Friday, May 31, 2002

I cannot sleep. It must be the ice coffee that i drank. Hell to caffeine. Stopped playing after i got annihilated trying to kill tantarian, when i realised i can dun go battle him 1. so duh. Not cut out for RPGs, i concluded. :(

Updating again, just an hour later from the time i last updated. Was thinking about him, about how life is so unfair to some. I think perhaps i have been too sheltered in life, and that is the reason why i cannot fully understand his thoughts and feelings. I am insensitive, and that is why i dun take the initiative to find out what is wrong. Plus the fact that he is not one who speaks a lot, especially his thoughts. It'll be pathetic to find out what is wrong with your other half through the blog.

He makes me wonder: Why am i so concerned about all the material wealth when he is struggling to make me happy? All day long i am talking about levi's jeans, mezzo hi fi, bowling glove. I never expected or wanted you to get me any of my wishlist. Wishlist are just wishlist. On the highest priority of my wishlist would be my wish for you to be happy.

Dear, dun hide things from me anymore please. I dun feel sad for myself for finding out how poor you are, it does not change any bit of how i think of you. It only pains me more to know how much you are going through, and finding out not from you but from an internet explorer.

It's hard to update my blog while playing game. At least it is difficult to put my heart and soul into it. Got a lot of things to say, but then i am so engross and obessed in the game i dunno how to type a long entry. Dun have a digi cam, so i have to describe the room. I think what that is lacking in my homepage is pictures!

On the left is my small 14" tv and on the right it is my laptop. So now i am typing while battling through the stupid monsters so as to gain enough AP. The angriest part is that i played like for 2 whole hours yesterday night and then i realised i made a mistake. Since no one except my dear plays i guess i need not explain myself any further. :D Anyway my 2 hours was in vain and i am doing it all over again. SO super duper sian.

Once again read his blog and is feeling weird. Wat kinda gf am i? Doesn't seem to be able to understand my boyfriend's plight and be understanding. I really dunno myself sometimes also. I think my opinions are a lil too personal to be written here also, so well i guess i shall not comment too much.

Went ice skating with Ping, Cindy and Mark. It was quite fun actually, although we really didn't do much. But alright lah, :) As usual when Cindy is with me we are FON (Full of Nonsense) Doing stupid acts and all at the rink. She said that i am the cause of all that usually when not with me she would not be as corny and all. :( But nm lar its good to be joy of the group. Went to eat sinful NYDC after that. Had a nice baked pasta and shared a mudpie call... Jedi Mudster or something. So amusing. Worked after that, and nothing much happened at work. Again there were interesting stuff but then too lazy to type also lar. :D

Bowling training tommorrow. Quite happy. But dunno will i be able to wake up anot. Hopefully lar. :D

Why hasn't ViVi level up! argh


Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Zhi Ping is the sweetest. She went to the Fujitsu website or something to help me search for warranty for my spoiled ventilator for my laptop. So gan ren.

Larry is very sweet too, he came to look for me after work and send me home. Feel kinda like the luckiest girl in the world. :)

Just found out that someone owe me some money, and is going to return it soon. As Zhi Ping always say, i am very cheapable, cos the very next day i will forget what i lent. Anyway the money will go to the latest levi's jeans which i will add to my wardrobe, and probably my bowling glove. That gives me more allowance to s t r e t ch moi dollar to buy other stuff that i want/need.

On Fashion
Do you know that the next in thing for jeans will be tapered? Meaning tight tight tight, everywhere! Like tights, even the bottom at the ankle. Sounds a lil awful true, but go to any levi's outlet, you'll see their latest jeans. And well, at the beginning many will think of it as awful, but somehow when the world wears it suddenly it becomes nice. Why so? This is because we are slaves of fashion. *sigh*

Nothing much happened today, but i was molested! :~( The master chef touch my butt, but it wasn't very what lar, a bit of the play play kind, but still very gross leh. He gave me a pack of herbal tea from harrod's, dunno for what also. There was this Jap lady who came to eat. Damn funny, ask me to beware of jap guys.

