Thursday, December 28, 2006

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Xmas!

My very cute twin cousins. Look at the number of presents! (Mainly not mine though)

My first Gingerbread House!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I met this boy today. He is cute. He took me to a tea house and we had some weird tea outside in the patio of the tea house at 0 degrees. My feet must have turned blue. But I didn't mind. His parents came to pick us up in a red truck with a cute dog that licked my face but I didn't mind. We had a fantastic Japanese dinner at a place own by a honkie. But it was great, and I didn't have to pay. We went into this music shop and his daddy introduced me to the world of guitars. Now I know what is what and why is what (but I'd probably forget after 2 days).

This is probably the last time I'd see this boy for a long long time, as he will leave for his travels and I'd continue with mine.

But you know what, I love Canadians. They are so cool. They stop when they see that I'm trying to cross the road and wave at me (even though I still look at the wrong side of the road). They are open to their multi racial society, much unlike the English (who, while opening up, is more accepting it in the bo bian sort of way).

Of course, I still love the UK. It's too pretty. Too interesting. But I'd be back in Canada with a vengence. Maybe next winter to work at a ski town. I'd need to find out about the visa first.

Friday, December 22, 2006

I've decided not to do my post grad for the time being.

After rationalising with myself, I decided I am not willing to give up the lifestyle I am currently having. To come and go free as a bird, only just doing some quick budgeting.

I've also decided when I go back to London next summer, I will spend more weekends on weekend trips while working instead of spending money on shopping or drinking.

Good to have a second chance to live it a different way. It was fun, no regrets, but once is enough. I have to try something different now.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I love Alberta beef.

I had the BEST steak I ever had in my entire life. Today.

It didn't come easy. It was first aged in a meat locker under ideal conditions for six weeks. Ideal conditions mean that the temperature is maintained constantly between 36 and 38 Fahrenheit, the humidity must be fairly low, and there must be a good air flow around all sides of the meat. That's why they call it "hanging" - they don't strangle the cow, but they do suspend the meat so that it is well exposed to the air.

I had a prime rib cut that was just sooooo perfect in taste. It is medium rare, the way I like it, tender, full of flavor, sooo juicy.

It looks just like this.

It's just like what Lawry's Prime Ribs offer. No, it's not pork. I didn't know before too.

Alberta beef? I salute you.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

La familia

You can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family. Your family is what that makes you who you are.

Tell them things and they may think you expect them to do everything for them, solve all your problems. Don't tell them anything and they will say you are aloof.

When is too little and when is too much? What a fine line.

Anyway, I'm loving the get together with my aunt. Although we have never been really close because she has been away in Canada for as long as I can remember, but from all the aunts that I have (who are all very lovely ladies), I think she is the one aunt that I can relate to most. I think we are pretty similar - she plays music, teaches Literature, and most of all I share her "caught in the middle" situation being part of the traditional second generation Chinese family but yet in a different era, being Westernised yet at the same time very Chinese at heart.

Every family have their own dysfunctional side to it, and while I am not about ready to pour out the problem of my extended family, it's so refreshing to see it from my aunt's side of it. How many things I never knew, and perhaps never will understand.

Looking at the lovely close knit relationship my aunt share with my cousins, I wonder how it'd be like if I was brought up in this way. And I wonder if I can bring my children up like that, if I do have any.

No, this is not that I have any regrets. I believe my parents brought me and my siblings up in their best ability. And they have done a good job. We all turned out fine, none ever really been forced to do anything like too many extra activities like piano violin ballet tuition chinese lessons speech and drama etc etc. I never had to lie and give some random excuse if I'm going out to party. I may get asked rather casually when I don't go home, but at least I don't have to lie. I love the way even though they belong to another generation with their own beliefs and traditions, they understand how different it is for my generation and accepts it. As their kiddo, I too try to play my part by behaving the way they'd like me to be.

And my going away both brought me closer to them, as well as a better understanding of the situation.

On a slightly separate note, I am now in Calgary, listening to my little cousin practise her violin, sipping my cuppa tea, which I had to go buy because my aunt's family don't drink tea. I had such a hard time getting the most basic English Breakfast tea that I drink everyday in London. They have all the fanciest citrus, fruity, weird DECAFFED (hello? Decaf tea? Then drink tea for what?!) teas. In the end, I had to freaking buy Twinnings, which is the only normal EBT the whole supermarket had that is not decaffed. And, it says there on the box, Twinnings from England! It is imported from England! Bianggggggggg. At an outrageous price that is more than twice of that in London. More than 20cents per sachet okay!


But I'm so addicted to tea I just had to get some. The addiction was so bad it was like I need tea let's look at the cupboard oh fcuk there is no tea how about this drawer no what only hot chocolate and coffee I don't want any of those I just want tea c'mon oh shit there is no tea okay I need to go buy some.

