Friday, January 31, 2003


Not for the new year, but for a chance to go for an overseas exchange.

Have been thinking all the time of where to go and all that. I'm kinda inclined towards getting to Calgary cos' my Aunt's there with her family (migrated) and somehow it is a comfort zone for me to know that someone out there (nearby) will be there for me.

And that means I'd get to celebrate my FIRST real WHITE CHRISTMAS with a stuff Turkey! It'll be good to celebrate with them too, especially the 2 cuties. Get to ski and ice skate. blahblahblah.

Other issues involve are like the fact that I wanna go to some ulu, layback, slow, small town kinda (think: Smallville) place and not urban New York kinda thing. No doubt the fun level is there, but somehow I'm into this very different kinda lifestyle (Are you really so different, SMU? lol)

Ping, I could sense the not-very-sure-I-wanna-go-Canada feeling and I was just thinking, it's quite alright. It being a once in a lifetime thing for each of us, we should be able to go to where we want to go, when we want to go.

And I think going for an exchange would be more fulfilling, spiritually at least, cos you will be all alone, no friends, homesick, culture shock. The lack of comfort zone brings about your true nature, forces you to smile and make friends. No one said it's gonna be easy, nor will it always be great. Maybe I'd call home and cry that I want to come back, but I think that's the learning journey I want to embark on. I want to be able to go through all of that, so that at least I can turn back and remember those times, be it good or bad memories.

All this you can do with a friend too, but my point is it's okay if we don't go together. And I hope I don't have to go with a lot of people. And even if I do I do not wish to stick around with them too much. What's the point then?

Feels absolutely great about what I've just typed out, feels like I've attained nirvana.

Next step: Get chosen for the exchange. kakaka

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

story from here

Are you really so different, SMU?
NUS, NTU students dismiss branding slogan. University insists US-style methods work

IF YOU'VE been reading the newspapers in the past three months, chances are you would have seen advertisements showing youths such as 22-year-old Marina Rumi Ibrahim in eye-catching poses.

Bold assertions by SMU, as in this ad, have become something of a talking point, especially among local undergrads.
Splashed across at least one-quarter of a Straits Times page, the bold claims have become something of a talking point, especially among local undergraduates.

The print ads declare SMU students as 'different'. But read the finer print and the suggestion is obvious: Trained to excel in the new economy, the Singapore Management University student is a cut above others.

Boasting about its American-style approach in teaching in small-group seminars, the new kid on the block - set up three years ago - says 'our students don't attend lectures and tutorials'.

The swipe at old-timers National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University is hard to ignore.

Its curriculum, which it calls innovative, was developed with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, an American Ivy League institute.

The stress on its American make-up in its branding exercise is costing the private university $150,000, as the ads will run until April.

But professors and undergrads of NUS and NTU and parents shrugged off what they see as just a 'puff'.

Said businesswoman Claire Ong, 48, who has a son and daughter in NUS: 'NUS and NTU students should not get so hot and bothered. I think it is clever and fun. And it is just a branding exercise. Companies do it all the time, why not universities?'

But SMU's Provost Tan Chin Tiong insists it is not an empty slogan. The marketing professor who had taught in NUS for 20 years says he notices a discernible difference in the 1,400 students pursuing business and accountancy degrees.

'I think with our American-style university education, we have created a sub-culture. Students show a lot of confidence and are not afraid to speak up.'

While NUS and NTU professors would not be drawn into a debate, one NUS science professor noted: 'Everyone knows that NUS has the best students, at least in terms of A-level results. So let's wait for the employment surveys.'

Students tend to be dismissive, if not disdainful.

'They are like empty vessels making a lot of noise,' said NUS business student Adam Lim, 22.

NTU engineering student, Alfred Ooi, 25, added: 'The proof of the pudding is in the employment surveys.'

SMU's pioneer batch of 300 business students will enter the workforce next year, but the few employers who have hired some as interns sense a difference.

Ms Serena Khoo, a director at accounting firm Ernst & Young, interviewed 10 SMU students for one internship position.