Aiyah a lil lazy to update my blog. Busy playing FFIX while updating. @ mid point of disc 2 already i think. :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

The disc 2 got no problem! Sorry Zhi Ping, you must be disappointed. :D

Anyway planning out my week so as to make it a lil more interesting. Going shopping for my long wished for brown corduroy jeans and other stuff, thursday going to ice skate and friday as usual i will be going to bowl. meeting dear dear on thursday and friday both. :) *happy*

Too lazy to type further. Gotta continue my journet in the fantasy world of FFIX. LOL

Monday, May 27, 2002

I completed DISC ONE! Yeah~~~

But now there seem to be some problems with my disc 2, not loading at all. After waiting for about 15 minutes it loaded a lil then now its hanging again. I dunno if it is the CD, or my playstation that has been through quite a few years of action. *sobs*

So no life, playing game all day long, but i like! It's not all that bad i think, especially since i share a hobby with my him. :D

Sunday, May 26, 2002

The girls in my life (Part One)

I decided to be a lil dramatic and have a more interesting entry today because well, the day is just a normal day for me, nothing much to boast about. Went out for dinner with Zhi Ping and Adrian, and when i was on my way home i suddenly decided that it will be an interesting thing to analyse my girlfriends, all of them seemingly very different in character, looks and everything else. How then do they qualify as my kakis?

Side track for a sec. I saw the hi fi of my dreams at carrefour today! It's SGD 399. No MONEY. i need about 100 for my bowling glove, another 100 for my jeans. MONEY! WHERE ART THOU (and your friends)

In no order of merit,

Girl No. One

Sia Zhi Ping
Is : NTU Business Studies
Was : My JC Bandmate

Zhi Ping would qualify as the girl next door, the kind that most guys would love to bring home to show their mums. She is much guai-er the the other 3 of us, does not go clubbing, pubbing or go out too late at night. She has this queer habit of resting the day after each day out, so if we go out on Monday, we can only see her again on Wednesday, cos she needs to recuperate her tired body for the day.
She is the observer in our group, although talks a lot (of cock), but in general is quieter and would love to just "watch us and be happy". She does not like to wear bikini, nor suntan, nor hang out much at the beach, so usually when we do so she'll be our mummy and stay at the corner of the pool and then bring the towels to us. *awww*
My impact on her : Was out with her today and she said that i brought out the crazy side of her everytime we go out (wtf???!?!?!) cos usually when she goes out with her friends she keeps quiet and be well, the observer, But with me she talks cock and laughs and laughs. Somehow she likes to call me up at night to get her daily dosage of laughter before she sleep. Luckily it is not everynight, otherwise i would be quite a busy girl.
She is those kinda girl that plans things before hand, like even the wishlist she also prioritise them and thinks of how to go about achieving her wishes. The most amazing thing she does is she writes down her expenses for the day and in fact plans ahead how much she will spend, even for small small things like food and barang barangs. She brings this small black book out to write down whenever she spends!
She is much more hardworking than any of us, does better in studies naturally, but always insisted that we are just as intelligent, unlike some people who pretends to not study and scores well, she is always willing to help me and Ping despite how hopeless we are in statistics. (I got a C-, so erm you know how well she teaches :P )

Overall, she is totally not like me, we are different in character, thinking, behaving, everything. But somehow we get along, and we get along pretty well, conclusion: It does not take birds with same feathers to flock together.

