Wednesday, April 08, 2009

no one sleeps when they are supposed to.

I just said it in FB. I love 2006.

I am actually very pleased the way my life turned out. No one looks back and wonder why I spent the year after I graduated bumming around, working only a third of the year (which is actually ok considering I make 3x more than a usual fresh grad).

To this I will clear my throat and correct them that I managed to

- Quit a job and end a bad relationship
- Snag a SIN-SFO-SIN for 399SGD.
- Spent 12 days (of which 2 were in the clouds) by myself BUT not alone in US of A.
- Meet someone cute (arguable whether it was a good or bad thing)
- Decide to leave the country for a year just like that *snap*
- Travel to Munich, Frankfurt, Roma and then settled in London
- Found a job within a week of arrival
- Had a blast of a London summer
- Made shit loads of money (in my humble opinion) and spent it all away travelling.
- Couchsurfed in Spain
- Had a white Christmas with my aunt's family in Calgary
- Went to Chicago and New York on an extended "en-route" back to London.

If you don't think this is a feat, and you think spending your year working in the miserable paying job which makes you a sinister person who makes awful snorting noise at people who actually live their lives is what you still prefer to do, then

fine by you.

Because for me, my memories are etched forever.