She said quite a few were 'mature in their thinking, confident, articulate and willing to speak up, I think more so than the NUS and NTU students that I'd encountered before'.

Citibank vice-president Stephen Yeung supervised business student Jacqueline Zhuang, 22, whom he said had initiative and good communication skills.

Noting that up to 30 per cent of the marks goes to class participation for some SMU courses, Provost Tan believes it brings out the right qualities.

'If they want to pass, they have to think on their feet, be confident and speak up. If you have to keep doing this over and over again, it becomes second nature.'

After reading it, I can really only shake my head at that particular NUS business student. Afterall, in the end, who is the one who made themselves look silly? While the workforce looks forward to our graduation, people from the other 2 who don't really know much speaks up in national newspaper, being quoted like a fool.

Mind you, I am not being boastful. All I'm saying is, when you don't know much, don't speak.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

School at 9pm. Test tommorrow. Trying to study, but the subject seriously sux.
Stupid [post and publish] button on my laptop somehow doesn't work. Made a joke out of myself.

It is raining softly and the school has this nice air of serenity that I like a lot. Too bad the environment is a bit the stress.

All my modules fault.

Aiyo so stress ah

Irritating school work seriously. It's CNY already what, give us a break la. 2 test this week.

Getting giddy. & was having PMS today. Poor Ping had to endure my bimbotic gestures for about 1 hr until Panadol Menstrual worked.

Monday, January 27, 2003

I need people who stay near... / goes to..

1. Great World City
2. North Point
3. Causeway Point
4. Lot 1
5. Jurong Point
6. Junction 8

Don't ask me why la, if you do just scream YES! in my comments. Pleaseee.. :>

Friday, January 24, 2003


I dreamt I died. I saw this black mage thing that was sort of chasing after me. Had to run into some tunnel which was very smelly to hide from that thing. It turned out that the person who was with me (I dunno who) was the black mage. (????) Can't really remember.

Then suddenly I was at this bright, organised looking place where it looks like you are registering for something. People around don't look dead, but they are. I think. Had to pay up some money for I cannot remember what, then was asked into this room. (Room 12) It was actually like very happy, give me the feeling of like a welcoming party into that room. But I tried to escape by pretending to go to the loo then suddenly I was holding my handphone and so I tried very hard to contact my loved ones, to no avail. Then my phone rang and I talked to Larry, telling him how sorry I was to leave him. Then my mummy called, and I too, apologised for not being able to take care of them anymore.

It is such a scary and depressing dream. I am controlling my tears as I recall the dream.


Thursday, January 23, 2003

I need money.

Mission: Get enough money to go to Pulau Aur (cos I'm a friend indeed)
Mission estimate: about SGD 200

Mission: Buy a new pair of rollerblades
Mission estimate: about SGD 200

Mission hope #1: Part Timer/Week Ender required by Skateline to help in its outlets. If you have a couple of hours to spare during the weekdays and weekends and would like to earn some extra pocket money whilst engaging in a sport you love, please contact Edmund for an interview for a part time postion with us. For Skaters By Skaters...we want you!

Have to contact them soon.

Mission hope #2: Go back to sleazy Nanjya Monjya to work whenever free. But that's not a lot I think.

Mission hope #3 and more: For you bloggee readers to help me if you have lobangs.
my girlfriend

i have a girlfriend
nice and sweet
quick to temper
flares at me

spirit of giving
vesus recieving


Wednesday, January 22, 2003

He came to my house to apologise. How sweeet. :) Therefore forgiven.

On lab computer now dunno why happened to my laptop, super screwed. Can visit all webby except blogger. And I thought Blogger was down, turned out that yup, my laptop's screwed big time.

An update: The laptop, after restarting, works now!


Ping insisted that I will be posting up my bikini when I was boasting to the class people, so I shall post it up.

Its a beautiful brown reversible bikini from Tannlines. *sniggers proudly*

Oughta go. Ping is staring at me with an evil eye. Must be hunger pang.

And yes, I got the red eye.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Feeling stone today.

Got this stupid supposed lobang for a easy money shit, went to town and ended up shopping cos he got a meeting last minute.