Girl No. Two

Lee Ping - my Mee Sua girl
Is: SMU Business Management
Was: There was no was

Ping is my friend that i found when i went to SMU. We were not that close for like the first 2 months of school, from OBS to school, until we did the Business Law project together did we start to be more friendly. Actually i also dunno when we started being so comfortable with each other, but what the heck.
The 2 of us are more similar in certain ways compared to Zhi Ping. At least both of us love the sun, that is why we can travel around the world just to get some sunshine, although well just at the corridoor of your house you get sunlight. We are both lazy, had similar experience in skipping school, skipping lectures and failing tests. That made us very same. We are thought as the twins among our friends, cos you hardly see 1 without seeing the other. The most common words you hear in school when you are not with the other would be "Hey where is [insert the other twin's name]?" It's pretty weird how 2 person can get so close within such a short period of time. Not that i mind of course.
We are both big worriers of our tummy, but most of the time speaks louder than the actions. *sigh* :P We are always having new ventures of dieting scheme, but in a way or another, it fails. We fall - to temptations. :D But at least we started trying. That is a good start. LOL
We are both lovers of Levi's 599, and all day long the biggest aim in our life is to fit into jeans an inch smaller than what we are wearing now. We are both inactive members of the SMU Judo club, and is still white belt after so long
But we have our differences as well. She is the more garang kinda girl who claims to have the never say die attitude. And her dressing is more garang too, and mine is more guniang. I can wear frills and skirts, but she usually frown at them, and give her award winning disgusted look with head hanging up high slanting to the left pretending to look at signboards(?)
She hates bowling. I love bowling. She hates arcade. I am okay with it. I play quite a lot of games, like FFIX lar, all that, but she doesn't at all.
My impact in her life : Whenever anyone goes suntanning, human nature will make you compare your tan to the person you are tanning with, and that makes her pretty miserable. By nature she is a xiaobai, as much as she hates being called so, but she is. She loses her tan faster than she gets it, and i am more blessed (?) with a longer lasting and faster achieving tan everytime, anytime.
I am a tad more hardworking than her, and seeing me study/doing homework/whatever stresses her big time and she usually will go and study.............. for a whille.

That's my 2 girls. More coming up. Soon la!

Saturday, May 25, 2002

i decided to bring my relationship to greater heights. How? you may ask. People say that when couples have things in common they have things to talk about, they understand each other better. So what happens if one likes to shop the other likes to breakdance? Problem Problem. The only solution comes from..................... FINAL FANTASY IX i am going to play for LOVE's SAKE. kakaka.

ok that's a lil drama. well irony of it all is that even the game he is playing is mine. i was playing it for a while till mid/end disc 2 and decided to stop playing. Remembered i was working in 77th street or something when i was playing it. Heheehe... It's just about time where i will refresh my memory and play the game. I know not many have the patience and interest to play, at least not my friends, like Zhiping, who will be so happy if my game hang :P But i guess it's kinda like this ego thing for me to tell ppl hey i completed FFIX.

Went for my bowling training as usual today. I feel that i need a lot a lot more practice. 2 hours a week is way too little. But too much practice is a lot of money, and practising without coach i dunno whether it'll be useful anot. And i hate Orchard CINEBOWL! First the Playcard change their rates, THEN now the stupid lane scratch my ball. Poor ball....

Going to start playing now. Wondering what time i will wake up tmr. Hope i wun be obessed. :D

Friday, May 24, 2002

Haiya the sculpture square thingy is for today to sunday only. wrong timing. Anyway i dunno if there is anything wrong with my laptop. As usual it was having the 'wind blowing' sound to ventilate my laptop i supposed, and then after that there was a snap sound. now it is not ventilating already, for quite a while. Is the fan spoiled or something? Quite worried. Waiting and waiting for it to ventilate. It's a lil' too quiet for my taste. HOW? so scary

Dear came over today but i was just sleeping all the way. He fell asleep too, so we were just sleeping - together. LOL. Poor thing he got a neck ache cos he is not used to sleeping on 1 pillow, and his flu got worst with my aircon room. :(

Worked as usual today, nothing much happened. Tried to play cheat and work till 12 mn so as to get a free cab ride home, but there wasn't much customers and we left at 11.30pm. :( No cab.