So I took a nice stroll. The weather was nice at 6 degrees because of some warm wind that sort of came for a visit. It isn't snowing now. There was a snow storm just weeks ago and now there are some residual snow left on the roads and parks. But not much.

When I arrived yesterday night, it was -10. Looks like Mother Nature is taking pity of my inability to survive in the cold. In Vancouver, I was literally shaking when walking on the streets, and my companion just laughed at me and pointed some girls who were wearing minis with boots and no stockings. I had to rebut with my teeth clattering that

iiiiii ammmm a troooopicalllll girll - can we pleasssee go baccck to the carrr and switch on theeee ass warmerrrr?

Mind you, I too was in my little denim skirt and little ballet shoes. I did wear stockings and leg warmers though. But still! It's not like I was wearing a lot either, right?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Beautiful British Columbia

Greetings from Vancouver!

I absolutely dig this city. It is so beautiful, the people are so nice, the people are so diverse. And it is ranked number ONE in the most liveable city in the world.

Source: EIU

And you know what? I can totally see why. And I can almost live in this city man.

The biggest plus point about Vancouver is the fact that there are beaches you can go to in the summer, ski slopes you can go to in the winter, and lots of forest and hills to trek in any season. And you can see the Pacific Ocean too.

All packed within that few kilometres. Not to mention, how beautiful it is to see the mountains right behind the city. It's amazing.

Apart from that, it is clean. There is no chewing gum marks on the floor. It's safe. When I was in a bar and heading out to the patio for a break (no smoking in clubs too) and I took my bag along, my friend said oh c'mon you don't have to. This isn't London. People are so into healthy living - they ride bikes, run in the parks, everyone's into exercising and healthy eating too.

(Plus point: the Chinatown ROCKS - I'm eating beef brisket (I missed it SO MUCH) for only C$4.75.)

And there is such huge support for the Arts, for sports, for culture. And Chinatown. Oh the Chinatown absolutely rocks. After being deprived from overpriced Chinese food in the little Chinatown in London (which well, is not too bad by standards), I was just blown away man. The variety of goods they have is AMAZING. And they have real green veges!

I had the privillege of being chaufeurred around the city in a Land Rover by a hottie. How much better can your trip be?

Yes, I love my life. Truly.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I just broke my Barcelona shot glass.


Now I have to go back there to buy another one.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I've done all my to-do list except going to the bank and changing my address, which isn't a big problem because I can always go back to my old flat to collect my post if I don't make it to the bank.

I shall pack my bags early and not be like Su Cui who forgot to bring her handphone charger and photos to show her mum.

Said my goodbyes to my London friends who made my life here such a wonderful one. Took them to a Korean restaurant. But they ended up ordering Japanese food, cos I guess that's what they are more familiar with. It's strange to know that they are all from Aussie-land (and NZ too). The ones that are close. The ones that matters most. I love you girls, although I didn't give you the link to my blog and you probably aren't reading this. See you next year!

"We're off to Button Moon
We'll follow Mr Spoon..."

My favourite kid tv programme. Was watching it on youtube very intently. Anyone of you loved it too?

Go youtube "button moon"

27 hours till leaving this house!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

All Sorted

Yay! Finally my life as a traveller resumes.

I will be leaving London with a blast by going to Fabric on Friday night (lovingly known as FY's Farewell Friday) and party till I drop (which is about 6am), ice skating (AT AN OUTDOOR SKATING RINK!!) on Saturday, say bye to Cui who is going home to the Sunshine, Sand, Sea and Sambal Sotong on Sunday.

I am heading to Vancouver on Thursday for a few days before Calgary on Sunday, where I will spend 3 weeks or so. White Christmas and SKIING here I come! Then head to Chicago to visit my cousin and do some post Christmas shopping spree. Spend maybe a week there, then fly across the Atlantic back to Europe into Dublin to go visit Michele over the weekend, have a pint of Guiness, and perhaps after that to Aberdeen to stay with Leonard for a while before heading back to London to get prepared to go to Thailand, where my lovely sister will meet me to shop and eat like queens and princesses before heading home to Singapore for Chinese New Year.

This month of hibernation is definitely worth it. I don't care if you think I'm hao lian cos obviously I am.

This is the map of my travels. I can say as of 14th December 2006, I have officially gone round the world across the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean!

I CANNOT FCUKING WAIT MAN! The plane rides? Not very looking forward. But the experience? PRICELESS! (And for everything else there is MasterCard).

Mood: Very very the happy.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Bloody hell I agree!

Plus, it helps that my Johnny boy was the star of The Libertine too. So anything to be associated with him.


P.S. He may not look much in this movie, but we all know we love Johnny, no matter what.
P.P.S. If you haven't watch it, you have to. It's a brilliant movie.

Friday, December 01, 2006

And indeed there will be time
To wonder, `Do I dare?' and, `Do I dare?'
Time to turn back and descend the stair