Wasted my time. !@#$%$^%^&%$#@ Damn pissed. I mean, he din sound sorry at all!

Anyway, bought a new bikini from Tannlines.

Supposed to be very excited and happy about it, but is feeling fucking shit now.

Fly by my ninety nine

Sorta got pissed of by him.

Monday, January 20, 2003

It's Patron's Day again!

Remembered how I was all happy and excited over my school's 2nd birthday, and yup, it's now her 3rd!
It's pretty cool to watch her grow bigger *literally - population*. That's part of the beauty of being in a up-and-coming university I guess. I mean, yes we don't have great history to boast of, most of our ECAs aren't comparable with the other 2 varsities n polytechnics cos we are only like 1000 strong (Arts and Social Science in NUS alone has 8000 the last time I heard). And as usual, we often get mistaken of being SIM. Not that SIM is any bad.. just.. identity crisis. Or our degrees get weird looks and questions, like 'is it part time?' 'is it recognised in Singapore?' DAH!

We are the 3rd uni in SG okay? Yup. We do get local degree awarded by the government. Not RMIT, not UOL. So.. quit asking. Gets on nerves.

But anyway, back to beauty, our voices are heard by the faculties. Changes made because of our suggestions, and clubs formed by students like us. People know most people. Like the good ol' secondary school times. We, are the pioneers. And that's cool.

Anyway tommorrow promises to be fun, according to all the banners and set ups and emails circulating. WOMAD styled, the night promises music, bazaar, food and all. So if you're free, just c'mon down. It's open to all, cos we are friendly people from the Singapore Management University.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

The Rich and The Powerful

When your daddy is rich, I mean filthy rich, you get cool car. Maybe your own small apartment or condo near your school, as compared to some other halls and hostels people stays in. If your personality is alright, and you are not too ugly, you almost seem to get any girl you want, even nice, demure, sweet ballerina kind. You are like, THE ONE. Afterall, you have the money to woo her heart, impress her. And I did say you had an alright personality and looks right?

"Every girl wants you to be her man... and I'd wait right here till it's my turn. I'm not the kind of girl, who gives up just like that... Oh No.... "

Well, at least when you are 21, when your peers still takes the SBS transit to school and have to beg their dads for the car on weekends, IF they got their license.

People want to know them, smile at them, talk to them, just to be linked to them, 'cos their influential status may be useful someday.

How unfair.

Friday, January 17, 2003

real world

You Should Be On The Real World!

Okay drama queen or king. Just point at camera at you,

and you'll do your thing. You've got what it takes to rule

on the Real World, but just don't kill your roomates!

What Reality TV Show Should You Be On? Click Here to Find Out!


You're a LiveJournal Fiend!

You're into LiveJournal, big time...
just not as much as your friends.

Still, you've LJ'ed from work - and made posts
about what you had for dinner. Sicko!

You may be safe from the clutches of LJ -
or maybe you're just are an adept liar!

Are *You* Addicted To LiveJournal?

A brand new skin for the brand new semester!

I'm not a nerd, but I think I need serious catching up in the work. Sux man.

And some loved ones have to make it difficult for me by trying to overwhelm me with 10 years of programming knowledge. Look, I'd NEVER EVER ask you again.

Really, WTF.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Today is not exactly my sort of typical day though it is not a very happening one.

Went for class, got stuck at the case study and wasted the day away trying to solve it, took so long that i had to give up my bowling practice for that. i mean, if there were some work done, then yup alright. but the irritating part was that NOTHING was done at all!

Thank God the day got a little better after we left school. Went Sim Lim and bought a new optical mouse which looks a lil beng-ish if you ask me cos of the blue light thingy and a new telephone wire. Ping bought her printer ink catridge and printer cable.

Surprised my man by turning up at the office with a chicken pau. Erms, not exactly romantic I supposed, but kinda sweet nonetheless isn't it? :P

Finally, couch potatoed on the sofa and watched Charmed and Smallville.

Oh, and Fe found some old money in this old jacket that was almost sold to a karang guni. This, I conclude ladies and gentlemen, is a good omen for the brand new year.