One good news is i went to talk to my boss and she said that if i wanna go to the restaurant to eat i get a 50% discount off all food. :D *Yippee!* Now who wants to be my best friend? :D

Going for my bowling training tommorrow! Quite happy eventhough it is nothing much actually. Be going for my hep B jab after that. Yup. That's about all for the update. Oyasumi. Gonna sleep already. And my laptop still not ventilating. *worried*

Yuoo ere-a zee Svedeesh Cheff!
Yuoo ere-a a guud cuuk, thuoogh yuoo cun't speek Ingleesh fery vell. Bork Bork Bork!

am no muppet fan. who is this character i am ah? ze cook?

Thursday, May 23, 2002

went to centro yesterday night with jamie and her nus friends. they are really quite fun loving and crazy. got literally lifted up to the platform area, where all 8 or 9 of us where up there. it was really not too bad, music was good, just that my head was giddy and spinning a bit. It was Ladies' Night, so there was free Champagne, strawberries and Vodka all night. :D

I LurrrVe to CluB for FREE

Take the Which Spider-Man Character Are You? quiz by ZyberGoat

i thought i will be spiderman! :( now i know i can't save the world.

which Episode II character are you?

Queen of Naboo. You could have a split personality - simply to hide who you really are. You are extremely polite and gentle. However, if needs be, you will take action and can be a very good leader. You have the power to make people believe in you - use this power. The one you love could also end up being the one you hate.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

I just read his blog. Din even noe he updates it (tho irregularly) and is feeling quite sad that he is so miserable and i cannot and dunno what to do to make things easier for him. His leg problems, his family problems, and all i can do is to demand more attention from him and complain about a boring relationship when he is undergoing so many changes in his life.

I am so sorry.

I decided to stay at home before work for the 1st time in my life to save money from eating dinner AND prevent myself from further shopping.

Decided to go for a round of free drinks over at Mohd Sultan tonight after work with Jamie and Co. As usual Zhi Ping is not invited because she is not interested (i'm not assuming! right zp?) and Ping is well, unkeen. What a stone holiday i am having. Wanna do something exciting and fun. Perhaps i shall go do some volunteering, and read some self improvement books or take up a new activity.

Recieved a mail on volunteering from may
Hey there,
Sorry I took so long to reply.
Basically, we will definitely need volunteers for our upcoming event, Sculpture Carnival 2002. I'm sure by now, you know what Sculpture Carnival is all about. Anyhow, just in case, Sculpture Carnival is Sculpture Square's annual outreach programme for children ages 4 - 12 years, to educate and introduce them to 3-dimensional arts. We have student assistants from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art volunteering themselves to be student assistants for the workshops that wil be offered to children. During the carnival itself, volunteers are appreciated in the areas of crowd control, art material stock control, manial logistics etc However, if these volunteers have art education of some form, they are welcome to help out inthe individual workshops.
Another event is Waterloo Arts Alive!, which will take place from 8 - 9 June. This is actually part of the Singapore Arts Fest. During this event, volunteers can help out in the area of administration and facilitating the event. As for the regularity of time that you can volunteer, it'll be great if you can volunteer for all four days for the carnival (8 hrs x 4 days = 32 hours)
That's about all at the moment. I'm sure during the event itself or even the preparation, there'll be some unforeseen situations like helping to prepare to workshop which involve moving of stuff. These will be done by the staff as well. What about your friends and classmates? Do they wanna volunteer during Sculpture Carnival? By the way, we are looking for story tellers for Sculpture Carnival. Interested? ;p

Zhiping ah, you need to complete your 80 hours of Comm Service too right? Jamie too right? Was thinking perhaps we could all go. It'll be fun, i think. Ping and I are thinking of going. If anyone reading this wanna volunteer for fun then also can lar. :D ASAP though.
A long day at work

i worked for 5.5 hours today! while it may sound like very little to many, it's like longer than usual for me. usually it is just 4 or 4.5 hours. which is good, because the timing of work is just now for me to have a life - see the sun, start work at 6pm. have nightlife - ending at 11. no much $ yup, but well i am enjoying my holidays. just trying to make some extra income while enjoying it.

