Monday, May 19, 2008


Well accomplished weekend despite us both being sick. Went down to IMM and got so many things done!

Updates to the Huiton house:

- Homogeneous tiles ordered - will start work soonish, like next week for the living room.
- Room laminate flooring chosen, cement screeching should have completed
- Kitchen design out, to finalise the material and nitty grits - I'd be having a red and black kitchen! Imagine red and black shiny shiny with all the cool cutting edge looking kettles and pots.

Went to Sim Siang Choon and bought:

- Water heater tank (30l) to power up for 2 toilets and sinks
- Sink and Tap
- Toilet paper holder
- Backside spray (beside the toilet bowl one :p)
- Hob and hood

Think it was cool to like look up at the designs, think about how this will match that and also 'that tap looks kinda cool'. Good thing CT decided against his beautiful 4 hobs. When you don't cook, get so many hobs for what! So we settle for 2, and it's black and shiny with metallic outline to match the sink, which is a big metallic thing. And a nice hood (chimney style.) Stylo right!

And a Samsung fridge. Not too big, just good for 2 pax.

Also, paid the deposit for the ROM venue. The Manager has changed 2 times since we were there the first time - hope the restaurant won't be gone before we ROM man!

Plus over the week, I have collected my Bulgari wedding band, and decided on my photographer for the ROM dinner! Good that things are falling into the right places. This is such an exhausting, time consuming and mentally draining testing period. Especially when I have to work late every night somemore. It's really all about spending money to solve the problems. Well, outsourcing for efficiency I guess. At least it'd be over in another 2 months time.

Then we will look at our bank book and cry.

But it's okay lar. We can do it!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Didn't mean to implicate the other parties that shouldn't be involved. My deepest apologies to you, and you.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tis been a while...

since I got home this early to nobody. I like to peace and quiet and the me time I get occasionally.

It infuriates me to the max when people press my hot buttons. Not like I don't get enough crap at work dealing with humans every single day. I have to deal with someone who owes me a grand total of 4 grand, returning me in installment plan with no interest rate, pathetically at $100 a month, paying a month and skipping half a year. After these years, the amount stays at 1.6 grand unpaid.

Someone who will be educating our children in the future.

Someone who, instead of paying up, insist on seeing what he has owed to know 'what he is paying for'... when in the first place, he hasn't been paying back much! And I am supposed to have a spreadsheet to account for all that.

And during which, in 2006, when I conveniently left to reside in another continent, the repayment automatically stopped till I barked.

Every Chinese new year when I am told to return whoever the money I owe, I think of the small fortune I left out in the open to a man who do not respect the lender - not getting any interest simply because I feel lesser a person for doing so - and it just kills me. At least if one is superstitious enough, you will believe that it will come back to you. I don't even wish to use the harsh R word.

But what makes me stronger is knowing that thankfully, I got out. Not as fast as I should, but. And even if the bling that sits on my finger does not necessarily mean I have it all, at least it is comforting to know that the man that sleeps next to me is a mature, responsible, dependable man who bothered to crack his head to think of ways to ask me for my hand.

And at least he can afford it.

There is absolutely nothing better than 3 words for him:

Shame on you.