Monday, January 13, 2003


Tried so hard to buy the Oliver ticket online at Sistic. Finally happy and chosen my seat, the message came up:


Credit Card Payment - We are unable to process the transaction due to a temporary malfunction in the Ticketing System. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please make your booking again later. Thank you.

Please click the BACK button to make any necessary changes. Thank You.

Fucking shit man

I'm so pissed. I clicked through painstakingly the different days and thought very hard which day I can watch, eventhough I haven't thought of who to watch with but whattheheck just buy 2 tickets first and this cheebye system must piss me off big time. And anyway when I clicked [back] and try again, I got offered a slightly inferior seat. WHATTHEFUCK man

I know it doesn't sound as pissing as I make it, or so it seem. But words cannot describe my pekcekness. And I'm too lazy to elaborate why.



Sunday, January 12, 2003

Hey so what's a good site for me to upload my stuff now that homex is gone with the wind forever?

Saturday, January 11, 2003

Went to the National Library Board book sale at Singapore Expo with Yunhuey (the Cedar girl :P). I must say we are absolutely lucky. If you have watched the news you would have seen the queue outside, just to get into the hall. That's because there is only a maximum number of 3,000 allowed into the hall each time, and therefore the queue. But yup, we reached there around 3.40pm and surprisingly though there were crowd aplently but no need to queue. We walked straight in and managed to, in midst of all the enthusiastic readers and kiasu mothers, grab 16 books at the price of $32 in a wide array of categories, from trashy love novels to fiction books for Yun Huey to some HTML guide and Malay phrasebook to The Complete Idiot's Guide to Microsoft Excel '97. Thought it'll be pretty useful since 3 out of the 4 modules I'm taking this sem has got something to do with excel. When we left the place, we walked past and saw the queue to get into the hall, and the snake line was the length of 1 whole hall. Phew!

Bought Little Miss Chong a book that is somewhat like the Chicken soup for teenage soul as a birthday pressie. Happy Belated 13th Birthday!
Today is a happy day. Went to rollerblade at East Coast Park with Ping. Hardly did any blading, but it was quite fun la. :D Poor Ping fell though, and cut her leg and elbow. So now we are going to shop for guards, since mine was broken by Yunhuey's friend.

Came back home and then at 10+ went out again to bowl with Larry. It was fun too, I was kinda doing badly trying to get the hook correctly, but as he said, I haven't bowled for donkey years so I shouldn't be so bothered about the result but more of getting IT back. And towards the end of the 3rd game and somewhat in 4th game I got my hook back properly. Still have to do a lot of practices to adjust adjust, but well otherwise I kinda got my control back! Yipee! Looking for a new guard, cos I lost mine and can't always use Michelle's, which is too big anyway. Looking around for cheaper lobangs also.

My sorta resolution regarding sports

1. Go windsurf after monsoon season
2. Bowl better ; get new wrist guard ; practice more
3. Rollerblade everyweek just as before ; get new wrist guard (no i can't use the one from bowling)
4. Go play badminton with Papa learn from him and his gang of expert Ah-peks
5. Try to go for Judo training (but clash with bowling training le)
6. Try to go gym whenever there's break in-between or before or after classes
7. And of course, all the cardio - jogging around the neighbourhood and huff puff stairs climbing and stuff.
8. Learn how to play pool better (is this a sport?)
9. Nite cycling more often.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Oh my gosh my 1st finance lecture ended in barely 1 hour! And i woke up early in the morning at 6.30am for nothing. Stoning like nobody's business now. But the good part about it all, is he is like 31 years old, and he had his BA from Cornell, MBA and PHD in Harvard. *drools*


Anyway went for bowling training yesterday and there were apparently Singapore Poly bowlers over there and they seem to have this amazing ability to combine the powers of hook and spin ball by spinning their ball in a hook angle. I'm totally lost for words! But it looked kinda ugly la, and it would have helped if they bowled better. I mean, not that I'm good, but their spinning ball usually spins all over the place and into gutter. Nevertheless, A*** for creativity!

