Thursday, May 02, 2013

Happy 16th day

Time flies when you are happy. 10 days have passed since my 5am post. 10 more lack of sleep, but happy days with my baby girl. Watching her grow everyday is just one of life's little pleasure that I need to remember not to take for granted.

Since then, she has been told she is not gaining as much weight as she should, leading to us putting her on a feeding frenzy for the past week. On her 2nd week weigh in, she shot up double of the weight she was supposed to put on (but it is not a bad thing!), so we could relax on waking her up every 2 hours and almost force feeding her. Also, to give us some time to build up the breastfeeding regime which has taken a backseat, as we wanted to make sure she is growing as she needs to.

Then 2 days ago she caught a cold, and it is heart wrenching to see her laborious breathing and having mucus  stuck in her nose and not know how to get it out. Her dad has to use the nasal bulb to get some out, but we are so scared of hurting her delicate nostril.

But so far, it has been somewhat a breeze. With dad and mum around to help us out, and the husband not working and at home all the time, my sanity is in check. Sure there were moments of tears from feeling helpless and useless for not producing enough to feed her, and self blaming for allowing someone who is not feeling well get near her. But this beautiful girl is such a gem - she does not cry for no reason except when she is hungry or lonely or when daddy changes her diaper when she has diaper rash. Even now with her cold, she has adapted and no longer as irritable as she was when she first caught the cold. I still have no idea why I am so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter, and wonders once in a while still, whether she is mine.

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