil'. I managed to not drink anything sweet, all h20 and a lipton tea, plus only cereals for lunchie.

But in the end, I couldn't.

I ate a cupful of B&Js.

P.S. Do you guys miss seeing me online or not? :D

Monday, May 24, 2004

You won't be seeing me online quite often because of the following reason:

1. Shifting in progress. Very busy.
2. Not broadband ready home as yet. In a few days.
3. I am a Simleon.

And you'd likely not see too many comments because most who comments are Sim-ing too.

BTW, I'm at my still Wireless connected ol' home right now clearing up and hence squeezing some time to blog.

So for those who miss me, you can SMS or call me at my N-gage. :D I might put you on loudspeaker to Sim on though.

And if you don't understand what I'm saying now, it's okay. Don't ask.

P.S. I was such a mean typing machine today at work that my eyes were a blurrrrrr and my head spinning when I reached Boon Lay MRT station. My fingers even felt cramp. All because my boss is going KL tommorrow and need the figures, which is already in the system but the lousy people at Annex 2 (the Computer poops) couldn't extract them out from the system and I was typing it all out again from the print out. How kok is that. Guess I'd be dreaming about the excel spreadsheet.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Of little pleasures and little vices

an entry drafted at work

I've finally fulfilled a part one part of my adolescent dream of performing at the durian (served chill). Unfortunately however, as the dream is coming true, it does not have that fairy tale effect I have thought it would have the sensation was simply

yeah dream came true. period.

The hall was not as magnificent or grand as I thought, Sweets said its already one of the best around. So blame it on the pictures they painted in my mind with their artist's impression long ago. I'm glad, but disappointed not so much of the venue but how I felt about the whole thing.

One thing real amazing which caught my attention greatly though is the wonderful backstage, designed cleverly in a circle shape so that when one's lost they won't bang their head against the wall (then again, finding oneself at the hsame spot might) the resting area for artiste are great, hotel standard really. Oh and I like the unisex toilet concept too!

Smoochies and moochies to darlings who turned up, and to those who wanted to but couldn't due to yours truly's folly. Remember, you guys were there with me through my virginal attempt, and I'd tell Hui junior about it in the future.

But having said that, I'm still prefer the theatre. I feel so different in there, maybe it's the grand stage, maybe its the show that is put up, maybe (likely not) its the company, maybe I'm just sick of concerts, maybe it's the under-20 audience. Whatever it is, yup my dream has fulfilled. Period.

As a reward to my dream come true (I hope when Price Charming arrive, the sensation won't be such), I'm buying a tub of B&J. All is welcome. But you must help me pray that it won't melt on my hour long journey home.

"Thou shalt not melt!"

And hence the little pleasures and vices in life.

P.S. Do you think my butt is too small? I always don't seem to fill up a skirt properly. Mind you, I do love the way it looks, just wanted some 2nd 3rd 4th 5th opinion on it, cos I saw a girl wearing the mini I own and her ass cups nicely while mine's kind, hanging about.


Being an avid commuter of our MRT recently brought about some negative emotions in my mind, one of which is the way Singaporeans need to be reminded for every single thing imaginable. They have to repeatly warn us to stand behind the yellow line (note they repeat their announcement), to give way to alighting passengers and even got that lame group of people who cannot speak English properly to tell us to move to the center of the cabin, to keep our noise level down. But hey, they on that waaaay too loudly, and its irritating (though yes it does reflect the Singaporean spirit of bad English) speaking too loudly, so what's the purpose?

At where I'm lowly paid data entry staff they even have an amusing way of reminding you not to stain the toilet seat (We know that) yet, they need to say, for example, urine, shit, menstrual blood. DUH! I mean, do we really need for examples? C'mon its not a primary skool (whether that deserve to be displayed in so is yet debatable) we are working class adults here. Thank you for reminding us what sort of stains we might be able to leave.

And I like the musical chair-like effect of rushing into the MRT - Ultra amusing (yet I'm sadly one of those who curse myself for not securing a seat too) and tada before you know it is 45 mins to home! Adding out the very brief entry about my moving house, yup its this weekend and you have no idea the headache I go through. At least, I learn something from it, the next time you have something you don't know to keep or not - DON'T! My mum just found out about my too many bags. But I don't even have time to sort them out. Guess you'd see some of them at my auctions pages soon.

But having said that, abeit all hassles and fuss (& other personal reasons with the move) I'm glad I am too. It's a big change, a good clearance which my house definitely need (you'd be surprise tt my house actually used to be quite big before we stacked it up with too much stuff).

So people, try not to entice me with too much outings. I'd definitely want to go, but I know I shouldn't. So don't ask, unless I ask for it. I'd go home straight (today's the 4th time in 4 weeks) and hopefully it be so far the next 3 days.

And lastly, light finally shone down on a dear friend and all is now bright and clear. Even though it caused a bulb to fuse in the process, but its all fate if there is such. Follow the bright path ahead sweets. I think I saw some shining armour.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Okay, my "official" date of moving is 22nd May. Will the real slim shady (who wants to help Hui) please stand up?

End of the week! *squeek*

Monday, May 10, 2004

Here's the thing one would hate most when moving. You see something which is useless, not that pretty to be displayed, don't know where to put it, but made for you by someone who still belong in that corner of your heart.

And you know you can't bear to throw it.

So you sigh and pack it in a box.

i'm sure my room will be as messy if this keeps happening

Sunday, May 09, 2004

I really lurrrrrrrrrve lazy weekends, and be lazily awaken with a lazy smile lazily in bed.

But having said that, it's Monday again tommorrow. Freakin sian.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The only thing I can think of that remotely make sense is (and highly influenced from)

This place ah, really very nbcb one leh.

Hate it. Out, out. But I can't.

And btw, did you know that if you pay $50million, you can get any SMU building to be named after you? Imagine Chong Hui Hui School of Social Science (because Business is taken up by Lee Kong Chiam already).

Saturday, May 01, 2004

The King and I

Many happy clouds in the sky today

Maybe a lil' too many for Sentosa

But heck

I just want to scream

Weekends is here

I survived Boon Lay one week

Never loved weekends so much

Have a good one

I will

p.s. the greatest feeling in the world must be to be hugged.