And there was a small patch of rubber on the floor at the place where you slide and release the ball, and that caused me to fall. *sobs*

Monday, January 06, 2003

Happy 21st Birthday Wilson!

Watched Gangs of New York and played pool again yesterday. Well my my, after not playing pool for at least half a year, I played it 3 times in 3 days. So amazing. But I'm still not good, of course, I never was, but it was all in the name of fun, so whattheheck.

Today went to Morgan's place with the rest of the Project Aegis people for a gathering of exchanging photo albums to develop pictures for one another, over U.S Pizza. We manage to finish every single slice of the 6 large pizzas we ordered. Tee hee.

Then E-Hwee, also known as Brother Catfish gave me a ride down to the esplanade on his Phantom to join Wilson and other secondary school peeps for his 21st birthday celebration. Took lots of stupid pictures on my digi cam and also watched a brass quintet performance. Was just thinking, perhaps setting up a band in SMU is quite hard, given that small schools usually means less chance of finding people enthu about a band, but looking for 5 people who play the 4 brasses should not be THAT hard right. It's quite a viable idea, and I really really am itching to play the french horn anytime soon.

I miss band. And I want to do something about it, not just say it. But how? :(

Saturday, January 04, 2003

Sorry that the photos at the side doesn't show. It's not a broken link, but I think the homex is down.

Today is a stone day. Woke up at an amazing time of 3.45pm. And I insisted that it is only 12noon because my clock has no more battery.

The thought of going back school makes me feel a lil' sick. I mean, look at the modules I'm doing next sem.

Computer as an analysis tool
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Quantative Methods

Yucks yucks yucks. And I'm hoping to get about GPA 3.2 for these 4 modules so that my overall GPA will hit 3.

Friday, January 03, 2003

Got a few comments that are personally brought to me, not in the comment boxes. One of them said he was walked around school from primary school to secondary by the principal (my bro) and andy told me he got into his first secondary school fight on the first day of school. lol.

Anyway, spent the day swimming @ Bayshore, then ate A LOT at NYDC in the evening with my YEP Project Aegis family - sisters, brothers. *smiles* All the not-very hard work at the pool is all gone with the wind, after a baked pasta and a mochamisu + other cheesecakes + other ice creams. 5 dessert shared by 5 ppl.

Played pool after that, like crap. Spent more than half hour to complete 3 games. But all in the name of good fun. Was good. Had fun. But really, either it's the ball, or the cue. Or maybe the table. Or the pocket. (as quoted by Ping)

Not our fault!

Anyway we quarrelled again, but is okay now, I think. :(

Thursday, January 02, 2003

For my sis. So exciting. First day of school in a new environment into the next stage of her life. Can you recall the first time you stepped into your secondary school?

I remembered that I din even know where the school was, and that it existed. I was like, screwed my PSLE and got into some funny school with uniform that looks like Catholic High. Not knowing really, what to expect. But I can't really remember the first day already. Not at all.

Can you?

Having such honour (and trouble of waking up early) to send her to school on the first day. lol. Must take a photo of my Cedar girl.


Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Back from NYE. Esplanade is a disappointing place cos the Suntec party has been cancelled and the Suntec crowd kids seem to have all flocked down to esplanade. It was rowdy and getting on my nerve, not the quiet cool nice hangout it served well for me. Fireworks were little and so so only, overall mood was, as I said, quite a disappointment.

Ate at Cartel at like 11, countdown crossing the road. lol. Afterwhich strolled around Citylink, Marina to look at people and making stupid remarks about their unique way of celebrating their NYE, then down to Orchard Cine in hope to catch the 3am show, but only LOTR was on, the rest were sold out. *sigh* So we went down to ECP. Quite happening, got lots of families and friends having tents and small BBQ, like the one we saw @ Jason's, remember Ping and awww so sad? Yup, and the people seem to have a lot of fun despite the fact that it is quite crowded and each in their own world, cooking food, playing cards, watching stars, whatever. Something I would like to do one of these days when it's not SO crowded. Have a get together thingy with some good friends and stuff.

Finally drove him back and went back home. Simple and nice. But I din get to fly my resolution up a balloon.