Saturday, July 30, 2005

What a week

You know, I really admire party animals. Not for how much they can party, that's easy. But how they can party so much and go to work and perform at work with like 2 hours of sleep.

Of course, i bankers will tell me, c'mon man, I sleep 2 hours too.

Imagine, having 4 hours of sleep after all the food and drinks and K-ing, followed by a breakfast presentation and kick boxing session at Shangri-La the next morning. And I had to attend Jamie's party at night. It's really not funny. I cannot man. I fell dead on the bed the moment I reached home.

What that was started as a pre party short nap turned into a 5 hour long sleep, deaf to all phone calls ringing and ringing. And hence I missed the party.

Which is actually fine by me considering the number of drinks I took yesterday. Even the Boss had the shivers when he saw the black label.

But it was a great week, great fun. And I like what I'm doing, well, so far.


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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Okay I'm going to start another attempt at Dieting again. Apparently when the man's not around I can shed a few pounds. No late night plaster, mee gorengs and teh c peng, plus because he is so lazy and always lurking at my place, I hardly am ever driven to get my arse out of the house to the tracks. So taking this chance, here I am at it again.

This time, I'm even trying to psych my poor colleague to join me.

It is call:

Operation Lose 5 kg in 2 months.

At least it's realistic la hor. Plus our corporate invitation from Cali Fitness, we get to go to the gym 10 times this month!

Anyway I guess (maybe wistfully) there should be people who are interested in how I am getting along at work. Well things are looking up even though I have spent half a month doing technically nothing but learning a little more about my job and playing a lot of games. I started to wonder why am I doing nothing. Is it because of ISO standard to train us for 1 month, or because we don't have our name cards yet?

But I'm enjoying it so far (dah!) except that it is 1. making me stupidier by day, 2. sometimes so sian I just irritate whoever who is online on my msn. But I'm not exactly complaining - I'm paid! Besides, this is only the beginning, once I start going out to create waves, I might be missing this period of my life.

The people are nice too. But can anyone expect anything less when there are 4 SMU students around? Kakakaka. And I have be crowned Miss Goody Two Many many shoes.

To a skinnier tommorrow! (Not after the Department buffet dinner on Thursday of course!)

Friday, July 22, 2005

I thought my Commencement will end with a blast. Like if there isn't anything physically whambamslam, perhaps in my heart at least. Okay when he announced that my degree is conferred, there was a tiny electric current that ran through. Like yes, this is it. But it was really like a lidat loh. Even my throwing the mortar board dream is kinda blah. (We must still do the Sentosa thing ok!)

I cannot understand why people are so skeptical when I say that my ultimate goal is to become an academic. And when I say it is because I want to teach in the university, 8 out of 10 will say

Go NIE lah, teach Primary school kids, they very cute what

Yes they are. And no offence, but it is SO different. Why is there always the association? Why can't anyone just said oh really, that's nice. So by when would you hope to achieve the aim? Or just, well, good luck!

Goals are what that keeps people alive. I feel glad that at least I have a goal of some sort, with a lot of difficulty, but at least some intelligence. Imagine people saying, I wish I will stay healthy and happy forever. Or even worse, I wish I will not grow fat.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A very depressing entry

The MacDonald's ad was right. Pay comes quick, goes quick too.

A quick calculation tells me why

Fixed expenses
$500 - to be saved a month (which is what this magazine told me, pay * age)
$400 - transport (i'm on the go)
$65 - Phone bill
$100 - tuition loan (you know how long it's gonna take me to pay the whole freaking amount up!)

Total: $1065

Variable expenses
$132 - lunch on weekdays (and that is only counting $6 per meal, highly impossible)
$150 - dinner on weekdays ($10 * 15 days - cos some days I'd go straight home, but unlikely too)
$300 - Weekends (a very modest $75 for Saturday + Sunday!)

Total: $582

On top of that, I have to work out an amount to give my parents ($200? $300?) and pay for my gym membership which I have no idea how much it is yet. And my shopping? Where is my shopping expenses!! I can't buy nothing if I have $75 to eat and party and shop?!?!? for the weekend!

So tell me, what's the point of working? So when will I be able to afford all the Ferragamo shoes and Gucci bags? (Not that I want them that badly also lah) Sigh.

And I haven't even go into the rat race and chase the cars and the apartments. How to?

Saturday, July 16, 2005

That man and his past

Update: Okay Charles, I've done my part to humour you. I cannot bear to remove it though.

If I start ranting about it, it will only reduce myself to that level.

True enough, when a breakup occurs, and a new relationship happens, you will be rather wary of that X character in his/ her life. Afterall, they may have spent a few years, happy or not, together.

But what are you allowed to do? Well, perhaps prevent him from meeting her, or even forcing him to completely lose contact with her. And on top of that, nag non stop at home and make faces or be angry for no reason when that sacred name is used.

But using your "higher management" power (as a temp staff) to not let her get any assignments is waay stupid. Childish too. Honestly I might do that too, if and only if she pestered my baby, or cling on to the past, or well, simply got on my nerves. But what if you have never even met her or talk to her? But you just know that he used to be with her. And you don't get to keep him because you cmi, and it's not even her fault.

