Saturday, April 20, 2013

my 5am with Emma

It's day 6 of me being a mother and so far the rewards have far exceeded the sacrifices. I can't seem to measure the rewards except the joy of seeing a miracle come to life unfolding in front of my eyes. How is it that I have created this beautiful creature - so perfect and beautiful who belongs to me. Her little nuances like being an escape artist - removing her hands from the tight swaddle, to her staring at big eyes at you - observing you, marking you as the single most important person in her life (at least for the time being). Her total reliance on you, and her old so cute little face, with the little mouth that resembles yours.

So on day 6 I got the 5am with you. You refused to sleep and your daddy cared for you from 3 till feeding time. You fed like a champ and had 3 big burps. You then proceed on to poop just as I was going to change your diaper, so I saved the diaper and allowed you to do your business. (Oh how wonder that life's successes are measured by poops, pees and burps) You are in my arms while I am typing with my other hand. You just escaped again from the swaddle, your little right hand in the usual boxing pose, your cute little face making involuntary squirmish actions, breaking into little half smiles, mouth half open, tongue sticking out, possibly dreaming about milk. Then you decided to wake up, and just content with staring into my face, as I did with yours.

I am just enjoying this precious 5am time with you, watching you grow, knowing I will never again enjoy a moment just like this, because you grow so quickly so fast and everyday is going to be so different.

I love you so much, my baby girl.

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