Friday, October 22, 2004

The way to a woman's heart is to know what to say at the right time, while not compromising (too much) truth

Had a pretty funny conversation with Shaun about how I thought his girl lost weight in the picture he sent me, how I forced him tell her I thought so, how he refused because his nick says,

"Men try to be honest but its the Women that force us to lie"

I said well it is what I think and I just want you to tell her what I think and I'm not lying anyway. Besides, there is a universal truth about how "women like to hear about it anyway". Whether its a too-fake-exclaim of "Hey did you do something to your hair?" or "Wow, where did you buy this dress? It makes you look skinny", we just like to hear about it.

Well women, are weird. Books and more books trying to explain the differences has made the authors rich monkeys.

So get girls? Sweet talk. (Note the difference between being good at it and being a total L trying to sweet talk)

I can go on forever, but I need to go to gym now, so that anybody who sees me soon will say those words which I'd love to hear, without compromising the truth.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ang Mohs Love Singapore

I guess we've always taken Singapore for granted. When the fellow exchange students here asked,

"hey we're going to Singapore, what should we do there?"

We took about 15 minutes to come up with a short list, feeling very skeptical about it, and thinking they're sure to come back and say Singapore is boring and expensive.

But behold, they came back wanting to become citizens of Singapore. They loved our airport and was amazed by the fact that 2 girls were standing at the escalator saying WELCOME TO SINGAPORE (I din get that! Did you? Did you?)

We came up with the idea that if he married one of us he can get citizenship, and he kinda bought it. Now the question is which one.

Oh yes, and the transportation system made a lot of sense, you get everywhere on public transport, everywhere is clean, people spoke English and everyone is friendly. People actually took them to the place they wanted to go even though it was out of the way. (I think I'd try to do that next time for the others, since I can totally understand their situation and wish to have the same treatment when I'm at somewhere unknown) They loved the Little India and Chinatown too!

All the talks about Singapore, plus the extreme scrutinising of friendster yesterday night (Hah I know who is attached and not now) made me miss Singapore so much. Yes so what if it is also as boring? SO what if Silly SMU is full of workaholics and ultra stressful?

It's still kinda where I belong, for now. I'm sure though in 3 months time, on the same blog, I'd be whining about how stupid my groupmates are wanting to meet up everyweek for the project, but let me live in my fantasy now.

I love Singapur

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

So much for silly quizzes

You're the Mysterious Beauty!

What woman out of fantasy literature are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

It's official, I'm bored of Bangkok. I hate the city life (though I came from one?)

It's boring, smelly and people here have nothing better to do but to go to an internet cafe and waste their lives away.

The classes here are boring, and when we are in uniform with our very holy badge, are not allowed to smoke, to tuck out the blouse, or else you'd be stopped by a balding uncle who will say that this sort of behavior will degrade the BEST university in Thailand.

But luckily, I still have full moon party, more provinces, and great companions to get by. And I'd be busy busy with visitors (though not all are here for me as the primary focus) and soon I'd be gone from this stinky ugly messy City.

But still, Thank You, for all your great food and cheap shoes. I mean cheap food and great shoes. Oh whatever.

Phi Phi pictures are out! Comment and drop your email for the pictures.

And Phi Phi's great (pronounced as Pee-Pee). Went snorkelling for the first time in my life and saw fishies and nemos, beautiful beautiful beach, watched 6 movies and got into a bus accident. Well the bus enroute Bangkok din break in time and knock into the truck in front and the screen got smashed. But everything's cool and the driver ain't hurt, only that 3 of us were separated into different "rescue" buses back, of which mine had a bunch of alcholics, funny man from Argentina who taught us how to sing La Bamba, English who looked like a fat John Travolta, Swedish girl who made out behind me with that Argentina guy who taught us to sing La Bamba, and a cannot-make-it Canadian guy who has EQ and IQ of about 20 in total, because he tried to hit on a Scottish girl but an hour later said all Scottish girls are ugly without realising after 20 minutes. Was a hell of a bus ride, the best I ever had, and the craziest ever.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Ko Phi-Phi here we come!

In case you don't know where, it's the place where no-longer-cute Leonardo DiCaprio flexed his not-very-tone abs at in the movie THE BEACH.

In case you never did watch the movie, here's a picture of it:

Not the fact that it is 14 hours of bus ride down South, nor the 1.5 hours ferry ride will deter me from this crystal clear beach with White SAND.

So here we go! Tommorrow! (Only because class is cancelled okay!)

P.S. For what happened the week before at Ko Chang (Ko = island), read Ping's.

And home is finally more like home thanks to a hot plate and a pot. Now we can cook. And we're cooking later. :D

Thursday, October 07, 2004

We found an all time low priced internet cafe, which is like at an apartment's ground floor, with rotting keyboards and desk, dirty keys and speakers that blast out Counterstrike by the other Thai kids.

But it's only 15B/hour, which is 60 cents. The 5B savings per hour can work out to be quite a bit. But no comfortable blue cushy chair nor webcam. If you guys wanna see me, then let me know and I'd pay the 5B.

And I'm actually not that sad to be back. Feels very normal to drag myself up from bed and take the tuk tuk to school. Guess we're quite highly adaptable creatures. I only miss the ones I love.

Home's the best still though.

"Wo de jia"