wanted to do something earlier in the day but ended up waking up at 2.30pm. with more dilly dallying i reached town at 4.45 and shopped a while at topshop then flew to grab a bite and went to work. not much of a life oso lar, if you ask me, if i wake up at 2+ everyday. bought a nice white top that can go clubbing or wear on a normal day. wanted to try on the bikinis and buy some thongs but there aint much time. sians. prolly go back sometime this week, since well everyday i am in town anyway. the more i hang out with jamie, the more i shop. and club. tsk tsk... mr joel will be coming back soon, so i dunno what will happen next to them.

soya sauce day

the boss's son tried to be useful and help me to clear the plates, but ended up emptying a plate of soya sauce on my shirt. yucks. a customer toppled the small bottle of soyu on the table too, and i had to clear the mess. double yucks. soya sauce smells horrible when it is somewhere not on your food.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

A Long Post for a Long Update:

On Saturday

My house was the happy gathering place for all the friends. Ping, Mark, Zhi Ping, Jamie all came over in the afternoon to stone. We then went to Geylang to have frog leg porridge and tau huey. It was pretty scary not to drive to Geylang, and when you want to walk from 1 side of the street to the other through all the shophouses where there seem to be some eyes staring as you pass especially at motels and stuff. Guess it was also because we were like 4 girls and a guy lar. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE dun like the feeling. But then I guess the happy meal after that made up for all that.

After that Jamie and me met up Vernon and we went to club. Being cheapo initially we wanted to go Chinablack (to get free entry by 10). It was like such a stressful moment for poor Vernon, whom we rush and rush to drive faster. In the end we didn’t make it, so we went to Zouk instead.

I never really liked Zouk on Saturdays, but it was pretty okay though. Probably cos we had a lot to drink, and when you get high you are just happy lar. Silly Vernon got drunk bad and I had to drive everyone back to Jamie’s house to sober up. Dun like the feeling of drink driving. At 6am, he finally woke up and drove me home.

On Sunday

Mum didn’t know I slept at 7, woke me up at 11 and we went shopping at the Metro Far East which was closing down. The stuff are really dirt cheap, bought a few new bras and tops. Mum bought quite a few stuff too. Was pretty tired by then, so we went to have ramen on me. Was quite happy though, cos I have not been spending time with her recently because of the beach party and our working hours kinda clash. Felt like a nice good daughter who went out with marmee. :D

On Monday

Talked to Jamie on the phone till 5am, then woke up late to meet him. Wanted to accompany him to his physiotherapy. So guilty. We watched Star Wars after that. And I have to say, it wasn’t good. Maybe I went there with higher expectations than I should, but somehow, it bored me at one point. 1 thing that was really really good was Yoda fighting. Damn cool man! Really cute. I think it’s still a must watch show though, maybe not all for the lousy camera angles, maybe not for Anakin the pouty teenager but for the fact that it is a star wars show, otherwise you will be some frog in the well who never seen the world.

Saturday, May 18, 2002

bored. did a test.

See what Care Bear you are
my nokia is dead. at least i think so. charged for a while already still off by itself. like mark's phone lidat, got auto shut down function. anyway, worked had my bowling training. in case u have yet to see my pretty 3 piece scout reactive columbia300 ball, here it is.

pretty nifty huh? i'm proud of it. just now coach made us swing like a monkey as usual, and she wanted me to make my ball go from the extreme left to the extreme right and then let it hook back to centre pocket. kept washing the drain., but a couple of times succeed. quite okay today i guess, a lil tired from all the swinging.

zhiping came over to look for me and we had marche for lunch. din eat much, just had a rosti and a chix. we shared both of it. shopped around town and then ate ice cream at swensen's. it has been some time since i went for a girly shopping trip. just the 2 of us, going into girly shops trying all the girly clothes, gossiping, looking at makeups. quite like that kinda feeling. wanted to buy a hua hua shirt but she thinks it's ugly. speaking of makeups. i bought a new powder lar, but guess what, its the darkest in the whole range, from #01-#07. and mine is a 07. PURE CARAMEL. it says. i feel like some camel. so dark. and it blends into my skin. how tan can i be? i thought i already lost my tan. zhiping is #03. poor me. or should it be lucky me, cos i know a certain xiaobai who will be on cloud #9 if she have to use what i just bought. lol