Immaturity is not a crime. It's a folly that everyone's guilty of once twice or many times in their lives. Imagine hearing someone say things like I'd make sure she don't get any assignments, hmpf! And when asked why, says erm... cos I don't like her face!

Familar hur hur.

Too bad girly, I don't depend my livelihood on your zoo outing. I never needed the assignments even before that. Now even more. I have my own full time job now, and I even feel happy for the man, who has long dumped you, and it is not for your pink furry handbag. And I even feel sorry for you, and your sad sad life.

(Because I read so much XX's blog, I can even visualise what she'd do, put a picture of that girl and bloat her up with her powerful photoshop skills. Heh heh)

Friday, July 08, 2005

Some real update for you who bother

Alrighty. No more silly care bears. I realised this is kinda a major milestone in my life, so I should just yah write it down.

I'm stepping into the workforce for the first time in my life. We're talking about a real job now. It's a slap in the face good bye to holidays and sleep ins. No more skipping of school, because school is no more. Hopefully (but unlikely) no more being late all the time. But hello to more money, more responsibilities and becoming a real woman, in more ways than one.

I am of course physically well equipped with the working world judging by the number of pants, skirts, blouse, cardigans, tops, pumps, heels, slip ons, bags, totes I own. I can most likely not repeat clothes for a month. And I will make sure I make such a name at the office for the girl with so many XXX. (But the world most obiang handphone).

But the real me? I'm so skeptical. Questions like is this what I want to do pops up in my head. But I guess thinking so hard about something that you get no answer to gives bad headaches. So I will just fuck care and turn up, do my best and see where life brings me.

Dates welcomed. I'm situated next to the Concourse at the Plaza Parkroyal hotel, Beach Road. Call the hotline 906xxxx9.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Graduating chicks

Yeah! I'm going to collect my gown in 15 minutes. Who wants to take pictures with me? I will be willing to pose in a very retro look straight cannot smile very big outside my void deck with you.

In celebration of our graduation, let's play! A rich man style BBQ. NO chix wing, lousy franks, cuttlefish ball. I'm thinking tiger prawns, sting ray, pork chop, chicken fillet, gourmet sausage, black pepper dory, sotong, baked shitake mushroom, mashmallows and everything else. And Ping, you and I will wear the mortar board throughout the whole time, plus our shorts and tees so that at Commencement, everyone can smell us from afar.

Friday, July 01, 2005


I just have to do this man. The movie is definitely not for the "vast audience" which our favorite blogger said Douglas degrade himself to.

P.S. It may be a potential spoiler for those who hadn't watch it.

And even though I know she will be too busy with her pedicures to ever read my blog, which I am damn glad she never will, I had enough of her when she disgrace even the likes of her. Imagine rating a movie

Stars: Minus 25,738,200 out of 5

How more bimbotic is that?

Adaptation my dear, is never putting the whole book into the big screen. The very difference in the whole nature of the 2 different media (one is words you know? and the other can move one leh) means you have to make changes. And spelling everything out may not be appealing. Wits in words may not work on the big screen. But why am I wasting my time explaining when I bet all my friends can understand the movie.

(In pink for more reasons than one)

"Let stupid people not be able to understand lah! Why must they focus on dolphins jumping when DOUGLAS SAID THAT DOLPHINS ARE SMARTER THAN HUMANS? We are again using their cuteness to make the kids and stupid shu nus happy! Fuck them lah!!!"

They were floating up to space to escape from Earth lah. Stupid.

even though Douglas' profound sense of humour is tough to translate into film and still sustain the interest of the viewer, it is still possible to inject into the film his other amazing ideas - which were obviously not done.

You obviously couldn't catch them all. You obviously COULDN'T. If you think the thinking cap was lame, what more can I say? I bet you missed out the 2 heads are better than one, lend me a hand, and well, everything else.

Oh no. They, predictably, showed that Arthur Dent was travelling slowly through prehistoric Earth (which he didn't in the book). Beautiful Earth. And WOOLA! WE SEE ARTHUR DENT'S HOUSE! Very smart, smartie pants! How come there is a nice white house in prehistoric Earth?

You didn't even notice they fast forward the whole life cycle? Flowers bloomed and cells multipled? What were you staring at then? Your curly locks? They were supposed to bring everything fast forward back to where it was before it exploded? But I guess you wouldn't, I mean couldn't catch that, like all other humours.

At the end, when they wrote: "For Douglas", I was thinking to myself that if Mr Adams have seen this movie, he would have jumped out of his grave and shot everyone within sight with a Kill-o-Zap gun.

p/s: I know Douglas Adams wrote part of the screenplay, but I refuse to believe he wrote all that bullshit.

Haha, just kill yourself.

For anyone else remotely interested in this girl who has very good photoshop skills and erm, bad command of English and no sense of humour and I-so-pwettty, put ugly pictures of her friends up to enhance herself, make your way down to

to increase her daily visits. So many already, adding a few more wun increase her ego that much.