din go clubbing as i stated because i had bad cramps. almost died when i work, especially cos there are so many customers and so little staffs. keep wanting to go home but din lar. worked till 11 then flew home in pain. now still can't sleep. BOO HOO

i need a pair of nice leather slippers/sandals. my hush puppies are getting black and dirty. i think i shan't buy birkes anymore, will go for some real leather kind of slippers. i need a pair of brown jeans. and more pairs of jeans. and i need clothes to club. and to look pretty. i have lots of 'normal' clothes, but no much dressy kind. since it's the holidays it's time to look good, so perhaps another few pieces of clothings will do some good to my wardrobe.

btw an advertisement for jamie. she is selling her levi's 599 jeans, the model that you can't wear belt with 1, size 28. just comment if you wanna buy. of cos, you can comment too, if you don't want to buy.

Friday, May 17, 2002

after working at the restaurant again my biological clock is a lil confused again. then again it has always been like this, sleeping at 3+ and waking up at 12 odd. the bad thing is my eating timing is also affected. eat at 12, then sometimes at 5+ b4 work. if i dun eat at 5+, then i'll be hungry and look for food after i reach home at 12. not too healthy yeah? sigh. anyway i'm officially based in kiku already, which is @ the lobby of crown prince hotel near swensen's. so is jamie, so finally we are back in each other's life. we were so funny, stood outside swensen at 11.15pm weighing the pros and cons of eating the bake rice. in the end we walked off and went home, where i had a nice can of campbell soup. dun dare to sleep yet. scared grow fat(ter).

tmr i might be going mw2 after work. having bowling training in the day, working in the evening, then club. sounds like a fun packed day. :D

holidays aint as great as i expect, got some unforseen obvious differences but life is all about adapting, and so i am here trying to live life to the fullest everyday. my next aim is to go for my judo training. haven't even seen the new dojo. how useless can i get. :P

Thursday, May 16, 2002

this is me!

and this is larry!

i updated and updated. something still looks wrong. i realised why. blogs look empty without photos. i should add some photos soon ya? then again no photos seems fine. hiaks im confused. must be cos its like late now. time to sleep.

Actually the main problem is kuku me doesn't know how to add pictures. hee hee hee. i really don't. anyone wants to teach me? :D
i decided to move house! this blog is permanent till further notice. hiak hiak hiak. quite sick of the whole template already, so might as well just move on to blogger once and for all. used to use those silly site builder, but now venturing into some basic html. still fresh and green. maybe some kind soul can teach me the html to change color so that my blog will look a lil more vibrant. Diarium is a thing of the past now, but feel free to go and visit it okay? Well if you are into history & sh*t.

has been working very hard for the past 2 days (cos the past 2 days are the only 2 days i have worked so far for a few months) and has decided to continue working there until i get a longer working hours job. been posted semi permanently to kiku, which is the orchard branch of nanjya monjya, which is where i was working. its quite lax there, no much people, and dear miss jamie is there too. there is a very complicated story of the family that owns the 2 restaurants. i was so awed with amazement of their extended family tree (some secretive, some not) that stretches so wide. just 1 word. speechless.

we were planning to go like mohd sultan or chinablack, but *sigh* some miu miu guy must turn up @ our workplace and take my jamie away. so i am here, at home. but then again, i wasn't all that enthusiastic to go, just wanted to stone and drink the free drinks from orange.

was more thinking of the baked rice @ swensens, after looking at it the whole night. and i was so hungry cos i din eat much the whole day. seems like a bad day. din get to tan cos it started to rain after i swam only 2 laps, din get to eat dinner, din get to eat bake rice, din get to go club. how sad.

wanna watch starwars. tix seems sold out, anyway i realised that the sg movie screen is all set and ready for episode II, cos they are having like 23 shows in 1 day at plaza singapura. and the tix can be sold out somemore. amazed amazed.